Disney Magic For Suri!


Suri met Disney royalty at the Magic Kingdom over the weekend.

On Saturday, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Suri, 2, and Connor, 14, and Katie’s parents visited Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, where they met princesses Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) at the Once Upon a Time Breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant.

“Suri was wearing a yellow dress like Belle from Beauty and the Beast,” said a fellow diner. The family slipped into the restaurant relatively unnoticed as the princesses were being introduced to the crowd. “It was a family affair – no big entourage,” said a fellow diner.

During the prix fixe meal (offerings include scrambled eggs, bacon, French toast and granola), the characters stopped by the table to say hello to the Cruise family. “Suri was sitting on Katie’s lap just about the whole time,” said the source.

At one point, Tom got up to show Suri the view from Cinderella’s Castle: “He walked her over to the window, and was pointing out things at the Magic Kingdom.” “They just seemed like a regular family,” said the source. “They were enjoying themselves.”

On Sunday, Katie and Suri – in a blue Cinderella costume – explored the park again while Tom and Connor enjoyed father-son time at the Daytona 500.

OMG! Breakfast in the castle is AMAZING! I am going in a few months. The last time we went was in 2004 and everyone loved it. It was so magical! I’ll admit that it is tricky getting reservations for the breakfast, but it is worth it!

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  1. Shadow Girl says

    Nothing but paparazzo spawn, that little one. They always carry her around like she was a medal, hardly ever letting her run about on her own.

    Can you say overprotectiveness?

  2. Aaron says

    Honestly, she seems very cute. I love her smile. I acknowledge the fact that she is a very famous child, but sometimes it still bothers me though that she gets what some may call special treatment. W/E though.

  3. amomtoo says

    I wonder how many other little “princesses” were sharing the grassy area with Suri? This child’s life is all about being put on display.

  4. oriana says

    Hi Granny, hope all is well. I love these pictures, they are having a wonderful time, all of them, wish I had been there to share in the fun!

  5. granny says

    Notice the people in the background – sleeveless or short sleeves. Obviously the weather was WARM and it didn’t hurt a thing to be barefoot. When we were there, lots of little girls were wearing their princess costusmes.

    The kid is just fine.

  6. amyyeager2 says

    Suri is my favorite celeb baby, even though Im not fans of her parents. I love this picture.. she looks so happy. And once its warm here in PA, me and my girls will be barefoot too. Theres nothing gross about grass and dirt… its good for you to let your feet breathe!

  7. Kate says

    Breezy… have you never stepped on grass without shoes on? Suri is a 2 year old girl, and 2 year olds love to take their shoes off! It’s fine so long as she stays on the grass.

  8. Breezy says

    Myy – since when is stepping on grass good for your health? I never heard of that. And as far as high heels, I doubt Suri had those on. I agree with smmom, she is never dressed appropriately. All winter while she was in NY, she walked around without a coat. And now she’s walking around on the dirty grass. Ugh!

  9. myy says

    Stepping on grass is good for health, don’t you know?
    Then again many people love to torture their feet in high heels…..

  10. smmom says

    why is she never dressed appropriately? when it is cold she never has a jacket or anything warm on her legs. this picture is another example…the cinderella dress is fine, but how many parents let there kid run around disneyland with no shoes? i don’t get it.

  11. Kate says

    Aww how adorable! Disney World is such a magical place at any age. I’m sure Suri was just swept away by all the amazing sights- especially the princesses! She is so lucky to have met them; look at how happy she looks!

  12. Lisa says

    too cute. We have done the breakfast in the castle at Cinderella’s royal table twice, priceless for little girls

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