Jeff Gordon & Family At Coldwater Park


Jeff Gordon, 37, (of Nascar fame) and his wife Ingrid, 39, were snapped with their adorable daughter Ella Sofia, 1, at Coldwater Park on Wednesday.

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  1. Dixie says

    What a beautiful family!! They look happy and Jeff seems to be having more fun than anyone,lol. Litte Ella is growing up so quickly and getting more beautiful everytime I see her. She looks just like her Dad IMO..even has that little cleft in her chin and his little pug nose…what a doll she is!!

    I dont think they look mad at all,could it be possible they are just plum tired out after a day of sun and play??

    Thnaks for sharing Jeff and Ingrid!!

  2. Jean Strickland says

    I wish people wouldn’t make such rude comments. We are fortunate they allow us to view pictures of their family.

  3. Jean Strickland says

    I’m pleased that Jeff allows us to see pictures of his daughter. She is so cute. I hope they continue to keep us informed.

  4. sue says

    Why do some women insist on wearing the stupid scarf look??! She has short shirt sleeves, but her neck must be soooo cold, so she has to wear a giant scarf that would probably fit her as a dress?? What a stupid fashion trend. It is like the whole Ugg boots and shorts/skirts look. If you need winter boots on, then you need to be wearing pants!

  5. Aimee says

    Why does Jeff and Ingrid look so upset in the pic of all 3 of them together? They look so unhappy with each other. I wonder if they are yet another “Hollywood” couple heading for divorce court. Oh well, Ella is cute….that is what matters!

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