Angelina Takes Shiloh & Zahara To The Art Shop


Angelina was snapped taking Shiloh and Zahara to Lee’s Art Shop in New York City on Wednesday morning. The family seemed very happy and the girls came out carrying baskets.

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  1. oriana says

    Kati, I am looking forward to seeing Knox grow older and see more pictures of him, I do think he is a mini Brad and I hope he grows up to be an actor like Brad. I think these kids will play a role in Good Will Ambassadors in some kind of way or another. I think Shiloh looks just like Jon Voight, I always have.

  2. Kati says

    Oriana – I strongly doubt that Brad favors Zahara over the other children. We don´t know the family personally so how on earth can you say that?! I don´t take your opinion personally but I think Brad loves all his children equally. BTW. Nice to see Angie out with her big girls. Shiloh and Zahara have both grown a lot lately. Zahara gives that death look to the paps because she hates them so much. Shi hasn´t learnt to hate them yet and therefore she´s giving them that beautiful smile. She looks exactly like her dad with mum´s mouth. She sure had fun time with mummy and big sis. Hopefully we´ll see more photos of the whole family when they settle down in NYC soon. Hard to believe that Zee is already 4 and Shi turns 3 on May 27. They both and Viv will be beauties and heartbreakers and so will their brothers!

  3. oriana says

    traveler, I like you, I truely do, I know that you are a big fan of this family and you are entitled to your opinions and I respect that. I am not here to argue, I just have my beliefs and I differ from a lot of people, especially my treasured Nicki, and she has disagreed with me many times. I think this is a close knit family, but I also think they let the kids run wild without any limits set very often. I hope you understand where I am coming from. I have seen Angie give many interviews and I just don’t think she is that firm with the kids and neither is Brad.

  4. traveler says


    I do remember the interview where Angelina said that Zee would yell in Shiloh’s face in the morning. But, I did not hear her say anything about letting the child do it. I’m sure Zahara was punished when she did that. It doesn’t mean she’d stop right away. I’ve learned that children need to be punished for something several times before it sinks into their skulls. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Zahara is a brat, only that she sometimes disobeys her parents. And really, what child doesn’t?

    I also remember her saying that Pax was the wild one. None of us knows what that means though. Wild compared to what? The other children? If the other children are mostly well-behaved, then Pax’s version of wild probably isn’t all that bad. I would consider my nephew wild, but he’s not that bad of a kid. He’s usually well-behaved when out in public. He just tends to get wound up at home. So, saying Pax is wild doesn’t really give us any clue as to how he actually acts.

    The Jolie-Pitt kids are very well-behaved in public and that leads me to believe that they’re pretty good kids in general. That’s a testament to how well Brad and Angelina are raising them.

  5. oriana says

    Bella, maybe you should check what you say! I did hear Angie say that about Zahara and it was not a snippet as you try to make it sound. It was a interview on CNN! Have you ever heard of that news channel?

    Have you ever heard of Anderson Cooper?

    No, I don’t know them personally, do you? I have watched Brad over the years, he is a big time WUSS! Every girlfriend he has ever dated he goes their way, even changing his hair color and hair style. And he is not the best on hygiene, even today.

  6. Bella says

    OH Oriana, Get a life!!! I can’t believe what I’m reading from you, who are you, their psychiarist??? Please post the link of where Angelina said that about her child in the way that you’re interpretating it. Please get back to reality. YOu don’t know any of these people or children personally and never will,leave them alone. All you see is “frozen pics” of them and here snippets from the media…haha what a joke you are!

  7. oriana says

    Lola, I do agree that all four of the older kids are all in charge of running the house, my point is if, Angie let Zahara act like that when Shiloh was a baby, how does she act now that she is older? No, Zahara isn’t running off when they are walking thru airports or any public places because she was usually always carried and now hand held. I am surprised they are carrying the twins instead of Zahara even right now.

  8. Lola says

    Actually, these look like well behaved children to me. And they always seem quit compliant in public pictures. And lets face it, how a child acts definitely changes from year to year. I doubt at her age now that Zee wakes up Shiloh yelling in her face. With six children now, I doubt any one of them in paticular runs the house.

  9. oriana says

    Sarita, tell Angelina about the kids actions, not me, the statements I base my opinions on came from HER. She said herself that Shiloh used to wake up every morning with Zahara screaming in her face, and that was when she was a baby! I guess you don’t think there was a problem with that behavior, or with Angie and Brad allowing it? I personally don’t think that was cute. And she said herself that Pax was very wild.

    I guess that Maddox is my favorite but I am against her buying him his knives and starting his collection with them, he is too young for that, Again, her obsessions rubbing off on the kids!

    She is the most beautiful actress in the world today, but I still think she has some mental phobias and she appears snobbish to me.

  10. Sarita says

    Oriana, if they all behaved like heathens (didn’t know they behaved bad by the way, but I assume that’s what you mean) I don’t think they would always walk by their parents side and not run away when out somewhere. They look well behaved to me.

    You should realize that statements in interviews (and especially in fake interviews) or often exaggerated and exploded for more sales.

  11. oriana says

    traveler, I absolutely agree with you, there should be a law against the paps shoving cameras in children’s faces, and I can see why Brad hates them.

  12. oriana says

    Sarita, no, we don’t know, but I do think Angie and Brad do, and they have made statements in interviews that Zahara rules the house, or at least she did when Shiloh was a baby, maybe things have changed now but I doubt it. I don’t like either of them, Angie or Brad, and I have never cared for Zahara either, however, Angie allowed her to wake Shiloh up many mornings screaming in her face, her statements, not mine, and I don’t think that was funny or anything to boast about, she plainly has let her get by with bossing the others around and Brad has also.

    I bet all of them act like heathens and no discipline or limits set.

    I think the twins will prob be the same way when they get older.

  13. Sarita says

    I have never heard Angelina say Zahara is “hateful”, she might not like the camera’s in her face, but to say she is a hateful person is just wrong. And especially to imply that is what her mother has said about her. That is how rumours get started.

    Some people on this site talk about this family as if they know these people personally and visit their house. The truth is, we don’t know how their household is. We don’t know if the children are “spoiled rotten” or if Zahara “rules the house”.

  14. annie says

    I like Shiloh dressed as a little girl, she dress naturally to be comfortable and natural beauty, she is a angel .

  15. Daze says

    I love the coats! All 3 girls look so chic and sophisticated. It is amazing how fast Zahara and Shiloh are growing up before our eyes.

  16. joueala says

    i love their outfits…

    shiloh is very cute!!! she looks beAutiful with her outfit

    angelina is very pretty

  17. traveler says


    Actually, in an interview that Angelina gave recently, she said that Zahara hates the paps and is afraid of them. That’s why she always has a frown on her face. I feel bad for the poor kids. There should be somekind of law that keeps a minimum distance between a child and the paps. They should not be allowed to shove their cameras in the children’s faces. We might see Zahara smile more often then.

    She said that Shiloh is a little more at ease with photographers and usually ends up waving at them. It just really depends on the kid. I have a niece that would burst into tears as soon as she saw a camera. We have no idea why, it was just something she did. Kids are weird that way.

  18. oriana says

    Niloofar, you are very young, perhaps when you get older you will understand that it is possible. No, not for everyone, but it is indeed possible and it is usually the way it turns out. Many people refuse to entertain the idea of adoption, and for them, that can’t have children, I think they are missing out and a child is losing out on a home and a life that could change our world for the better. God knows, we need all the changes for the better we can get in this world today!

  19. Andygirl says

    You people who insult these kids need to get a life. You don’t know Zahara. Why are you bad mouthing her. You don’t know Shiloh, or Suri for that matter. Just appreciate the photos of two cute girls (three if you count Suri) and move on. It’s a disgrace that you say a kid doesn’t smile at the cameras. How do you know she’s not shy? Or, consider that she may hate to have 100 cameras following her around. Get a grip people!

  20. accalia says

    Two of my four children are adopted and i assure u that it is very possible to love your adopted kids as much as your biological ones!!!

  21. Niloofar says

    Collette, sometimes it’s difficult for me to read your comments, the way of your writing is special! lol,…by the way, I don’t know, maybe sometimes they can, I’m sure that you have a great parents 🙂

  22. Collette u.k says

    Im adopted and my mum and dad had a biological daughter 5year later they love us very much +we been threw alot over 24yr although i am special to them +i feel that way they picked me if you get what imp saying

  23. Niloofar says

    Oriana, maybe you are right, but in “my idea” there isn’t any parents who love their adopted kids as much as their own kids!!! They CAN’T!

  24. oriana says

    Niloofar, hope things are well with you today. As for Angie loving Zahara, she adores her and has spoiled her rotten! She has let her rule the house and I don’t think there is much discipline with any of the kids. Angie loves all her adopted children as much, if not more, than the biological ones, have no worries about that! I definitely want to see that movie and will love for reruns of it on TV.

    I also have always said that I thought Shiloh looks just like Jon Voight and really looks like him in her baby pictures. He is a very handsome man even today in his older age.

  25. Niloofar says

    Josie, I have watched “Away from her” movie, it’s so nice, the story is grate, also I cried for Grant!

  26. Niloofar says

    Hello to Oriana & Josie 🙂 Shiloh looks older than her age like Violet,… of course she is ADORABLE 🙂
    If A.J can’t or don’t want to love Zahara or her other kids like Shiloh, why did they adopt them???

  27. oriana says

    Hi Josie, strep throat is highly contagious and can go thru the whole family, glad you are okay! Yes, bronchitis can linger on forever, my hubby had it for over three weeks! I hope your Mom is doing better.

    I did see the name of that movie on TV and when it comes on again I will watch it, I bet it was sad! I am taking a class on Alzhiem, in two weeks, will be interesting, it seems like their is an epidemic of more people getting it to me! It is scarey.

    Oh yes my Dear, they will be shooting a sequel next month to Twilight, geared towards the young, but I am young at heart! Ha! Thanks for the kind words. Off to DMV now for vision test! You have a good day honey!

    Hi to DMITZ also! Hope all is well! I am going to watch the Oscars, am rooting for Mickey Rourke, so sad he lost his little doggie after 17 years!

  28. Fly On The Wall says

    To Sara: When Brad and Angie adopted Z, she had a dreadful case of rickets caused by undernourishment and dehydration. Thanks to excellent care her legs have straightened up very nicely. Credit her parents and a really excellent pediatrician.

  29. Josie says

    Hi Oriana! Wow! you certainly are a night owl 🙂
    I’ve been away from here for awhile. I was tending to an ill parent. The flu this year ran rampant as the flu inoculation everybody got was not effective. Two of my nieces had strep throat, my mother had bronchitis! I’m amazed I did not catch anything yet! The weather here has been relatively mild for February. Not a lot of snow on the ground. Apparently, we are expected to have a longer winter season this year…sigh!

    HaHa! you have very good taste! I did watch the movie Twilight and yes Rob is a very sexy man. He has incredible eyes!! Nothing wrong with having a crush on a younger man 🙂 You’re still young at 62!! I have not read the novels and was not aware that there would be sequels to the movie. Definitely something to look forward to.

    Oriana, I watched a very touching movie the other night called “Away from Her”…have you watched it? It was very good! It comes highly recommended by me!

    Here’s some info on the movie:
    “Directed by Sarah Polley. With Gordon Pinsent, Stacey LaBerge, Julie Christie. A man coping with the institutionalization of his wife because of Alzheimer’s.
    Fiona and Grant are an Ontario couple who have been married for over 40 years. Now, in the oncoming twilight of their years, they are forced to face the fact that Fiona’s “forgetfulness” actually is Alzheimer’s Disease.”

  30. ann says

    Shiloh looks so much like Brad, she is stunnings as ever, she just has the sweetest face blonde girl, I love to see any picture about her.

  31. smooches says

    Dear God people, we’re talking about toddler’s here…not grown-ups! Suri and Shilo are both cute and i’m sure, being toddlers, they are both brats!

    Damn, you really need a life, you pathetic cumdumpsters, if you have to analyze the looks of 2 and 3 year-olds! Jeesh! Pick on someone your own ages and weight!


  32. DMITZ says

    Shiloh is so cute, but Suri is still my favorite. I can’t decide who Shi looks more like… I see Brad’s face and Angie’s lips, but then I see Angie’s expressions and Brad’s eyes. I guess she’s a good 50/50 combo of the two of them.

  33. accalia says

    Both very pretty girls . Shiloh looked much more like Brad when she was younger, but now she is starting to look more like Angelina. Beautiful family 🙂

  34. Sara says

    I am glad to see Zahara’s legs are all OK now. Because I remember her left leg to be a bit combed. It seems pretty straight to me in these pics.

  35. Nina says

    I thought Shiloh would be cuter. She is just regular and if Brangelina were not her parents, you wouldn’t look at her twice. She seems like she has a nice nature though. Not like Z who looks dour all the time.

  36. oriana says

    Josie, you will get a big laugh out of this and prob have a drink of wine, but I am in love again! Yes, at 62 years old, on March 4th, my husband knows about it of course. I watched Twilight, loved it, love Robert Pattinson! Oh, how I wish I was 20 years younger, yes, I would be a Cougar! And not ashamed to admit it either, I would go down and be a stalker and try to get one kiss, one night, one hour, and make the most of it too! Sorry, ladies! We only have one life to live! Have you seen the movie or read any of the books? I read all of them, was a little disappointed in the last one but will go see all the movies, if I don’t croak before they all get made!!!!

  37. oriana says

    Hello to you Josie, glad to see you on here tonight. I am fixing to go to bed as it is late here. Trying to stay up to watch Jimmy Kimmel, I do love him! Ha! I made my comments due to the comments Angie has made herself and I am glad you saw what I was getting at without going into it, I also made my comment about Zahara not smiling a lot because she actually never does, when she was Shiloh’s age, we rarely saw a smile, more so a frown or a frozen stare. I think the girls prob get along well now and Shiloh is prob a little on the wild side like the rest of them, if the reports are true!

    Hope you are doing okay and the weather is a little better up there my Dear!

  38. Josie says

    Sorry, but I’m not seeing Zahara’s “stink eye” #19. And I’m also not seeing the “Miss Thang” attitude either. At least not in these photos.

    I do, however, agree with Oriana’s comments because they are based on actual interviews and articles written and not merely on observation.

  39. oriana says

    Being the biggest loud bossy brat in the house doesn’t make someone have a personality. She always has a surly sullen expression on her face. I do think that Brad spoils her, adores her and shows favortism to her over the other kids, I always have, and that is his choice to do so. She does have a beautiful smile, when she smiles, maybe she does at home and is just hateful when in a community setting. I felt sorry for Shiloh having to endure her when she was younger, maybe now she can stand up for herself better.

  40. Lauren says

    It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Shi and Z. Those little girls are getting cuter by the minute. 🙂

  41. jar says

    They are beautiful!!!!Shiloh is cuter than Suri..Happy face olweiz unlike Suri…Shiloh the cutest tot in the worldd…Shiloh 4ever…

  42. Fly On The Wall says

    16. oriana | February 18th, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    Funny you should say Z has zero personality, when according to both her parents, she is the biggest personality in the house. She has the most radiant smile I have ever seen. I love the way she is secure enough to give the stink eye to the paparazzi. She gets this expression on her face like, “You think I’m messin’ with you? Get those cameras the hell outa my face!” She’s not bubbly the way Shiloh is, but you can tell from looking at her that she’s very smart. And of course her daddy adores her.

  43. Lydia says

    zahara i would say might be a young 4 based on her appearance, she looks like the average 3-4 yr old in my opinion. shiloh, like the average 2-3 yr old. in either case, neither looks much older than i think they actually are….

  44. Lydia says

    to the posters whothink these girls look older than their ages (2 & 3), i am a teacher of two to three year olds and both of these girls would fit right in with my students. they appear to be the average height for a child thier ages and their faces seem to me anyways, to look like the age of a typical two to three year old. trust me, i’ve worked with several hundreds of them over the years.

  45. oriana says

    Fly on the Wall, to me, Miss Thang sounds kind of anti social, she is always hateful looking! Big difference between Shiloh and her as far as having a personality goes, Shiloh smiles at the paps and is friendly, as usual, Zahara is her usual self. Zahara is beautiful, her eyes are indeed gorgeous, but she has zero personality.

  46. Fly On The Wall says

    The girls are lovely and Shiloh looks exactly like her daddy.

    I love the way Miss Thang puts on a stone face for the paparazzi. She’s probably thinking “Damn, those assholes got their cameras all up in my face again…”

  47. Collette u.k says


  48. traveler says

    Wow! Shiloh has gotten so big. She looks like a little girl now instead of a toddler. And Zahara is going to be a tall one (jubaloo: Zahara looks older than 3 because she is. She just turned 4). Plus, she’s got the most beautiful eyes.

    To bad the boys weren’t with them. I’d like to see some pictures of them also.

  49. jubaloo says

    I think they all look gorgeous and suitably dressed unlike some other celeb tots !!! Shiloh looks older than 2 and Zahara looks older than 3 – I wonder what they eat !!!!!

  50. Nullah says

    I love to see pictures of them even if I can guess they’d like to be free for us watching. They are beautifull the three of them! You must admit it would have been a pity if Brad ans Angelina didn’t get any biological children. Shiloh is extremely gorgeous!

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