Tommy Hilfiger & Wife Expecting Their First Child Together


(In the above pic Tommy and Dee were snapped out for dinner at Nello’s on Madison Avenue in New York City earlier this week)

Tommy Hilfiger, 57, and his wife of two months, Dee Ocleppo, “couldn’t be more excited,” says a spokesperson for Tommy. “They are sharing their joy with friends right now.”

The couple first started sharing their exciting news after the Hilfiger’s show during New York fashion week. “She sat front row and and so then they started letting some friends know,” shared the rep. “They couldn’t be more happy.”

Dee is about three months pregnant, the rep confirmed.

And Tommy’s four children and Dee’s two children “are very excited,” the rep said. “It’s a very tight-knit, family-oriented group so this is just good news all around. The kids couldn’t be more excited about welcoming a new member of the family.”

Best Wishes!

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  1. catsue says

    #2: Why Congratulations? I don’t think having a baby at age 57 is anything to celebrate! This is as disgusting as the Octopus mom

  2. Catsue says


    This is DISGUSTING!!! Reminds me of Kevin Costner!

    They already have 6 kids between them!

    I thought he was gay- guess not!

  3. me says

    Why did you leave out that he said he didnt plan on having kids with her? He said he didnt want anymore kids and she found a way to trick him into juicing her. I bet he’s pissed because he has 4 other kids…and his oldest daughter,lly, is 24.

  4. Toni says

    57???? Good grief…he will be one O-L-D Daddy….kind of creepy in a way. Glad my Dad was young when he and an my Mom had me.

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