The First Photos Of Tiger Woods's Son!


Meet Charlie Axel Woods!

Charlie was born on February 8th. Tiger shared on his Web site: “Both Charlie and Elin are doing great and we want to thank everyone for their sincere best wishes and kind thoughts.”  

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  1. Niloofar says

    OK,……here is 11:03 am, right now, I don’t know what should I do,exactly! you know! so I wait,.. you know when I’m on line!
    Have a nice day, and enjoy working =)

  2. Kayleigh says

    Nilo, when i added you, it should have come up with my I.D. I’m off too work now, be back in around 12 hours time…if there’s a time difference where u are, it’s 5.50am here….buh bye for now =)

  3. Niloofar says

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  4. joueala says

    asian/black people aren’t “just” things… much more tiger who is a very well known golfer..

    very beutiful family… dogs really are part of the family..

  5. AZ Beauty says

    She was a nanny for a Swedish golfer’s 4 kids (don’t remember his name). She is Swedish as well. The golfer introduced her to Tiger.

    Kids are cute…

  6. Niloofar says

    What a cute pic 🙂 Charlie looks like a mouse, he is soooooo cute!
    I TOTALLY agree with Sue. she is RIGHT!

    Hi Kayleigh, you haven’t been here for a while! happy to see your name again =)

  7. oriana says

    I think she is beautiful and apparently so does Tiger. He is a wonderful young man anyone would be proud to have in their family, White, Black, Purple or Pink! Please ladies, stop acting so stupid!

  8. Lovie says

    #21 lower herself to married tiger, remember she was the nanny I ve never heard of a nanny being worth millions of dollars, so I think he lower his standards to marry her because she is not that attractive.

  9. Wow! says

    Beautiful famili, beautiful children!!! Very natural, the really look genuine! I love those pictures!!!!

  10. Fly On The Wall says

    To #21: If Ellin really wanted to lower herself as far as she could possibly get, she would marry your brother.

  11. McKEire says

    These pictures are beautfiul (as if the family isn’t already!). I LOVE the picture with the dogs, how sweet!!

  12. Kate says

    really number 21? Elin “lowered herself” to marry Tiger? I’m pretty sure Elin and Tiger are together because they love each other, but hey, what do I know, right?! Baby Charlie is just precious! Sam is so beautiful, too. They are a gorgeous, loving family and I wish them all the best!

  13. me says

    The only reason why Elin married Tiger was because she was a nanny and she wanted to jump on that money train. She would marry anything and that’s why she lowered herself to marrying a black/asian man.

  14. Kate says

    What a good looking bunch of people! They really hit the genetic jackpot! Charlie is absolutely precious and Sam is such a cutie! I love them!

  15. says

    What a beautiful picture!! Charlie is sooo precious!

    Sue – I have to agree with you, as I have said before, people should get dogs/cats that will be tolerant of children if you are planning to start a family, not all breeds get along with children, but as the responsible pet owner you should do your research to ensure that all members of your family can co-exist peacefully. If the child is allergic to the animal, then is the time to find a place for the pet as that is a totally different issue.

  16. sue says

    Yes, brilliant #10. You sure are a genius! Of course if the pet tries to eat the newborn or the child sneezes 24/7, then obviously the parents would choose the……um…..oh, yeah, the baby! I am not talking about that! But I guess I have to explain it to you! There are plenty of anal parents (as a nanny I have been around plenty) that think that animals and kids cannot exist for NO good reason! The minute they find out they are are pregnant the dog/cat gets thrown out the window! Parents think the worst nowadays for no good reason! “Oh, the dog will eat my baby!” Too many animals are in pounds because of these assine parents. Pets are seen as disposable. Most of the time it has nothing to do with a “dangerous” pet or an allergy. It has to do with neurotic mothers.

  17. oriana says

    I love this family and the baby is just beautiful! I am so happy for them and their happiness shows in these pictures, I bet they light up the room! Congrats and best wishes!

  18. sunny says

    This has to be my favorite celbrity family. They seem so down to earth–so cute!!
    #10, that was brilliant.

  19. Fly On The Wall says

    Well, some pets can’t adjust to a new baby, and some kids are allergic to pets. If it comes down to a choice between the pet or the baby, who do you think the parents are going to get rid of? The baby?

  20. sue says

    Yeah!! A family that is not crazy and does not think that dogs, or pets, should not be around kids! Yeah! So many wack job parents get rid of the pets when the kids come!
    Go Tiger!

  21. Charlie says

    aww what a beautiful family 🙂 the photos are so natural . Charlie looks like his mummy and sam wow soo adorable shes all grown up .

  22. Grace says

    GORGEOUS baby and i haven’t seen pics of his daughter in a while…she’s gotten so big and she’s beautiful!

  23. no name says

    Such natural pictures, anyman who loves his dogs and allows them into intimate photos has my vote!!

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