Adriana Lima On The Pregnancy Rumors


Days after secretly marrying NBA star Marko Jaric, Adriana Lima has hinted that she may be expecting!

“There are rumors of me pregnant. I just cannot say…YET!” the Victoria’s Secret model wrote on her MySpace blog.

Her rep, however, told Us magazine, “She is NOT pregnant.”

She also shared of their small, last-minute ceremony:

“By this point, some people know about my big news! Yes, I like to keep my life personal but I did become married on Valentine’s Day to the love of my life,” she writes. “I am SO happy inside and I want to spread my love!”

The wedding was “very small, and most friends and family could [not] attend because it was a quick decision. Luckily, we will be having another wedding this summer that will be a bigger event!”

She continued: “We have not decided where it will be because my family is in Brazil and Marko is from Serbia. It will be great no matter where!”



  1. Ronnie says

    No crush here anonymous, i’m happily married:)

    but i do think she is very beautiful, and down to earth, i read she intended to be a nun(or something similarly religious) and she became a model my chance!

    I agree JustMe, abstinance before marriage is a great path to take but; Unlike Sarah Palin I would never push it upon my children as the only option.

  2. Just Me says

    Ronnie (#2), I couldn’t remeber if she was the model who said she was a virgin. Very weird, though, because she is acting like she is pregnant!
    I think it’s great if you choose to be absitnate before marriage, but I wouldn’t judge either way. What does bug me, however, is those who say they are virigns, then they are suddenly pregnant, like the Immaculate Conception! Britney Spears lied about being a virgin so she could stay popular with the teeny boppers.

  3. Charlie says

    lol me and adriana have one thing in common 🙂 my mans name marko too and his serbian as well hehe i wish them all the best

  4. Ronnie says

    adriana lima is one the most beautiful women in the world, i care niloofar.
    i did have a lot of respect for her and her celibacy vow; but this has an air of shotgun wedding about it and i’d be dissapointed if she’d married him because she was pregnant!!

    this guy is NOT good enough for her!

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