Photos Of An Expectant Nadya Suleman Taken Just Days Before The Birth Of The Octuplets


TMZ just posted these pictures of an expectant Nadya Suleman. The pictures were taken just eight days before the birth of the octuplets.

There are no words.



  1. cassidy says

    wow belly xtimes 8 one of a kind woman why would you want to do this when you have 6 kids already i can see why you might want one more but not 8

  2. accasia says

    Dude,we are paying all of her expenses,from the food,to her medical bills and also her lip wannabe Angelina Jolie.
    You must have forgotten,you are one of us paying all her expenses as well.So you shut up,and pay attention.

  3. oriana says

    Enough of this disgusting sicko woman! Social Serices should step in and take these babies away from her, she is not sane enough to raise them!

  4. me says

    She is a disgusting pig! I hope someone lives up to the death threats she’s getting. She is a wannabe fake Angelina Jolie. I hope her lips explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. anon says

    To # 49: I agree with you 100%.But though,if you have more than two babies,at least not at one time pregnancy.Having too many children are great but not at one time,you know what I’m saying?Even a pig can’t have enough nipples for her extreme multiple piglets.

  6. concern individual says

    She did or didn’t.The conclussion is she is desperately asking for financial support so she can be more like Angelina Jolie.It is irresponsible and selfish to what she had done.She expect this to happen for people to provide for her.
    This picture of her during pregnancy is just groossss and asking for pity.Yes indeed PITY.She is corrupt and mentally ill.She needs to contact the father of these children,,,well,,, maybe the doctor who injected these are the father of her eight babies.DOUBT9x

  7. becca says

    A lot of people who have been trying to get into welfare and food stamps,and other financial help can not get these much attention.This is one CRAZY woman.It is sad alright to have all these stretch marks and so on,didn’t she asked for this to happened?honestly.This is not fair at all.Why even pay a dime for her needs.Economy is already in bad situation as it is,why bring up a problem if you can’t solve it alone.I believed she has more serious problem that a darn algebra book.
    Last but not the least,we are concentrating on her babies’ need,we forgot her medical billsas well.
    I’m sorry but I hope the government will not take my money for this selfish to her family bastard woman,cuz,I work so hard to even get where I’m now and to ask for a day off is even unbearable to think.PTOs are even harder to get approval these days,why is she making it so simple to just produced and people will provide.WHY on earth that she will not ask the childrens father HUh?

  8. Zen says

    How could this sick woman provide for these children if she is too busy doing her publicity so she can get help from all of us who work hard for our own family.Know,God said be fruitful and multiply but geezz,this is not multiplying at all,this is cube rooting multiply case with a twist of everyone’s financial help.
    I f she said she will use her student loans to provide for these children,it is impossible,she does not go to school,and if she is for what?I guess let’s just face the facts that yes,she will give them love,one breath at a time while all of us work more to give her spending allowances.

  9. anon says

    let me remind all of you.”she is seeking for financial help.have you all read her own space,1;is for comments &2;is for donations.Yes it is okay to have a lot of babies,if,now I mean if you can afford it financially.
    Well,people,I guess you all have to work harder more so you can provide her know she is unemployed,no husband,so might as well give her what you been sweating for.I do feel for the kids and her mother.This woman is sick and have no considerations at all.

  10. says

    Sorry if someone already posted this statement, but I didn’t read all of the comments above mine…

    Is this what she is doing w/the money she is collecting??
    Click on my name… (shopping for a Wii???)

    I have NO sympathy for this woman. I feel sorry for these innocent children. She is no doubt obsessed w/Angelina Jolie and needs some serious mental help. I can’t believe this woman has her own website to have donations made. Who in their right mind would support someone using her kids to make her living? I know some doctor will give her the free surgery to fix her flab and I know she will get lots of money to sell her stories and that’s so pathetic. I hope the state takes those children away and gives them to people that want those children for the right reason. It’s a shame b/c they will probably be split up and I really feel for them.

  11. Grace says

    OOOPS—I meant to write Jon and Kate Plus 8….not Jon and Kate Plus *

    i accidentally hit the shift button turning the 8 into a star

  12. Grace says

    Personal thoughts on her situation aside…..can you imagine the aftermath of all that stretching she’s going to have???? Did anyone see the episode of Jon and Kate Plus * (about a family that had twins then sixtuplets) where she showed her stomach and it was all saggy and mushy? and that was after 8 alone! THIS lady had more than that. ya think someone will do her reconstructive surgery for free also?!? (Kate had someone do hers for free)

  13. Carol says

    Number 61, very good post, could not have said it better myself. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  14. ruserious says

    #56 Sue….
    I agree that people ought to be able to have as many kids as they want…IF they can support them. She could not support the 6 kids that she already had, therefore, what gave her the right to decide to have more? What on earth was that doctor thinking?! Is it fair for the taxpayers of California to foot the bill for her obsession? It just makes me sick! Not to mention, what kind of “mother” would be out getting a manicure and buying video games, when she has 8 babies in the hospital and 6 at home? Yeah, she’s really got her priorities straight. I feel so sorry for these children.

  15. Amber says

    Please, with the god rederick(spelling?)….Why does god allow children to be born just to be abused? Tell me the reason for that.

    And it isn’t about material things. How much attention can one woman give 14 kids, not to mention the basics like food and clothing.

  16. Amber says

    Yes, I am paying. I live in California, acutally about 15 minutes away from her, and I am sure I am funding her kids in some way…

    Yes, Jason, I do want the goverment to step in. She or any other person should not have the right to have so many kids that they can’t support. Yes, people had many kids in the past, that was because some died and they needed kids to work to help support the family. This woman has obviously had plastic surgery, has time to get her nails done, paid thousands of dollars to get invitro 6 times and the taxpayers are fitting the bill. She gets free childcare, foodstamps and SSI for 3 of her kids. Most likely she probably gets WIC, Medi-Cal(MEDICAID) and her disabled children get therapy services for the developmentally disabled from
    Regional Center. These octuplets will probably get services too because they are at risk for a disability b/c of their prematurity. And people aren’t supposed to be mad about this??? Give me a break.

  17. Lola says

    #57 Actually those posters from California are paying and will be paying for it for a long time. And to the tune of many millions. I believe they have bought the right to complain.

  18. n.o. says

    God has nothing to do with these births. All babies were conceived artificially through science and are being kept alive by science in incubators. Nothing about the conception or the birth was an act of God.

  19. Monica says

    Yes I agree that 14 children is kind of crazy. But I look at it like this God does everything for a reason and since He allowed her to become pregnant with 14 kids and all of them survived then there must be some kind of plan for each child. So lay off her people cause there are some things we will never understand.

  20. nameless says

    Are any of you paying for the birth? Are nay of you buying the food? Then shut up! ONLY god has a right to judge!

  21. sue says

    Just to say, I think that the comments on this page are fairly horrible. This lady has a right to have as many children as she wants to. She has the right to do whatever she wants to to her body, and she has the right not to be castigated for it.
    Personal comments about how “gross” this looks? Why comment? If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything. This woman looks happy and radiant, look at her face! She is smiling. Maybe some people are focussing on what the kids won’t have – but what an awful lot of kids don’t have nowadays is a loving relationship with a parent – no matter how many material things they own.
    As for the comment that stated this was a website for celebrity moms and not “welfare moms” needing a handout – #44, I am sorry, but I really think that is a horrible thing to say. I, thank the Lord, am not on Welfare, but I know many moms who are and work with their children. Those children are no less loved and cared for than those of any “celebrity” mom – and in a lot of cases probably more so.

  22. claudiazz says

    She was spotted out on Friday getting a manicure! That would be the LAST thing on my mind when I had 8 premature infants in the hospital that I had NO idea how I was going to support them or where I was going to live to accommodate all of these children. Does she think society is just going to lavish her with gifts for her stupidity? She has had her nose, lips and cheeks done. Who paid for all of this?
    Angelina Jolie she is NOT. These children need to be placed with someone who can nurture and care for each of them. She has neither the means or the time to give adequate attention to these children as a single mother. There are only 24 hours in a day and her oldest is seven. The children will suffer, the state needs to step in for the children’s sake. She is mentally unbalanced and if the state does not step in I am fearful of the outcome.

  23. n.o. says

    #53 Monetary donations are seldom given to women who plan their pregnancies. It always seems the foolish women who engage in willy-nilly copulation and “accidentally” (read: deliberately) become pregnant are the ones that get all the breaks, including welfare assistance and anonymous donations. Sometimes it pays to be ignorant and stupid, irresponsible and selfish. Seems Nadya did her research and realized someone out there would bail her out of this tragedy she’s created. Seems there’s a sucker born every minute.

  24. brother can you spare a dime? says

    Hi Jason!! I’ve been wanting to have a baby for some time but I’m avoiding getting pregnant (abstinence not birth control) because i can’t afford it. I’m almost 38 and I realize my time is running out. Can you donate some cash to me so I can pay my hospital bills after I give birth and buy dia*pers and toys and clothes and a crib and a stroller and send my child to college when the time comes. If there is any leftover cash from your donation I would also like to get my teeth whitened and hire a personal trainer so I can lose the pregnancy fat. Thank you and God bless your generous heart!!

  25. TMcGill says

    Just plain wrong and sick . . .
    The State of California is paying for her “obsession”.

    On welfare and can’t pay for the six children she has . . but she can get her nails and lips done.

    The doctor who implanted the embryos should have his license revoked.

    Watch for more issues and trouble with those children. I feel so sorry for them.

  26. Senna says

    Iv`e bin told since I was alittle girl that when my mother was pregnant she was as big as Kate Gossline.(From Jon&Kate+8) & that was just me & me alone. So i don`t find this gross.. a feel bad for her.!! Do u know how hard that would be to walk around and chase those 6 others? Who uncomfortable that must have bin for her?
    Luckly Momma was blest , & had no C section.. Her water broke & 20 minutes later (With no pain what so ever.) I was born..
    Tisk Tisk…. the troubles ahead are going to me so extrodinarily hard for that poor women. She should have thought of the other 6… it will also be hard for them.. not to metion herself!!

  27. babyrazzi junkie says

    I usually think pregnant women are beautiful and I felt very attractive when I was pregnant but this is awful!! I can only imagine how bad her stomach looks now.

  28. MOMX3 says

    Biologically, we were not intended to have more than two babies. God gave us two nipples, not a row of 6 or 8.

    I’m so tired of people saying “It’s none of our business”. If the money for these babies comes out of YOUR paycheck, it sure is! Plus, she’s attention whoring. If you don’t want the attention, just don’t do it.

  29. Laila says

    #38 – regarding the govt telling us how many babies we can have? – YES, when it’s not done naturally (which it most likely never would be to have 8) and it requires the help of a doctor, thousands of money that you do not have for the procedures, resulting in premature babies that then need thousands if not millions to care for them while at the hospital, and you cannot afford to pay for any of it – then YES, it is the govt’s job to step in and any ethical doctor, and not allow it. Absolutely.

  30. Laila says

    Jason, I completely disagree with you, because these were not HER CHOICES ALONE, she did not do this naturally. This would not be an issue. She did not have enough money to raise the 6 kids she had, and then decided to go to a doctor, who helped her do this – that is unethical. That becomes all of our concern now, not hers alone anymore. She does not have enough money to pay for all of those procedures, and now not enough to pay for these premature babies! And this was her CHOICE. You are the one that is being childish and petty, by caring more about her choices than the ramifications to 14 innocent children! We ALL wish them the best, this is why we are outraged, we want even just adequate care for these innocent kids, and it is more than evidently clear to any intelligent person, that she is NOT fit to do this job by the choices she is making. Someone needs to step in for the kids sake.

  31. Anna says

    This story just puzzles me. She seems like she has a mental illness with her children obsession. She needs to get her act together. I feel bad for those poor children.

    As for that picture? That is just disgusting! It doesn’t even seem humanly possible!

  32. says

    It’s amazing that her body was strong enough to nourish and bring 8 babies into this world. The human being is an incredible miracle!

    I don’t necessarily think she’s going to have it easy, or would have chosen the path she’s on – but come on people. It’s awfully easy to point the finger at someone and subject them to our scathing opinions, but no one is perfect. I think people and media ought to give the woman a break.

    Very interesting pictures though – amazing in fact!

  33. Lori says

    Isn’t this website for celebrity babies and ,moms NOT welfare moms looking for a handout !!! She needs to get a job to support those kids. I feel sorry for the state of Calfornia..Your gonna pay for those kids one way or another.

  34. Aimee says

    I agree with a comment from #3 earlier, I gave birth to a child that was 9 lb 10 oz and I was huge but nothing like that. I think she was so big because because there were eight in there and they all lay different inside and that is probably the reason why she looks so huge. I wish her the best of luck, but being a single parent of 14 kids, impossible without a good support structure. She is going to get her kids taken away. She better have a good plan of attack in place!

  35. bec says

    i think what she did is completely selfish and irresponsible. However, I cant help but to feel so sorry for her children. With everyone saying dont help or donate items or money, well, that is only hurting those babies. Maybe donate baby or children’s items and not money. End the end, the one’s getting hurt the most are the children

  36. nearlynormalized says

    John and eight plus eight it aint. Seventeen and counting it aint. Suleman and fourteen, what mental clinic is she going to visit?

  37. k uk says

    do you just have money grabbing Drs in the US?

    amazing to think of the ethics ( or lack of) of the medical staff involved in doing this, she might be a fruit-loop but she needed medical intervention to get in this state

  38. emmauk says

    Disgusting, any one on welfare should be sterilised after 5 babies. Some people will do anything not to work, dirty cow

  39. summer says

    Well said Jason. Her choices are her own I dont know how anyone can feel the right to judge. Or are we ready for the government to come in and tell us how many babies we are allowed to have? No one should judge her untill they have been in her shoes, in her head, in her life.

  40. carleigh says

    oh and to answer someones question….the state of California will most likely pay for the delivery and hospital care for the babies, as Kaiser Hosp. has requested Medicare assistance.

    Secondly, the mother is going to school for a degree in pyschoogy…her Masters Degree.

  41. carleigh says

    There are alot of things about this situation that reek of attention…but the fact remains, the babies are here.

    Nadya is very irresponsible and the Dr’s who performed the Invitro on her are even more so. At what point does a medical professional say enough is enough.

    Nodody has answered the “responsibility” factor, not her, not the Dr’s, not anyone. I feel so bad for her parents and those babies….they are in for a hard, long road and I truly hope this woman does get her act together for the sake of all involved.

    She has a hard burden to bear and she is in it entirely alone, completely without a partner. Though the children are all supposedly from the same donor, her mother has even said that she basically shut the man out of her life.

    Who really truly cares about the stretch marks and all the nonsensical stuff thats being said, it is the kids who need our sympathy and understanding. Stop crucifying this mother, she did what she did and that’s that, done and over. The kids are going to need help and they are innocents in this…so why wish bad things on them or their mother, that serves no constructive purpose and only adds further fuel to the controversy.

    I won’t donate money to her, but what I will do is pray for her and her children to have a good quality of life and for God to guide her in the coming years. She needs that more than anything else.

  42. pat says

    I agree with #32 – this woman is jut looking for the attention (and some free hand outs!). Those poor kids….

  43. Lisa says

    anyone know what she is going to grad school for? i kept hearing her say how the degree would support the kids. anyone know what she got her undergrad in either, just curious?

  44. Fiona says

    This is so very wrong on so many levels. How selfish can this woman be to bring a drove of babies into this world, barely able to take care the of the 6 she had, yet totally ignorant of the challenges and health issues these babies will face their entire life. My heart aches for these kids. How can they ever possibly get the proper care, love and attention newborns need and thrive on. 14 versus 1??? Absolutely insane. And her poor parents have to endure the wrath of this (from what I understand they’re completely exhausted and overwhelmed), What life is this for a couple who should be enjoying their golden years. So unbelievably selfish.

  45. Jason says

    Quite frankly, the most shameful thing on this site is the childish and petty sniping being leveled at this person. Regardless of what you think of her choices, they were and are hers to make. It was not so long ago that large families were the norm in our country, and still are elsewhere in the world. Do you really want to start making people qualify financially before having kids? Then what? Should we require genetic testing too? What about IQ? Should those with average or below IQs be prevented from breeding too, lest they dilute our collective intellectual capacity? To those who are on this site telling her to get a job, count your posts before you cast judgment on how she spends her time. The task before her is Herculean. I do not envy her, but for her sake and that of her children, I sincerely wish them the best. Although I am of only very modest means, I will be donating to her, because it is not for me (or any of us) to judge her.

  46. Melissa R. says

    Yeah, this is absolutely the grossiest thing I have ever seen. And in case if you are wondering… and I….everyone will be paying for these babies…for years to come…as SHE is on WELFARE!!!!!!!!! She couldn’t keep her legs closed….even though it was done in-vitro…..she knew she didn’t have the means to support a family of this magnitude….what an idiot!!!

  47. Renne says

    Please don’t send any money to this woman.
    I was reading she paid for in vitro fertilization,how she payed for that?
    Maybe jolie can adopt all her kids lol

  48. hader says

    Jolie has only had THREE OF HER OWN BUT ADOPTED OTHERS THAT CANT BE TAKEN CARE OF OTHERWISE! Dont even begin comparing the two!

  49. StephLane says

    Hey BLONDIE…back the hell off Angelina Jolie. She can afford and adequately provide for 50 kids if she wanted. What Angie is doing is honorable.

  50. Nullah says

    God knows I agree with you all, but I ‘m happy to see she’s proud of her babies. At least, they’ll be loved no matter how irresponsible she is. So many kids are abused or neglected in this world. These babies are desired and loved … I’m still worried for all the rest of course …

  51. Mariel says

    Ya know, doing this to yourself on purpose is just wrong.
    I agree that women are not meant to have an extreme number of babies at one time… but come on girls – get over the whole stretch mark thing.
    Stretch marks are genetic and if you are going to get them, you will get them.. if you happen to have really wonderful genes, then maybe you wont… but just get over it.
    I have given birth to two beautiful children and I love every single one of my stretch marks – yeah I’m not what I used to be since becoming a mother, but damn straight am I proud of myself.
    Whoever sits here and gets on another woman’s case about stretchmarks is just shallow and I pity them.
    I am a woman, I am a mother, and I love my stretch marks.

  52. az beauty says

    This goes to show we are WOMEN and not DOGS!!! We are not meant to have litters of children! That looks so disturbing and horrible.

    Thank god I didn’t get stretch marks – if I had to live with the marks she has, I would shower in my clothes!

  53. Cindy says

    This is just wrong! What an irresponsible person to bring this many more children into the world when she can barley keep care of the ones she had. Very low-life behavoir. Her belly looks grossly unnatural, our bodies were not meant to produce this many infants! She really should be ashamed of herself!!!

  54. Lurker says

    I’m with is a bit surprising that she can even stand up!

    I thought “eww!” myself seeing that picture, but then I felt a little bad, because there were beautiful little babies in there..but it’s just way too extreme for me!
    I can’t even begin to imagine carrying eight babies that way. And then when I heard she had another six at home..well, my thoughts were that she was a little nutty. After watching that interview with her, it changed to thinking she’s just nuts!

    Of course I wish the babies well, and I just hope they’ll have a good life no matter where they end up, even if it’s not with their mother. She just doesn’t strike me like she’s prepared and/or able to take care of all those kids.
    I don’t doubt she loves them, of course–but I don’t think she’s in the right mind to raise 14 kids either!!!

    But then again, who would be, really?? ;o)

  55. bec says

    off the subject, but ask any doctor ,cocoa butter doesnt do anything but moisturize your skin! stretch marks are scars, deep in the skin layers. cocoa butter only reaches the top layer of skin (epidermis). i tried cocoa butter, mustela, mother’s friend, bio oil etc while pregnant and i still got them. oh, and i work at a dermatologist office. the best way to prevent stretch marks is drink lots of water to keep skin hydrated, dont gain a bunch of weight, oh and the most important, have good genes!

  56. Kristy K says

    I agree – that’s scarey!!!….but #3 (Kay), if you add up the 8 babies weight it comes to just over 20 pounds!!! (not 10lbs). Those babies were pretty big considering they were early and 8 of them… placentas etc.

  57. JESS says

    Those poor babies should definitely be adopted out. She should not be allowed to cramp her filth infested home until it’s busting at the seams.

    There is absolutely no way she can provide adequate care for ANY of her children, and I’m speaking beyond financially. These kids will NOT have the much needed attention and care any ONE child needs, never mind 14.

    She obviously has SEVERE mental problems and should be evaluated IMMEDIATELY.

  58. Amber says

    Seriously, you guys really think cocoa butter works… Especially, when you’re skin would need to stretch that much.

    Anyways, I used it religously and I only gained 30 lbs with my first and I still got them. It’s genetics and your skin type. I bruise and scar easily. It doesn’t matter what you try to do to prevent it. Cocoa butter or other creams may help to keep you moisturized and help with stretching/itching sensations but it will not prevent stretch marks if you are going to get them you will.

  59. Anne says

    I used cocoa butter also when I was pregnant and had no stretch marks. No doubt she will use some of the money she receives to remove the excess skin from her stomach, unless some Dr. decides to do it for free for the publicity. She could go on the Doctors TV show but I don’t think they would waste their time and money on her.

  60. Nicole says

    Hasn’t she ever heard of coco butter? Trust me-it works. I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy and I didn’t have one single stretch mark.

  61. candykane says

    Well she doesn’t just have babies in there but also 8 placentas, amniotic sacs and water so of course that takes up more room then just one big baby

  62. Kay says

    It’s incredible that she can even stand up! The babies didn’t weigh very much so eight would have totaled around 10 lbs. or so, but she looked Huge! I gave birth to a 9 lb. 8 oz. baby and wasn’t near as big.

  63. Just Me says

    There are no words … except ewwww. I’ve been pregnant before, so I feel I can say that it looks gross.


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