Jennifer Garner & Violet Out Shopping In Brentwood


Jennifer was snapped running errands in Brentwood with Violet. They stopped at Williams-Sonoma.

Splash News Online


  1. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Oh good the Niloofar and Kayleigh stories are back.
    Not making fun of you but you add a lot to this website
    so thanks..for everything

  2. joueala says

    #3, how do other celebs look like after giving birth?? is it different with how jen looked after giving birth?

  3. ice says

    6: Then maybe we should limit posts of Nicole “useless is my middle name” Richie too. She does nothing except shop and drink coffee

  4. mslewis says

    I really don’t care about these people one way or the other but, really, Jen Garner is so frumpy!!! I know people think of her as “down to earth” but why does she look so poorly dressed. Can’t she get clothes to fit? She a movie/TV star for goodness sake!!! Dress like you care.

  5. addison says

    You know, just a suggestion, why dont we limit Affleck-garners’ pictures shots instead of getting them everyday? it’s not like they do anything extra-ordinary beside picking violet up from’s a win-win situation for the Afflecks and us.

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