Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Bring The Twins Onstage


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony brought twins Max and Emme to his NYC concert at Madison Square Garden on Saturday.

The twins celebrate their first birthday on February 22nd!



  1. marianne says

    These kids aren’t cute. They’ve old people’s faces. That’s obvious. They are surely innocent and angelic, right, but beauty is another thing. They may be become physically attractive in their future, at least their parents have a lot of money to buy them a comfortable life.

  2. Cindy says

    People have a right to say if they don’t think these babies are cute. It’s a celebrity site, all about appearance. However I don’t think people should be so mean about it or do people need to make pity comments (poor things), not everyone can be beautiful. I must agree that people are really mean on this site…

    Btw, I think these babies are really cute…

  3. MARIESIM says

    Anyone who could make nasty comments about babies who aren’t “poor little things”, should post their baby pics online. I’ll bet the reviews would not be rave.. Most nasty acting people have complexes in their personal lives and want everyone else to be miserable. They are happy, health, and wealthy. They are just fine and I bet their parents get their sugar kisses all of the time.

  4. accalia says

    #19, i have never criticized innocent babies . Your cooment just shows your ignorance. Stupid people like u never cease to amaze me 🙂

  5. Niloofar says

    Please, please……. don’t try people and find them guilty because they said their OWN idea!
    Although, I TOTALLY agree with that, we shouldn’t call those innocent babies “POOR THINGS”!
    In my book, their babies are cute, but not as cute as Suri,Shiloh,Harlow,Sean preston,Jayden,etc!

  6. laila #1 says

    The babies are sweet… I can’t believe the mean spirited comments being made here. Babies have little personalities and to look at pics without seeing their personality, you’re not getting the whole picture

  7. me says

    These babies are definitely Marc’s. The ugliness is strong in both. They look like they belong in a swap meet with their beaner mother, buying bananas. Why don’t they pierce the girl’s ears, because latinos love the ear piercing when babies are born. They take their 2 week old into Claire’s in the mall and get it done.

  8. bee gee says

    I agree that every baby just by virtue of being an innocent little baby is sweet and appealing and there is an inherent beauty in that, but that does not change the fact that not ever baby is especially good looking or shows promise of growing up to be good looking.
    It’s not what’s important but since people do often comment on the appearance of babies at this site you should acknowledge that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not every person finds every baby beautiful or cute.
    If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll get the Benjamin Button comments. He totally looks like him.

  9. Selena says

    I think they are cute.
    But I also think they need to have something on their ears. I think it is pretty safe to say that it wasn’t quiet in there. The Rossdale’s would have been sure to cover up their little ones ears.

  10. Grace says

    They’re definately very cute, but they look older than one.I dont know how to describe it, but they dont have your typical “baby face” if you know what i mean…cute though.

  11. Grandma of 4 says

    For goodness sake! The twins are just little babies. If I were Marc or Jennifer and read some of the mean spirited remarkes about their babies, I would be very hurt!

    There were lots of lights, cameras flashing away, lots of noise…I am amazed the babes did not burst out crying!

    Give them some exposure in front of the cameras and I bet they will learn really fast how to flash adorable smiles! 🙂 🙂

  12. J.Lo's babies are NOT hot says

    I’m sure that the kids will grow into their looks as they get older but at the moment they are quite yucky looking.

  13. accasia says

    I must say,that all of you,do critisize every celebrity babies:
    britney’s kids
    almost all the babies of celebs.
    you actually forgot that they are innocent children who happen to be so rich and fed with a golden spoon.I even believe that not just the way how they look,it’s the way how they are being raised and among other things,be-cuz of their religion or other beliefs.
    we are just simply hateful,selfish and jealous of them all.

  14. anon says

    honestly accalia,you never critisized anyone?please! if you are saying the boy is somewhat pretty,you are now proclaimed two-faced lier.honestly sister,get a grip okay?

  15. accalia says

    Awful people on this site..calling children “poor things” .. Shameless people in the world today. The kids have much older looking faces than one year olds though.

  16. bec says

    i agree! I cant believe the moderator hasnt deleted them. it seems to me this website is starting to get more like tmz or perez hilton. The comments are awful!

  17. Sam says

    I can’t believe how many nasty comments are on here!
    To say such things about two little children is sick and so mean!!

  18. oriana says

    Both look just like Mark, poor things! The little boy reminds me of Benjamin Buttons. Neither are cute at all, but sad, all babies aren’t cute, they take after the parents. I am sure they are very sweet and will have wonderful lives but pretty is as pretty does. My fave celeb baby is Harlow, now she is a little doll, and looks just like her father too.

  19. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Those kids are so cute. It is so funny how her son looks just like her did does now. He is without hair just like Max.

    Jlo daughter’s dress is way cuter that Suri’s dresses and how cute are those curls. and how much daddy loves
    his little girl.

  20. sue says

    How do I put this gently………..the kids look, look, look…… they have wonderful personalities! Yes, wonderful personalities. Wow, God has a wacky sense of humor.

  21. url says

    Too bad this website is run by a woman who deletes comments just b/c she disagrees with them.

    -On the Salma H. breastfeeding another baby thread, I commented that what she did was very caring. But I wondered if she had the mother’s permission to do so. That’s all I said – no foul language, no links to sites, etc.
    Can you imagine that?! Unbelievable.

    Unfortunately, I will not be visiting this site anymore and will spread the word through to all the moms groups and other websites, blogs, FB, myspace, etc. how awful this site is. It’s run like a Communist site!!

  22. Toni says

    Good grief, we’ve hardly seen these babies at all and now they are almost a year! Wow! Sure kept them under wraps now didn’t they.?! I’m sure Marc has great qualities on the inside…cause he sure doesn’t have them on the outside…SCARY dude! Yikes!

  23. POOCOOKIES says


  24. Heidi says

    Poor little things look more like Daddy than Mommy 🙁
    His boys with his ex are cute. Maybe this time around his genes were stronger than hers. Sorry JLo.

  25. foxy says

    Max is mega cute… he has an old man face hes a sweetie!
    cant see emme very well but her eyes look very much like jens

  26. joueala says

    the twins look like marc.. they aren’t so cute.. their faces aren’t for one year old.. i think they look old for their age..only jen is beautiful among the four of them…

  27. smooches says

    OMG, its only been a year? I thought for sure it was like three years ago she gave birth to these cuties. Anyways, i love how she’s wearing a maternity outfit again.


  28. Katie says

    Aww it’s been a while since we’ve seen the twins! Max and Emme are adorable! I think Max looks just like Marc and Emme (from what we can see in the picture) looks to resemble Jennifer more. I also think it’s cute how Emme has a little curly hair to put into a ponytail while Max is a baldie.. how cute!! I can’t belive they’re almost 1! The year flew by.

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