Brangelina Go To See The Little Mermaid


Brad and Angelina took Shiloh, Maddox, Pax and Zahara to go to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway in New York City last night.


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  1. says

    Maddox looks like a celebrity with his head down trying to avoid the paparazzi. I don’t know why he’s wearing a hat and the other Jolie-Pitt kids aren’t. What temperature is it outside anyway? Pax looks soooo much better with his hair cut short! It used to be long, but I’m glad it’s probably out of his face now too. For anyone that think Zahara should be girlier, I think she looks great! Her shoes are adorable and I love the cuffed jeans. And Shiloh is probably just scratching her nose. Her sweater is huge though. BRAD ALSO NEEDS A SHAVE ASAP!

  2. Collette u.k says

    34 britney yeah i love her too got 34 of her 36 films changling out here dvd nxt week got mug books bag watch etc im uk biggest fan

  3. Ronnie says

    Look at the way Brad is leading him, not holding his hand but clasping round his wrist while Pax is leanng back; they do say a picture tells a 1000 words but that is just my interpretation of the picture.

    I have nothing against brangelina at all, their one of my favourite celeb famillies

  4. britney says

    youre babies are so cute i am a big fan of brad and angelina you are so awsome i think you people are a perfect couple you people look happy together i love the movie WANTED that angelina played in, you were awsome well gotta go now but remember i am youre peoplez biggest fanz love ya

  5. Lydia says

    I’m a special education teacher for preschoolers and, no…shiloh does not “look” like she has down syndrome.

  6. Kati says

    What a cute family! Pax drinking his soda is so cute. He seems to love being near his dad. And Brad certainly loves him a lot. I don´t see any signs of Brad being forceful with Pax. And Shi looks sooo cute wearing that same hooded sweater Zee was wearing only a few days ago. She has grown so much lately. And Mad and Zee also look just cute. That hat – a Liverpool FC beanie hat – is so hilarious. He must be a big Liverpool fan. He looks so grown up already. Zee gives this “I hate you, guys!” look to the photogs and at the same time she looks a little tired. Still the family had a great time. It´s great to see the family having some quality time. Next year the twins can join the rest of the family to some family outings too.

  7. oriana says

    To Granny, Brenden is adorable and is cute as can be. Please don’t get flustered or upset over ignorant posters! I have seen MANY Down Syndrome children and most of them are just precious, and very loving.

    Jenna, where have you been? I have missed you!

    As far as Brad yelling at Pax, When? I have missed that. I do think that Pax needs to be held and guided because I think he would be prone to wander, nothing wrong with that. Now, I am not a big fan of Brad, but the truth is the truth. He loves Pax and Pax loves him.

  8. traveler says


    They were seen in Tokoyo because everyone, regardless of celebrity or government status (with the exception of the emperor) are required to go through immigration and customs inside the airport. No special treatment that allows them to bypass the process like they get in other countries. At least the Japanese roped off a section to keep everyone away.


    I don’t Brad or Angie appear anymore forceful with Pax than they do with the other kids. If Brad was being forceful with him, there’d be no way the boy could be drinking a soda. It looks like he’s just walking along after his dad enjoying his treat.

  9. Ronnie says

    Brad is always very forceful with Pax, i dont care for it at all!
    He’s often seen shouting at him or dragging him along while Pax looks like he’s attempting to get away from him toward mummy!

    I’d say Zaharaah definitely loks like mum’s favourite!

  10. accalia says

    “You cannot have compassion for your own family but pretend to care about the whole world.” #22

    That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!

  11. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Lol at Shiloh with her finger up her nose, my sister is the same age and her finger seems permanently glued inside her nose at the moment!

  12. Collette u.k says

    Oh my god how do they ‘pimp’ there children it’s always months we see them and then thats it for couple months .they dont parade about like suri katie+tom

  13. Clarissa says

    Maybe it is because other parents like the Afflecks are just going about their business but Brangelina always tactfully ‘pimp’ out thier off springs for a particular reason at a particular time. Say for instance, in Tokyo, these two have been travelling for months and we never see pictures of them at any airport and suddenly we have clear pictures in the full glare of the media giving us an update of the twins just when the media was writing bad stuff about them.

    Brangelina are manipulative, any one with half a brain can see that. There is an article in the NY post about them that is dead pan. People are now starting to see through them. May be they love their children but they have made obscene amounts of money using these poor children which they say went to charity.

    Poor distrust Brangelina and their intentions. They are phone and have become a butt of jokes in recent times. I was ambivalent about them but now I am just tired of them and their manipulative ways. I just wish those kids do not get hurt one day.

    Shiloh is a cross between John Voigt and Brad Pitt. What Karma! For Angelina for treating her father badly. You cannot have compassion for your own family but pretend to care about the whole world. May be it is because she knows her father knows the truth about her mental instability. If she treats her like that, people will dismiss anything he says as just scorned father mumblings.

    Lord knows where it will all end.

  14. Granny says

    Thanks Oriana, Nicki, and mslewis. Down Syndrome is a diagnosis, not a catastrophe and not a “look” but a different way of “looking” at life.

  15. oriana says

    Nicki, Nicki, Nicki!!!! As usual, you always put a smile on my face, even when I am sick or having a bad day! Thank You Honey!

  16. Nicki says

    Ahh, my favorite family! Great to see them.

    Bre–All the children wear hand-me-downs, except Maddox. And who knows maybe he does from his older cousins.
    I like the fact that they use these expensive clothes more than once or twice. If you spend that much on them, why not use them more than once. I think they will grow up to be understanding and not wasteful and selfish.

    Blondie–Your wrong. We have seen the twins two times. The newborn pics and then 6 months later at the airport. Nicole didn’t wait 3 months after declaring “I would never sell my Sunday Rose’s pic……….”

    Hi sweet oriana. I agree. And, You still look like Liz. You are beautiful and I’m glad you are my friend. You have the most amazing laugh, and I enjoy you so much.

    Granny~Please never mind the idiots who say what they do. I believe they are young and just trying to stir up a “fight”, Your grandson is a beautiful boy and so lucky to have your family to love him. I wish all children could be so fortunate to have the love your Grandson B has.

    traveler~ always point on.

  17. oriana says

    Anyone with half a brain would know that Brad and Angie would NEVER pimp out their children! They despise the cameras and even the kids don’t like them, although they don’t seem to bother Shiloh or Pax that much. I think Maddox just got used to it at a very early age and deals with it. I think they are very protective of the children, all of them.

    Now Suri is the one to me that is shined in front of cameras constantly, day and night!

    traveler is absolutely right! I totally agree!

  18. alexa madeline says

    we see violet suri kingston zuma eden savanah sam lola and the beckam boys and many other celebritys children on a daily basis. arent the parents ‘pimping’ out thire childrens but it seems that only ANGELINA JOLIE get the backlash for pimping out her children.

  19. mslewis says

    Traveler, we see Violet and Suri on almost a DAILY basis, not weekly!! We can go literally months without seeing a photo of the Jolie-Pitt kids. But, Brad and Angie are the ones “pimping” their kids. Go figure!!!

    And, Granny, I pay little to no attention to these people who say Shiloh has Downs. They obviously have no idea what a Downs child looks like. Besides they are probably 12 years old and needs something negative to say about this beautiful family. Too bad.

  20. Granny says

    With first hand knowledge of Down Syndrome (my grandson) I am curious as to why anyone would think that Shiloh appears to have it. Her eyes are normal slant, nose normal length, no flattened forehead, hand normal – no short thumb or palm. No, she doesn’t “look” like it.

  21. traveler says

    I’m not sure how anyone can say they’re pimping out their kids. The last time we saw them was in the airport in Japan a month ago and we only got those pictures because the Japanese government makes everyone go through customs and immigration inside the airport. Before that, it’d been months since we’d seen any of the kids. Compare that to Suri and Violet, whom we see on a weekly basis.

    No one with half a brain in their head could say that Angelina and Brad trot out their children for attention. They’re one of the most reclusive celebrity families out there.

  22. oriana says

    Pax looks cute with his haircut. All the kids are very cute, not doubt about that, I would love to see them in some brighter colors though instead of the drab ones all of the time.

  23. Blondie says

    Kay they just love attention.
    They pretend they’re bothered,once stop watching them they became like Nicole Kidman,she took the baby out to grab attention.Remember?

  24. Kay says

    It must be incredibly aggravating to have your every move watched. Know wonder Brad says his life is chaos and the media just add to that! Even though everybody says it comes with the territory I still feel sorry for that aspect of their lives.

  25. Bre says

    Why does it always seem like Shiloh is dressed in hand me downs or her brothers clothes? In the last few pictures I’ve seen anyways :o( Shes a cute little girl, I wonder why they don’t dress in bright cute girly things?

  26. Vic says

    Shiloh and my 5 year old would make a great couple…..he’s always got his finger up his nose too!!! Lovely ;o)

  27. says

    They’re all just adorable. Especially Shiloh and Z. I can’t wait to see the twins again. Shiloh looks like brad but something about her reminds me of Angie when she was a little girl. Wow look at that blond hair. I love Zahara’s adorable ponytails.

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