Marcia Cross & Husband With The Twins On Their Birthday


Marcia Cross and her cancer-stricken husband took a break from his gruelling treatment to celebrate their twin daughters’ second birthday on February 20th. In recent weeks Marcia, 46, has been spotted joining Tom in an LA hospital for his regular chemotherapy sessions.

Tom Mahoney smiled and laughed with his wife as they marked Eden and Savannah’s big day with a walk in Brentwood.

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  1. Kay says

    Wouldn’t it be of benefit to other cancer patients to know what type of cancer it is? I know it’s none of our business but since when should cancer be hidden under the rug?

  2. Lydia says

    to niloofar, i think they are both good looking kids. i just think eden is PRETTIER, while Savannah is CUTER. theres such a difference, you know?

  3. Amanda says

    I think they look extremely old. Both of them. Must be all the stress. The kids are adorble. They are excellent parents and it shows!

  4. anonymous says

    I don’t think they announced what kind of cancer he has, just that he had it and was responding well to treatment. God-willing, that will continue.

  5. oriana says

    It pains me to see this father who has lost some weight, I am praying for this family, I like them very much. The little girl with the hat is the cutest to me but they are both just adorable.

  6. Kadee says

    I believe Eden is wearing the hat, and Savannah is not. I can’t believe these girlies are already TWO! They are so adorable. I hope their daddy regains health and is able to watch his little princesses grow up. I’m sure this is a very difficult time for their family, and I wish them all the best.

  7. marti says

    Could someone tell me what sort of cancer Mr. Mahoney is battling? I knew he had cancer, but never heard what kind. I hope he makes a full & complete recovery and is able to watch those beautiful little girls grow up.

  8. Niloofar says

    I don’t know which is which, too! in any case, the one who is wearing hat is cuter and more adorable!

  9. Lydia says

    AW! They are so cute! And getting so big! Can anyone tell me which is Eden and which is Savannah? For example…the one with the hat is______? Cuz i dont know which is which!

  10. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Her husband looks so healthy! It is great that it is working
    for him. And being able to be with his daughters on their

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