More Disney Magic For Suri!


Tom, Katie and Suri continue to have a joyful time at Disney World! The family was snapped in the Magic Kingdom, where Suri frolicked with Mickey and Minnie Mouse…and Cinderella too!

A lot of people have been speculating that Katie looks like she is expecting. Now that her broadway play is over and little Suri is approaching her third birthday (on April 18th) it does seem like a natural time for a sibling for Suri to be on the way! But, that being said, her stomach certainly does not look enormous! She might just be slouching or she may have just had a large meal and a lot of water to drink!

We’ll see!

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  1. Shadow Girl says

    Yeah, yeah, sure. Katie needs a less boyish haircut, she needs better clothes, and needs to divorce that loser of a “husband”.

    And for god’s sake, let the brat walk on her own! They’re always carrying her around like they’re afraid she’ll run away or break her legs or something. Kids need to be able to run or walk around by themselves.

    I see signs of spoiled brat syndrome coming on.

  2. anon says

    what matters is that they are having a wonderful time and this child is enjoying every moment of it.You can not take the happiness of a child when he/she is around anything that makes him/her happy.No matter how much money you have to pay for your own child is replaceable but a child’s smile on each face is beyond priceless.It is magical.

  3. laura says

    I don’t see a baby bulge at all. I think her stomach looks normal.
    Suri is adorable and seems to be having lots of fun. We go to Disney World a couple of times a year and I agree with most people here. All children can spend time with the characters if they want to, it just isn’t normally one-on-one for an extended period of time like she probably got. I understand though. Her parents don’t want others-mostly adults-touching her or possibly even grabbing her in all the crowd so they make sure she gets alone time. I see nothing wrong with that.

  4. mar says

    #21, yeah i know isn’t that sad? that she looks the same age as tom i mean, she used to look so young and happy. (as she should, isnt there an over 10-year age gap?) When they first got married she still had color and curves poor woman.

  5. mar says

    THAT’S a baby belly?! I look like that on good days. Wonder why i’m not congradulated more often. I bet she’s so stick-thin that even a burger and fries on her would look like 5 months of baby on a normal person.

  6. joueala says

    at least she’s happy.. but it’s all too much!! i think katie looks like she’s the same age with tom!!!

  7. says

    This is the first picture I’ve seen of little Suri where she is actually smiling! The paparazzi in the background looks posessed though. No wonder Suri doesn’t normally smile. It’s wonderful that she’s having a good time and isn’t upset about paparazzi. Yes, her bangs do need a trim or they should be clipped back while they grow out. How is the girl supposed to see? Her dress is just precious.

  8. says

    suri is the best baby ever she is so cute heres my top 10 girls and boys

    TOP 10 GIRLS-
    1 suri cruise
    2 harlow madden
    3 stella mcdermott
    4 honor warren
    5 violet affleck
    6 zahara pitt
    7 ruby maguire
    8 matilda ledger
    9 angel murphy
    10 ella gordon

    TOP 10 BOYS-
    1 sean federline
    2 jayden federline
    3 liam mcderrmott
    4 max bratman
    5 wyatt crow
    6 kingston rossdale
    7 zuma rossdale
    8 Alexander Schreiber
    9 Mason Wilkerson
    10 Braydon Wilkerson

  9. McKEire says

    poor kid. wonder how she’s going to feel when she looks back at these pictures and doesn’t see any real friends, only characters her father paid to play with her

  10. lizzie says

    I live in Florida,we come a lot here in Disney.You can be with the disney characters when ever you like,it’s just not this long period of time.You just have to schedule it and be prompt with the booking.Disney does honor all the children who are very interesting in having fun.If the Cruises were treated as royalty,they actually did not.They still have to get in line to ride the beautiful mobile rides.And if they drink a lot of fluids,bathrooms are not all the time vacant,you have to wait for your turn as well.
    I believe they are one happy family who happens to have more than others,that is why every thing they do is that the world is against them

  11. pretty woman says

    yes,you have to pay a lot in order to get all the attention from the disney characters.
    My daugther had breakfast with Micket and Minnie when she was three years old,and yes I paid a lot to have her that dream.You can not actually get that close to them or be with them alone in a matter of longer time unless you have to pay them,also yopu have to have someone inside to coordinates all of these.
    It’s not hard really if you have the money.Sometimes it is better if you stay in their hotel and get the package.

  12. Catsue says

    As usual- Suri cannot even see because her bangs cover her face. Katie- please use Tom’s money and fork out $15 for a decent hair cut!

  13. oriana says

    I don’t think she is pregnant at all. I am glad Suri is having such a great time there, wish all kids could enjoy this pleasure, I myself love Disneyland!

  14. AZ Beauty says

    No one ever gets THIS much attention unless you pay big $$. Or they are just thrilled that the park is getting all this press.

  15. Anne says

    Is Suri the only one afforded all this attention or did Tom pay for her to get a one on one with the Disney characters?

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