Gwyneth Paltrow Continues To Defend Goop


Just days after The New York Times published this article Gwyneth is speaking out about the criticism that her lifestyle Web site,, is receiving.

“I think the people who are criticizing it or criticizing the idea of it, don’t really get it, because if they did, they would like it,” Gwyneth, 36, told People magazine Wednesday night at a New York City benefit she hosted for Bent On Learning, a non-profit organization which arranges yoga and meditation classes in the city’s public schools.

Gywneth said she believes the criticism simply stem from the fact that she’s doing something new and different. “I think that people like people to stay in their ‘box’ – they like people to stay how they are comfortable seeing them.”

Gwyneth told People magazine of, “There’s nothing incendiary about it. I find it really interesting because it’s a harmless [news]letter that goes out each week.”

The New York Times asks “why is she suddenly on TV giving dieting and fitness tips, backing a gym, writing a cookbook and an online newsletter full of shopping advice, kabbalistic musings and discussion of the Master Cleanse?” Gwyneth says she decided to launch Goop, “because I felt like I had a lot of really useful information that I was privileged enough to get, because I have this amazing, super, fortunate life.”

In addition, she said, “My friends call me all the time to say, ‘Where should I go?’ or ‘What should I do?’ And I thought, you know maybe some other people would be interested in it as well, so I started it, and it’s doing great.”

Today’s Goop newsletter began with the following story before continuing on to recommend places to stay and dine while in Paris:

When I was ten years old, my father and I took a trip to Paris, leaving my younger brother and mother in London where she was filming a movie. My dad believed in one-on-one time with us, and sometimes that extended to a weekend away. We stayed at a great hotel and he said I could order whatever I wanted for breakfast (French fries). We went to the Pompidou museum, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre – the usual spots. It was pretty great. On the plane back to London he asked me if I knew why we had gone, just he and I, to Paris for the weekend. I said no, but I felt so lucky for the trip. He said, “I wanted you to see Paris for the first time with a man who would always love you, no matter what.” From that time on, Paris was and continues to be very special to me. I lived there for five months in 1994 and I have made many trips back. These are the places in Paris I stay and eat and toast my dad.


She seems to be positioning herself to be the next Martha Stewart. Do you think that she deserves all the criticism?

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  1. Janet says

    Clearly she is looking to make money from sources other than her stinking movies.

    Everything she says on her website is so cliche`d like a used up idiom. The stuff she said about her father saying ” I wanted you to see Paris for the first time with a man who would always love you, no matter what.” YAWWNN.

    I would NOT take diet or nutrition advice from an actress who starves herself for 5 days on a “Master Cleanse” diet. She is not qualified to speak about it. It is kind of like taking advice from a bulimic teenager on how to keep the weight off.

  2. Therese says

    This website is inspired, beautiful, comprehensive and uplifting.
    Instead of critics focusing on the primary profession of the woman behind it, wouldn’t it be more productive just to be thankful that such a fortunate person also has a generous soul.
    I’m thankful that by signing up to the newsletter, I receive something positive in my email inbox instead of the usual garbage that people seem compelled to disseminate.

  3. sunny says

    OK! I stand corrected! GOOP is actually a really cool site and I even signed up for the newsletter. She isn’t preachy and bragging about her “good life”. It’s really sweet. (she still looks like Joan Rivers tho.)

  4. hope says

    It’s FAB wedsite…..go Gwenie…you rock… forget all the “haters” love. LOVE the wonderful wensite!

  5. Lauren Buck says

    I never really liked her or her films (in fact I disliked her) but I checked GOOP out after hearing her great responses to this criticism and remembering her charming answers to past criticisms about her daughter’s name — and I loved the site. It was lively, wholesome and lovely, well-organized and appealing. I am a Gwyneth-appreciator now.

  6. Dawn says

    I receive her newsletter and love it!
    Being a holistic mother myself I’m always looking for good tips and that’s what Gwenyth does.
    I’m so happy she has decided to share the information she has been privaledged to have.

  7. catsue says

    I haven’t checked GOOP GLOP or whatever it’s called, but if you don’t like Gwyneth or her website- Don’t go there- it’s a simple as that!

  8. catsue says

    What does this have to do with babies?
    Please DO NOT post stories about celebrities that have nothing to with this site.

  9. mslewis says

    I have been a subcriber to GOOP from the beginning. I love getting my newsletter. It is totally harmless and filled with interesting things. The latest one is about Paris, one of my favorite cities. I also enjoy the recipes and the links to other sites.

    I don’t get the criticism about GOOP. It’s not like Gwyneth Paltrow is filling your inbox with spam that you don’t want. You have to subscribe to it to receive it. If you don’t want the thing then don’t subscribe. It seems to me that some people have made a minor industry of snarking about Gwyneth Paltrow. I have no idea why but it annoys me. If you don’t like the woman, ignore her.

    And she is not trying to be Martha Stewart. Nobody else can be Martha Stewart but Martha Stewart.

  10. cheetah says

    I am a member of GOOP from the first newsletter on. I like the newsletters, they are heartwarming, they are nice, they are useful and most of all, they give a glimp once a while in the not at my job Gwyneth. The menu’s are great, the whole concept is harmless and i believe she is doing it from the right place in her heart.

    Why not spread the knowledge you have to people who are interested. Clearly there are a lot of people reading GOOP. So i say let her do what ever she wants to do, and let those who want to read it read it. Dont you like it, fine.. go on with your life and stop bashing her.

    It must be painful, if you try to do something good for others and then being bashed about it. It hurts, even for a high profile person like Gwyneth, After all, at the end of the day when she goes to bed she is still a human being with feelings.

  11. Carol says

    I think she has a good point, she has a privilidged life and is privi to all this good info and she can share it with us for free. With the problems this country is having this is so trivial, why all the fuss. You go Gwyneth.

  12. Just Me says

    I agree with Ada on this particular post.
    At the same time, I have read interviews with Gwyneth where I feel that she sounds high and mighty and preach-y. Sorry 🙁

  13. says

    From the little blurb that was just posted, seems like a wonderful and harmless little newsletter to me. I’m not sure what the fuss is about.

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