Nadya Suleman & Mother Arguement On Video


Octo-mom Nadya Suleman has been publicly and strongly criticized by her mother Angela, who contradicts key parts of Nadya’s story.

Angela denounces her daughter’s decision to have the in-vitro procedure that led to the octuplets and Nadya lashes out at her mother.

“I will never understand,” Angela tells her daughter about Nadya’s decision to have in vitro. “You should have considered your other six children.” “You can’t go back and alter the past. Done, done, done,” an agitated Nadya tells her mom.

When the discussion turns toward adoption sparks fly and Angela gets an intense reaction from Nadya when she says her reaction to seeing the octuplets for the first time was: “I felt sorry for them.”


  1. Autumn says

    OH MY GOD??!! Why doesnt her mom say “Oh, Ill let go, when you move out and support yourself!!!”….This woman is insane. All the repeating herself over and over and over again, its like listening to a bratty little kid. I want to punch her in the face, and then smack the mom for not having a witty retort

  2. N says

    I know some of you will be up in arms but I dont think she was rude to her mother. They have a different opinions on the subject. Also, I have no sympathy for grandma…..if you dont want to help then DONT. DONT DO THINGS YOU DONT WANT TO DO. Its that simple. If you really disagree then teach her a lesson by NOT helping.

  3. Anne says

    Fortunately, the welfare of the babies is the main concern right now and there is a good possibility that they will not go home until provisions are suitable for them. The doctor is being investigated and apparently she could be also mentally whatever.

  4. Toni says

    Cindy, what kind of daughter talks to her mother that way AFTER her mother has been the one taking her in and supporting her??? I think her daughter talking to her that way on TV is just terrible. Yes, you are definitely in the minority sista and yes, in a way, I agree that possibly both of them should have been having this discussion in private and not for all of us to see. Shame on both of them I guess but this gal is definitely a bit wacko if you ask me!

  5. Nullah says

    She is soooo not listening!!!!! But mum has no authority what so ever
    Gosh, they really have a problem in this family … and the mother is telling the opposite but she accepts it! If she was my daughter, she would have been kicked out of the house after the first baby, ’cause when yhou decide to have children, you are all grown up, aren’t you? So out!

  6. Cindy says

    Umm ok, I’m obviously in the minority here, and I am in no way condoning Nadya and her decision to have the 8 babies, but come on…. what kind of a mother says things about her daughter like that on national television?! If she wants to feel the way she does and say the things she does to Nadya – fine, but to do so on tv for the whole public to see speaks volumes to me about the kind of person she is, and maybe even explains a little why Nadya is the way she is. Does no one else see this?

  7. Emer says

    Oh my god…. how disgusting is she…. 14 kids with no way of looking after then…. well apart from the media deals etc…

    But after all her mother has done for her to treat her like that??? Her poor mother

  8. IT'S NOT YOU...IT'S ME says


    She’s really telling the media, not her mom. Duh!

  9. Ruby Jackson says

    Nadya needs to let go of the anger she has towards her mother for not having more children, and stop trying to punish her. She’s just living out her childhood fantasy of having siblings, and making Mom raise them. Sick.

  10. MOMX3 says

    Well, she does have a point…the mom should “learn to let go”…see how long Octomom can raise herself and the six that she has right now without a roof over her head!

  11. Toni says

    Unbelieveably rude to her mother. My gosh, she really should have been slapped and those KNOCK OFF LIPS OF HERS…UGH!…LONG TIME AGO!!!

  12. j says

    I cannot believe Nadya is speaking to her mother that way she should be grateful that her mother is letting her live in her house and hasn’t chosen to kick her and her children out, how disrespectful and selfish can you be?

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