James Taylor On Being A Grandparent


(In the above pic James Taylor and Sally Taylor were snapped at the 5th Annual Musicians On Call Benefit Concert and Auction at the Hard Rock Cafe in NY’s Times Square on February 24th)

James Taylor, who is curently working on a new album, was snapped out with daughter Sally, whose mom is Carly Simon. Sally, 35, has a 16-month-old son named Bodhi.

James was asked how being a grandparent compares to being a parent?

“Kids are kids, but any grandfather will tell you — you get to hand them back to their parents when you’re tired,” James, 60, shared. “When you’ve got your own, you’ve got them all the time.”

James has young children of his own with his third wife, whom he married in 2001. James and wife Kim have 7-year-old twin sons named Henry and Rufus. The twins were born to a surrogate mother via in vitro fertilization. The family resides in the town of Washington, Massachusetts.

Any advice for parents of twins, like Rebecca Romijn, Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts?

“There are more and more of us,” he said. “Actually, it’s easier than having two kids of different ages. You just basically do everything twice.”

Sally shared the best words of wisdom that her parents James and Carly have given her.

“Follow your dreams,” she shared. “That’s something that’s changed. Every time I think I have one direction, it branches off into a different path that’s always something much more interesting than I could have ever come up with. Follow your dreams.” Sally continued, “It comes from both of them. It’s an evolution of their own creation of their lives. To continuously do what your heart tells you to do is something that they’re both products of. I don’t think you can deny that that’s been extremely successful for both of them. If I can continue to do that, I think I’ll probably be in good standing.”

What did her parents think of her naming her son Bodhi?

“They both loved it. They both really loved it. My dad’s all about vowels and consonant sounds and being able to call someone like [calls out] Bodhi… that was perfect for him. My mom just loved the concept of the magical spirituality of it.” She continued, “My husband and I spent a lot of time in Southeast Asia, so that was a major influence on our decision. My mom really liked the idea that it was exotic because she’s exotic.”

What was the inspiration for the name Bodhi?

“Bodhi is the tree that the Buddha was enlightened under, and in Buddhism, Bodhi is someone who doesn’t need to incarnate again, but incarnates for the compassion of helping others to achieve enlightenment. Bodhi’s fatwa is way too long and way to heavy. You just don’t want to burden your son with the heavy load of having to become a Buddhist monk, so what are you going to do?” She added, “Bodhi just seemed like the right name, and it just rang true with both my husband and I that our son was supposed to be named Bodhi. And that was it!”

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  1. oriana says

    I agree with Kay, but many people are having children older these days, it is fine now when they still feel young and are in good health, but when the child turns 20, the parent is 70! That is not enough time to enjoy being together. Sorry if I have offended anyone.

  2. Ronnie says

    Why was my comment moderated?
    I simply said i liked the name Bodhi and that i was bullied for my name as a child!
    This site is getting ridicuolous!!

  3. Smells like: says

    CatPoo, he was 53 when he had the kids and 53 is not that old.
    People today are living longer and healthier lives than ever before.
    Your opinion “stinks” as does most of what you say.

  4. catsue says

    I think it’s disgusting for men over 45 to have kids. Why does this guy and age 60 need more kids???

  5. oriana says

    Have always enjoyed him, Sweet Baby James, those definitely were the days, Josie! Ha! His daughter is very pretty to me, have always liked this family and I am glad they are all doing well.

  6. Ronnie says

    Love the name.
    Not to heavy but very meaningful;
    i love spiritual names, i would have loved to give my children spritual names but i wasn’t ever courageous enough. I didn’t want my children to ever hat me for giving them a name they got picked on for, when i was little i always got teased (my real name is Véronique, my mum is french) and i always wished my mother had called me something different, or even just veronica!

    anyway love the name, original but not ugly!

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