Nicole Richie & Joel Madden Expecting Their Second Child


Nicole Richie, 27, and Joel Madden are expecting again! Joel announced that Nicole is pregnant again on Joel’s Good Charlotte blog on Saturday night.

The baby will join big sister Harlow, 1.

“What’s better than winning an Oscar?” Joel, 29, wrote. “I am so happy to tell everyone that Harlow is going to be a big sister!”

He added: “God has truly blessed my family. Hope you’re all feeling as good as I am right now.”

Best Wishes!

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  1. Autumn says

    Wow. If you look at benji in this pic, and harlow in the pic in nyc posted prior to this, they have the same expression on their faces.

  2. Wow! says

    I think Harlow really changed her life. I remember how she was usually snapped coming out of all those parties with Paris, drinking, driving, etc etc. Before she got pregnant she was loosing so much weight, we could see all her bones, I guess it was a quite scary time for her family. Then Harlow arrived and kids are really a test: some women can’t take the pressure of having kids and give them to a nanny and they right away go back to their life style. But suddenly Nicole put on a healthy weight, started to smile a lot and she was taking lots of walks with the baby. I really think they are both enjoying parenting. I can’t wait to see the second one!

    By the way, she doesn’t need to expose her kids in the media for money. The family have $$$$$ enough. Her father composes for other people (we don’t see him in the hit lists but doesn’t mean he’s not working any more) and she got lots lots lots of money with “The Simple Life”. All those stars have financial councellors and they invest the money which keeps giving them more money. Let’s give them a break and enjoy their life!

  3. says

    Ice, you idiot — Nicole “hangs around Hollywood” because that is where she has grown up and has lived ALL of her life! Hollywood is “home” to her…always has been, always will be probably. You (“ICE”) sound like a REALLY JEALOUS AND MISERABLE EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING. You’re jealous bec. you more than likely are covetous of what someone else (Nicole) has, and she really did not have to work that hard to get what she has. Pisses you off, doesn’t it? Hey listen, “Ice”: to paraphrase what someone else said: STOP being jealous and hatefull and uptight…it’ll just give you more wrinkles than you probably already have, and make you look uglier to boot!

  4. ice says

    And because her father is a celeb means we have to suffer seeing her around? Her one and only TV show where she was only in a supporting role was years ago. Yet she refuses to disappear. I’d rather focus on real celebs than her. Even Heidi Montag has more reason being a celeb than her. If she’s really that good of a mother, with no job to do, she can jolly well disappear from the limelight. The fact that she hangs around Hollywood while being talentless means she a famewhore and nothing more

  5. Anna says

    Ice, #22 is right. She doesn’t have to work because her partner can provide enough for the family. My mom never had to work, because my dad made enough $ and my mom wanted to “watch the kids grow up”. You can’t assume someone’s lazy because they don’t work–

    As for Nicole & Joel, Congratulations!!! Harlow is absolutely beautiful, and it’s really nice to see a Hollywood starlet settling down so nicely, like Nicole. Congrats!

  6. oriana says

    I think this is a wonderful picture of them. Nicole will never have to work a day in her life, she has a trust fund, Lionel also set up a 3 million dollar trust account for Harlow when she was born and bought Nicole a million dollar condo also, they have money, Joel is a rock star, he may not be in Lionel’s category, and never will be, but he is rich and they can afford as many coffee shops as they want, much less coffee.

  7. traveler says


    You forget that Joel Madden is a rock star. I’m sure Nicole doesn’t have to work for anything. He’s the bread winner of the family. Nothing wrong with that as long as it works for their family.

  8. Kelli says

    Hey Ice. Nicole’s father is the uberrich Lionel Richie. She doesn’t HAVE to do anything to sustain her coffee and shopping lifestyle. Don’t hate, hon. It gives you wrinkles.

  9. ice says

    She got pregnant because pimping her children out is the only way she can remain in the limelight for someone who basically does nothing for a living. It is the only way she can sustain her shopping and coffee lifestyle.

    And dont wory about the feeling of winning an Oscar, Mr Madden. You and your entire talentless family will never win anything

  10. joueala says

    congratulations!!! and i hope that they will choose unique but not weird name…

    i hope this news is true

  11. Charlie says

    yay congratulations to Nicole & Joel and Harlow .. i was thinking when they were going 2 add to there family 🙂 hope her pregnancy goes well and has a healthy baby , i reckon they wil have a boy hehe .

  12. says

    yay congrats to nicole and joel nic is a good mommy to baby girl harlow and joel is such a doted daddy to her too i hope this baby looks like nicole this time lol

  13. Kadee says

    Congrats to them! I’m so happy to see how Nicole has completely turned her life around. I’m sure Harlow will be a great big sister and the new baby will be just as adorable as she is!

  14. oriana says

    Nicole does look beautiful and they both seem very happy. I love Harlow, she is my favorite baby!

  15. Anne says

    Nicole looks so beautiful in this picture and having a baby with the right guy has mellowed her. A handsome couple and great parents.

  16. bj's mom says

    Congrats to them! I think they are a great couple and Harlow is so cute! I’m very happy for them! 🙂

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