Nadya Suleman's Family Album

Click here for an adorable photo album of Nadya with her eldest children.

Nadya Suleman may be at fault and be a very irresponsible woman, but this was only possible with modern scienetific advances in fertility medicine. Without which, she would probably have just two children! As much as many people find her deplorable she is simply a woman with some sort of mental illness/instabilty.  think she has sought public attention, but that it just another form of her mental illness and she pobabl;y is feeling a bit desperate as she is realizing the enormous challenge she is now facing to emotionally and financuially provide for 18 children. I would be totally freaked out!

It also seems that her mother has really turned on her which is sad. The mother has very right to be upset with her daughter’s choices, but I think that her choice to air her greivances in public is very innecessary and undoubtedly hurtful to her daughter…and someday could be hurtful to her grandchildren when they are old enough to understand.

It is a very sad situation. The kids are very cute, and it will probably be hard for them to have a normal upbringing.

The more I think about it, the more I feel compassion for this woman. Right after childbirth is a very emotionally vunerable time for women, and think how it must feel to be receiving death threats and having absolutely horrible things said about you. If anything, her story will prove to be a cautionary tale both to women who seek out fertility treatments and fertility doctors. It isn’t as though she is going to inspire women to do make the choices that she has made. I do not think that she should be “grandly” rewarded for her choices though…with multi-million dollar book/movie deals, and the such. That could make some uneducated women think that they will also be rewarded by having a newsworthy amount of children. I do hope that she will have adequate resources to provide for her children though. I resisted posting excessively about her because I didn’t want to be complicit in promoting her celebrity status, but it is an unavoidable fact that her story has been quite a thought and conversation provoking news story. While women are having less children due to waiting longer to have children, prefering smaller families, education and wonderful birth control options, an increasing number of women are having multiples due to fertility medicine. Though unspoken, a trend seems to be emerging in which wealthy women (including many celebrities and wives of the business and sports elite are the ones having large families..some naturally and probably many more with fertility medicine, and that is celebrated….not just found acceptable and smiled upon, but exalted! Such a woman is seen as an inspiration…a saint! In contrast, poor women seem to be increasingly admonished for expanding their families. Fueling this is undoubtedly the relatively new reality that birth control creates…women are almost completely in control. Some would say that a woman who has children that she cannot afford is either uneducated or immoral. (And an unmarried woman who deliberately has eighteen children that she cannot afford to support is downright deviant) Though it was always impractical to have more children than one could afford, before the dawn of birth control women received more compassion, sympathy and support. With the advent of birth control, pregnancies rarely “just happen.” Therefore women today face much more criticism, judgement and condemnation.

The media is playing an interesting role due to the influence of Angelina Jolie and many young celebs embracing motherhood and making it look so effortless and stylish. I have no doubt that Angelina Jolie influenced Nadya! It seems that the inspiration of Angelina (the goddess of motherhood!) and Nadya’s “only child trauma” combined to produce the perfect storm in her mind! And then an unethical fertility doctor allowed her wishes to be realized.

The sense of scarcity that many people feel right now due to the current economic instability has most certainly also contributed to the furor over this story.


  1. Olivia says

    I don’t I Dont like how these people treat you.I kNow you could be a good,Excelent parent without lots of money My mom sure is 😀 They need love,Love shows them that you care and do the best you can and shows it your all if you try.Keep It up 😛

  2. N says

    #34 GREAT POST……..

    Also, If the kids are in foster care YOUR TAX dollars is paying for that. So far I have read that the only WELFARE she has been receiving is FOOD STAMPS….. She could actually utilize EVERY program out there. If you dont mind putting her kids in FOSTER CARE with tax payer dollars whats the difference with her getting WELFARE. Tax payers dollars are going to be used regardless. So what she was irresponsible…..she isn’t the first and wont be the last. Get over it!!

  3. N says

    #32 It was a hypothetical question. Not even directed towards Nadya……. Learn to read. It was a QUESTION (hence the question mark) directed towards the poster that commented on parents OWNING a home. Seems you’re the DUMB one. TAKE YOUR TIME when you’re reading. You should have learned this in school.

  4. carleigh says

    Now on topic: Nadya Suleman….oh how I can’t seem to look away from this woman’s story, it’s like an unfortunate train wreck…have to crane my neck to get a peek.

    Okay, here we go. This woman is a mental basket case and feeding her fuel by giving her press is just further escalating her fragile mental condition. I understand WHY people are interested and I can truly understand WHY so many people are infuriated about this whole scenario.

    Firstly, the woman took money she should have been spent to further her education and provide a home for her 6 other children, and got impregnated again via IVF. Her priorities are clearly muddled and she wasn’t thinking about consequences or repercussions of her actions prior to doing this.

    Secondly, as I’ve stated before…the Dr. who did this and allowed this woman to do this to HERSELF should be prosecuted and have his/her medical licensure revoked.

    Thirdly, this woman has NOT demonstrated herself to be a danger, yeah, she’s nuttier than a fruit cake but nobody can say she’s a danger to her children or herself. She has an admitted history of depression, but we all get blue from time to time, but it goes further with her…she is really insecure and just gives off the vibe of being unbalanced in the way she speaks and conducts herself.

    She goes and gets Starbucks and her nails done and then heads to Kaiser to see the Octo babies, where are her priorities again??? She needs to be finding a place to live and not wasting money on fake nails and designer coffee….I’d love to get a peek at her finances…I am just dying of morbid curiosity.

    I don’t think the woman doesn’t love her kids and from the pictures we have all seen, she does seem to genuinely glow around the kids…but she cannot on her own physically take care of 14 kids all on her own with no help.

    Her parents are enabling her and they want to go on TV and lambast her for what she did….well, hello Mr. and Mrs. Suleman, IF you two hadn’t spent the entire past oh say 10 years spoiling and indulging her in every way and sent her packing a long time ago…she wouldn’t be on the verge of dragging home 8 more kids to add to the brood.

    As a parent, I can honestly say if I had thought about being able to afford my kids, I wouldn’t have my two girls. Yeah times get tough, but I work my tail off and go to school to make things better for us and the hard work pays off in the end. I have two kids though not 14!!

    No parrallels between Octo and AJ, there is no comparison….AJ has money and can provide, Octo can’t and that won’t change in the near future…maybe never.

    I read a report by Kaiser that they have already stated they won’t release the babies until Octo-Mom can provide a stable home and can tend to their needs….even with her parents help….it’s going to be near impossible.

    Instead of wishing bad things…have a heart and compassion….the babies are what is important, not fake nails, starbucks and other frivilous things…these babies need all the love and support they can get. The end and period.

  5. carleigh says

    Hi ladies…I have a comment or two, but first to say a big HI to Oriana, Granny, Nicki, Tia and all the other lovely ladies here….miss ya lots !!

  6. catsue says

    #27: Dumb! In May the grandma’s house will be auctioned off.
    Nadya has 14 kids, no money, no job, (she won’t be able to get ANY job in California because of a severe recession here).
    The state needs to put all the kids in foster care or adopt them all out. Better yet- dump all 14 on the fertility doctor!!!
    The man who claims to be the sperm donor- you are stupider and crazier than Nayda!
    Nadya is the most hated mother in America.

  7. catsue says

    She obviously had a nose job and HUGE lip enhancement. She is a psycho. She is always hyper and talking a mile a minute in interviews.
    I am disgusted that as a legal California (yes- there are a few people in our state who are legal citizens) I have to pay for this welfare whore.
    Kaiser members- when you see a huge increase in your medical costs, thank Nadya for having to pay $10 million for her rats in the hopsital.
    Bill the fraud fertility doctor please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anne says

    I’m not sure where people think that having money means that you are a good parent. I know plenty of wealthy people who are horrible parents and think nothing of leaving their own children with a nanny 24/7. Some of the best parents I know are the ones who do without and have little money. They make up for it by the love they show their children. It’s ridiculous to automatically think because a child is being provided for materiallly that they are in a good situation. While it can make things easier it all depends on the parent.

    In addition, who ever said rich people can’t be impacted by mental illness. Just look to the news for that – Nicole Ritchie, Heather Locklear, Heath Ledger, etc.. the list goes on and on..

  9. Vizzy says

    She doesn’t have to own a ome she has to be able to SUPPORT herself and her children and she does not do that.
    Plastic surgery has been proven. Look it up.
    Bottom line: Children are a PRIVILEDGE not a RIGHT.

  10. Maria says

    Are you people crazy? Angelina Jolie has nothing to do with this story…why people keep on refering to her, why do u think she’s sick? having 6 kids is not a mental illness!!!
    She’s stable, smart, with a man and has money, so every1 who likes to criticize Jolie, is just envious of her. As for Nadya, this woman is clearly sick!!!
    I have friends who have 6 even 8 kids, a husband and a decent living, noone judges them but I totaly agree that Nadya is obsessed n ill…good luck to her n her family

  11. N says

    Take kids away from parents that dont OWN their homes?
    If you (a parent) happen to be living with someone in their house your kids should be taken away because its not your house? Seriously??

  12. N says

    Owning a home and renting has nothing to do with the decision to have kids. You dont have to OWN your home to have kids. Thats a dumb comment. IMO As far as I can see the home they are living in just went into foreclosure…. SO she had to have been using money to sustain up until now. They could have just let the home go into foreclosure. You dont know.
    Has it been proven that she got plastic surgery? Or are you assuming that. Where’s the bills showing she got plastic surgery. SO that tidbit is not fact and you should have left it out. Its speculation. There are PLENTY of families that live with the grandparents and those children aren’t taken from their parents….is this what you want to start doing? Take kids away from parents that are living with their parents?

  13. Tia :) says

    Stella – “Jolie’s fans are crazy and obsessive and exude several characteristics of mental illness”

    Give me a break lady! I am a fan of Angie and family, but i am neither “obessive” or “exude several characteristics of mental illness” get over yourself!

  14. Vizzy says

    Hey 20, (Daze)
    She takes her disability and uses it for plastic surgery, and more IVF instead of using it to provide for her already exisiting 6 children (who have to live with their grandparents) and you think that she deserves to keep her children?! That they wouldn’t be better off being adopted out to families that can afford them?
    Please do NOT speak for all adopted people because YOUR experience is not everyone’s. Some people thank their lucky stars they weren’t raised by their birth parents. Trust me, I know too.
    There is no way Nadya should be given money considering the money she already has wasn’t used for the children. We give her a “banker’s bonus” as you put it and she gets another nose job and some liposuction.
    The doctor should lose his license.
    The children should not be allowed to live with Nadya until she gets a job and a proper home of her own.
    I have no problem if someone wants to offer this women a job so she can work and support her children but just throwing free money at her is ridiculous.
    I can’t afford a home (i rent) I can’t afford plastic surgery. Maybe I should get knocked up and have a litter so people will give me free stuff.

  15. ruserious says

    I have to disagree…yes, there is a difference. While people may have kids they can’t afford, she “spent” money that should have been used to take care of the kids she already had, to have more kids. She has no home of her own, her and her 6 older kids are crammed into a an already too small house….and she thought it would be a good idea to bring more kids into the home? I mean, I know she didn’t expect to have 8 babies, but even 1 or 2 more when you can’t support yourself is too much.

  16. N says

    #13…ALL of her kids were in-vitro…..

    ALSO, How many of those other people had more kids naturally when they couldnt afford the ones they had…. There is NO difference.

  17. Daze says

    Everyone can have oppinions about Nadya, but they mean nothing at this point. There are 14 young lives in the balance. Thought should now be put into the future of these 8 babies and their other 6 siblings. These are mostly special needs children. While Nadya should not be ‘rewarded’, the children must be cared for. Has she commited any crime for which her children, whom I believe she really loves, must be taken from her. There are really two options here, take her kids and adopt them out (they will feel a lifelong decifit and then a hatred for society once they find out who they are, as an adopted child, I know. There won’t be any appreciation for the agency or persons who decide to take you from your mother’s love, unless that mother was abusive.) The other option is to leave the children with her, and give her the aid (of nannies, etc.) to care for them. Other families of multiples were given free homes, vans, etc. in order to make it. She made bad choices, but do we make the babies pay for that? I heard some porn site has offered her a million dollars to make porn movies. There will be some saying she should take it to pay the babies hospital bills. Should she really be forced to degrade herself that way? These banking, government and other CEO’s whose failing businesses have been given TAX PAYER’s money to stay afloat and in return, give themselves HUGE bonus’s and expensive retreats to RESORTS are spending a thousand times more of our money than Nadya’s hospital bill. Take one undeserved banker’s bonus and it would not only pay the Suleman family bills, but buy them an adequate sized house, supplies and outside help with the children for years to come.

  18. Clare says

    When you do the math, Octo mom got pregnant around the time Angelina was pregnant or had twins and rumours were swirling that she had IVF. I guess being her idol, octo mom decided to emulate her hence the surgery and the huge brood.

    Angelina may seem to be in a committed relationship, but in hollywood that does not count for much. Madonna and Guy renewed their vows mid last year and now they are divorced.

  19. ice says

    Angelina Jolie is not the goddess of motherhood. what utter nonsense. she is just a movie star who is expert at manipulating the media to generate positive publicity for her husband stealing ways and obssession with adoption

  20. traveler says


    What does Angelina Jolie have to do with Octo Mom? Other than Octo mom’s obsession with her (which is Octo Mom’s problem and not Angelina’s).

    Angelina is in a committed relationship and makes more than enough money to care for her children. She also has a unique career that allows her a lot of free time to spend parenting her children. Nadya won’t have the luxuries that Angelina Jolie has. She should’ve known that before she went and had IVF.

  21. alexa madeline says

    nadya say she will be able to take care of her 14 children by going back to back her student loans. please she is unable to.

  22. ruserious says

    You’re right I remember reading about her receiving disability….and I am aware that it is not welfare. Regardless, she had NO business having invitro when she could not take care of the kids she had already without assistance. And no, as I stated…I understand things happen and there are people who have kids who can’t take care of them without government assistance, but how many of them had invitro to have more kids when they had a houseful at home that they couldn’t take care of! There is a difference!

  23. N says

    #8…… I never said ” SHE IS WORKING”. I am educating those who THINK disability is some form of welfare. Which it is not.
    Also, there are many colleges/universities that offer FREE day care to their students. She did say she was in school. There are also churches that offer day care to their members. Since I dont know her personally I dont know which option she chose and those mentioned aren’t the only ones available. She is receiving SSI and was receiving disability up until dec 2008. SO it could be likely that she didnt get any MONETARY help from the state. She was also in school so she may have taken out student loans. I dont know…… Do you? If she is sponging of her mom she is allowing it…so don’t complain. JMO

  24. AR says

    She definately looked better before the nose job. Her face is hilarious. The nose is perfectly symetrical and well angled but looks ridiculous and small on her face. LOL!!

  25. Emer says

    I meant people like her shouldnt be allowed have IVF. For couples be they gay, staight, whatever… but single women with 6 kids already… the doc should loose his licence

  26. Emer says

    7.N – How is she working with 6 kids? What kind of high flying career does she have that can afford 6 lots of day care?
    Im 28 have a great job, a great partner and we still cant afford to have a baby in this day and age….
    So I highly doubt she dsnt claim anything from the State or sponge of her poor mother.
    People should not be allowed have IVF, Im not saying there shouldnt be single parents but leave that up to nature, doctors shouldnt interfering in children growing up parentless…. everyone has a right to know who their parents are and who they come from.

  27. N says

    #5….What does Angelina’s fans have to do with her mental stability. Are you mentally stable? From reading your comment I would think not. JMO “It is sad but it is true that mental illness has become part of us and people like Nadya and Angelina go untreated because people percieve the latter as OK since she is a celebrity.” ARE YOU SERIOUS!! heeheheeheee you are killing me right now. If it wasn’t for this site my workday would be boring as H E Double L.

    #3….. The only assistance she was receiving while she was having the first six kids was FOOD STAMPS. She paid for the in-vitro with her Disability payments. Disability is not welfare. You have to work to get disability. Disability comes from your EMPLOYER not the STATE or GOVERNMENT. If you dont work you dont get it. She didnt begin getting SSI checks until the children were born and diagnosed with a disability. You can get SSI rather you are employed or not. You can get WIC when you are employed or unemployed also….. There are WORKING families that receive welfare assistance too. Are you guys mad at them?

  28. Stella says

    Nadya is mentally ill obviously and so is Angelina Jolie. If you notice, even on the internet, Angelina Jolie’s fans are crazy and obsessive and exude several characteristics of mental illness. I have no doubt in my mind that Nadya sits at home scrolling and writing ‘God bless the Jolie Pitts’. It is sad but it is true that mental illness has become part of us and people like Nadya and Angelina go untreated because people percieve the latter as OK since she is a celebrity. She is not and her children are going to suffer the consequences of her actions. Now it is sweet to have little cute babies but what about when they are grown and trouble and not sweet at all? When there is no more media attention and their careers are washed up, what then?

    What about finding out what is said about their parents all over the internet, that can be so traumatic. I wish these people’s families would step in and help the situation.

  29. says

    I am concerned about the impact this will have on fertility treatments, specifically IVF. As of yet, it is still rather uncontrolled, and I fear that all of this controversy will make it harder for deserving women to become mothers in the future.

  30. ruserious says

    Um, yes…”poor” women are “admonished” for having alot of children. If you can’t afford to take care of them, you have no business having them. I understand accidents happen, but not repeatedly…and this case of course is totally different because this woman had invitro to have all these kids. I mean, seriously…how does a welfare mother have money for invitro?? Anyway, while I feel for her children, I cannot stand the woman.

  31. anonymous says

    The grandmother is tired. She watches 6 grandchildren., no doubt now, she will have 14 to watch. She and her husband are loosing their house to foreclosure.The children’s grandfather has to go over seas to Iraq to work so there will be some money.No sympathy here either.Nadya was in no financial shape to add to her other 6 children.She doesn’t even have her own place to live.Those children are not going to have a very good quality of life I’m afraid.

  32. alexa madeline says

    she only have 14 CHILDREN no job still lived with her grandparents the grandparents are on debt when nadya has money she spent on herself not her 14 children so i dont have any sympathy for her whatsoever beside angelina jolie acutally have money to take care of her six children with the help from brad nadya have no husband nor money for her 14 children

  33. Karen says

    She only has 14 children not 18.

    I am currently pregnant with my second child and having panic attacks about two children and be able to provide a happy life for them and I have a husband, we both have full time jobs, and family that support us. Her actions are done but she should really think about what is best for all of her children.

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