Charlie Sheen's Wife Hospitalized With Early Contractions


After being hospitalized with premature contractions, Charlie Sheen’s wife, Brooke, is doing “fine” and expects to be released soon, Charlie’s rep told People magazine.

“Brooke is at a Los Angeles-area hospital, where she was admitted yesterday morning with premature contractions – which is not all that uncommon for someone at this stage of pregnancy, especially with twins,” said publicist Stan Rosenfield. “She’s fine and is expected to be discharged from the hospital today.”

Brooke, 31, who is expecting boys, is due in April.

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  1. oriana says

    Well, tell Gwyneth too, many pictures of Apple show her with her thumb in her mouth also. I think the parents should discourage it instead of acting like it is fine and being oblivious to it.

  2. Nicole says

    Smooches- you’re right. It’s laziness on the parents part. I take back what I said, but it’s extremely sad.

  3. Nicole says

    OK- the girl on the right has major emotional issues. They need to put some hot sauce or vinegar on that thumb of hers. She looks stupid. What is she, 7?

  4. joueala says

    brooke really has a big tummy.. in that pic, she’s only 6 months pregnant but her tummy’s very big already…but anyways, she’s carrying twins… not so surprising that she had early contractions…

  5. MommaE says

    they do always look so sad-but i can’t imagine what they have had to deal with, they didnt have happily married parents, suffered a horrific divorce and now a new step mother and babies…that’s a lot at such a young age. I’m sure that camera flashes 24/7 doesn’t help!

  6. says

    Charlie and Denise’s little girls Sam and Lola always look so upset in the pictures! Maybe the paparazzi are scaring them. As for the thumb sucking I think that they will grow out of it eventually. Good Luck on Brooke’s pregnancy! Lola and Sam will be so happy to have little stepbrothers.

  7. oriana says

    Hope she is okay, I think she will be a good mother and Charlie will be a helpful and supportive father. I would love to see the girls without their thumbs in their mouths most of the time. I think they have emotional problems, both of them.


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