Nicole Richie & The Adorable Harlow


Nicole Richie, 27, and daughter Harlow, 1, were snapped out and about in NYC.

My goodness…Harlow is so cute!

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  1. Kerstin says

    Harlow is sooo cute! Seems like she´s a happy baby.

    But please please Nicole and Joel, chose a prettier name for your next baby!! Please! I

  2. says

    Hey “Jesus Freak” (#28): You don’t believe that there exists a Heaven nor a Hell? Boy, has satan got YOU fooled! REPENT — or else you WILL be in for quite a SURPRISE when your time on this planet comes to an end! And it WILL end, trust me…!

  3. traveler says


    It is a celeb blog. Joel Madden is a rock star, thus making Harlow a celebrity baby. Why do people forget that this child has a father who is famous also?

  4. Tia :) says

    She does NOT look like a boy! She’s adorable.

    As for them being married…#28, i am a catholic..please dont tell me that all religious people are like this because i am the first to say that marriage isn’t for everyone. My husband and I have are very good friends with a couple who have been together for 9 years, never married and have 2 children. Marriage isnt for them and that’s awesome.

  5. Kadee says

    I hate when people assume that because people have kids together they HAVE to get married. They are perfectly fine NOT MARRIED. why do they have to get married? I mean marriage is wonderful and all, but certainly not mandatory in order to have a family. Congrats to Joel, Nicole, and soon-to-be big sister Harlow! She is such a cutie pie!

  6. Janie says

    She is NOT a cute baby! She has a cute smile though.

    Just heard that Nicole is pregnant again.

    They should probably do the right thing and get married!

  7. Smooches says

    Yeah she is cute, but dang, she looks like a little boy! I am so surprised the Nicole turned out to be such a great mom. I can’t recall a picture of her without the baby since she gave birth.
    Nicole a true example of how someone CAN turn their life around. Any other train wreck (i.e. Britney Spears) should worship Nicole and lead by example.


  8. ice says

    Seems like she’s already an attention whore like her mother is

    Isnt this a celeb blog? How is Nicole Richie a celeb? She has no TV show, no movie, no record, no advertisement, nothing. Shopping and drinking coffee does not make you a celeb. Vapid woman

  9. Alexis says

    Is it me or does she look older in these pictures than those that were posted on the 19th! She is so adorable, and so happy!

  10. laila #1 says

    what a cutie she looks just like her dad! all smiles.. I’ll bet her daddy is crazy about her!

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