Bristol Palin & Sarah Palin Introduce Baby Tripp


Hoping to set an example for others with her own experience, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, would now like to become an advocate for preventing teen pregnancy.

“Everyone should wait 10 years,” Bristol told Greta Van Susteren on a FOX News segment that aired Monday night. “I hope people learn from my story … It’s so much easier if you’re married, have a house and career. It’s not a situation you want to strive for.”

Bristol, 18, also said in the interview – her first since she made headlines last summer during Sarah Palin’s GOP vice-presidential campaign – that her mother’s view of abstinence, especially in regard to teenagers, is “not realistic at all.”

Bristol further stated that although her mother is an outspoken Right to Life advocate, “It was my choice to have the baby. It doesn’t matter what my mom’s views are on it. It was my decision.”

Recounting how she first informed her parents, Todd and Sarah Palin, of her pregnancy, Bristol said she gathered her boyfriend, Levi Johnston, and her best friend, but that getting the words out of her mouth was “harder than labor.”

The friend broke the news to the parents, said Bristol, who also described Levi as a “hands-on dad.” She added, “Eventually we’d like to get married.

As for her new situation, “I like being a mom,” said Bristol. “I love it, just seeing him smile and stuff. It’s awesome.”

Appearing late in the interview, carrying her grandson Tripp Johnston, Gov. Palin said, “Hey, life happens.” Of her unwed, teenage daughter’s pregnancy, she said, “Not the most ideal situation, certainly you make the most of it.”


  1. samsmom says

    How is it wise to say that God given human life is not a blessing? Has anyone one here ever heard of King Solomon? That was a wise man. I would not call someone who views human life as disposable wise.

  2. oriana says

    From what I heard of the interview, Palin did all of the talking? Most of the questions were directed to her.

  3. olivia says

    @Katie who wrote, “A baby is always a blessing, no matter what stage of life they come in”.

    Not true. A baby is not always a blessing. If there is not enough money to feed the current kids for example, another baby is not a blessing.

    If a mother is mentally or otherwise ill and not capable of taking care of a baby, that is not a blessing.

    If a young woman is not ready to make the many sacrifices required to raise a baby, that baby is not a blessing.

    There are many more examples of times when babies are not blessings… they are burdens. This is obvious each time we read about people who abuse their children or neglect them etc.

    It is time for people to stop imposing their ideas of what a blessing is on others. To some, it is – to some, it isn’t. Not everyone who has sex wants a baby out of the deal.

  4. says

    I didn’t hear Bristol say anything in that video.
    I had a baby at 17 and am now 33. My daughter is a wonderful 15 year old. It was not easy, but I put myself through college and now make over 90,000.00 a year. Everything I do is for her and our lives have worked out, so there can be a happy ending.

  5. Anne says

    The comments pretty well have to be complimentary on this site and our personal opinions don’t carry much weight anymore if they feel they are negative.

  6. Nullah says

    A teenage girl WILL NOT teach my daughter not to get pregnant! It’s TOO LATE og SO déjà vu!!!!

  7. amyyeager2 says

    why is my comment awaiting moderation? I might have to stop visiting this site… its poorly run

  8. Gbaby says

    my goodness cant sarah let her daughter enjoy her child alone. any second she can she hogs the media. they should have let bristol had her interview alone with her baby without sarah for once damn in tired of seeing that btches face! u lost u aint famous no more go back your mooses.

  9. so glad 2001-2008 is over says

    OK, come on…this is another waY for sarah painindaaasss to gather publicity…what kind of role model is bristol? what does this say to girls everywhere, that it is not be taught s*x education, and have kids after kids, in your neck of the town, but alaskans do it better@

  10. Muah says

    #10 really

    She hopes to exchange her “tard” for tripp. Wow – you are a dispicable human being. I cannot believe you would say that. God forbid you ever have a kid with help needs. I’m sure that baby would receive no love from you. People like you keep the pro-choice movement afloat. I applaud you.

  11. Charlotte says

    Call me crazy, but I didn’t really see a connection between mother and son. She seemed like she didn’t care. (Especially at the beginning of the interview where she spoke in such a monotone, saying “Yea, he does. He brings joy.”) And it was obviously all publicity for Sarah. She is using her family as pawns.

    Sorry if you disagree. Just my thoughts.

  12. Rose says

    So let me get this straight: according to Sarah the press isn’t supposed to talk about her daughter at all, despite the fact that Sarah talks about her constantly in order to get more attention, and now Bristol is doing an interview. The double standard being displayed with that one is ridiculous. If you don’t want people and the press to talk about you or your family then don’t do interviews, it’s really quite simple. if Sarah and her family would just quietly go back to their lives, and stop obsessively trying to get themselves thrust back into the spotlight every 3 or 4 days then the press would lose interest and move on to something else. The lady doth protest too much.

  13. says

    i think that bristol and jamie lynn grew up and took care of there babies

    however i dont like the name tripp but hey its bristols baby not mine she could name him whatever she wants

  14. oriana says

    Well, my comment is under moderation. So I will try to rephase it, I don’t like Palin’s stand on animals, you all know what I mean. I also think Bristol could have used better birth control methods, I am sure they are sold in Alaska also!

  15. me says

    Stupid ho should have kept her legs closed. She should have had an abortion and waited 10 years like she said.

  16. Cindy says

    Poor girl can’t even have one interview without her mom butting in. And did you notice how quickly the reporter’s interest turned from Bristol to Sarah once she arrived? Totally ignored Bristol!

  17. mslewis says

    I didn’t see the interview last night beause Fox News is an alien creature to me and I try to avoid it.

    Anyway, it pleases me that Bristol sounds like a sensible young woman. She’s not making having a baby at 17 sound all sunshine and roses and she is realistic about abstiance not being the most sensible thing to expect from teenagers. I wish her luck in the future but I don’t think she should marry anytime soon. She needs to finish high school, go to college, begin a career and then perhaps get married . . . to someone other than a high school dropout like Levi.

  18. Kim says

    I enjoyed the update about this beautiful baby. True, not the most ideal situation but they seem to be adjusting quite well, with the support of the families.

  19. Lurker says

    Good grief, ‘awaiting moderation’ again??

    I swear this wm doesn’t want anyone to say anything that could possibly go against her. And I didn’t SAY anything aside from that the baby was cute and my disappointment that grandma had to butt in on the interview.

  20. sunny says

    Ok, I totally commend Bristol and the family for the support and for taking the responsibility.
    What is bothersome is that Sarah kept saying “IT happened to her, we were shocked it happend….she was the last person you would expect it would happent to…” as if IT was a disease that Bristol got.
    When you have SEX you are at risk for becoming PREGNANT—IT happens all the time.

  21. e says

    Greta Van Susteren has got to be one of the most inarticulate reporters I’ve ever witnessed. What do you expect…she works for FOX news!

  22. joueala says

    bristol is glowing!!!

    i salute the PALIN family for their love and support to bristol.. it has molded bristol

  23. Katie says

    I really like that both Bristol and Sarah have accepted this as it is. A baby is always a blessing, no matter what stage of life they come in. I applaud Bristol for forming her on views, aside from how her parents brought her up. Good for her for being such a strong woman.

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