Salma Hayek On Her Trilingual Daughter & Ghosts!


Salma Hayek, 42, opened up on The Rachael Ray Show about her trilingual daughter and the ghosts that Valentina sees!

At 16 months, little Valentina is already trilingual! She speaks English, Spanish and French – and seems to have developed a sixth sense.

“Last night she saw a ghost. I’m convinced,” said Salma, “Last night she woke up and her eyes were open. And she’s looking at one specific point and she’s going, ‘No no no no, au revoir,’ which means goodbye in French … And she’s looking at someone, but there’s no one there.

I was so scared, and I’m like, ‘Yes, au revoir, whoever you are, get out!’ And then she started saying it in English: ‘Bye bye, bye bye!’ I guess she was trying in different languages to see what nationality this ghost was to go away. It was terrifying!”


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  1. Freya says

    Some of you obviously haven’t been around a mulicultural family. It’s normal and natural for a child of Valentina’s age to have the ability to speak more than one language and to see spirits. Who said she was speaking fluently? No child of 16 months is speaking ANY language fluently, but that doesn’t mean they can’t put two word sentences together and understand in more than one language when someone speaks to them. As for Salma’s breasts, she’s breastfeeding, so logically, they would be bigger.

  2. kata85 says

    She’s a lucky girl (being able to learn three languages while growing up is cool!)
    As for being able to speak them’s just a matter of time.

    I think i’m gonna have trilingual babies too since i’m italian, my boyfriend is bosnian and we live in Spain. 🙂

  3. QTPIE81 says

    What’s crazy about a child knowing mutliple languages? Both my girls have learned English & Bosnian (my husband & his family are Bosnian) and by the time they were both putting two words (about 14 months) together they could speak in both languages. Nothing crazy about that. And yes, they could say more than just mama in both languages!
    As for the ghosts, I believe it. I fully believe that my mother’s house has some sort of spirit living there. Both my girls have seen it and talked to it.

  4. joueala says

    her boobs aren’t natural… i saw her pic before.. it isn’t the BIG!!! and i do believe valentina can speak 3 languages but i dont believe she could speak them fluently

  5. Renata says

    Well about the ghosts thing its fun and I believe on her.I used to talk with ghosts when I was kid too around 1 year old, I have the gift , I still reading and learn a lot about that.My parents think I was crazy but they start believe on me I used to give some details about our “chat”,That’s dont scare me, my son(16 months old) can see ghosts too its natural for me,he always say something interested like “I saw grandma today”(she died 15 years ago) or”I used to be your son in another life” etc.My son speak portuguese and english my husband trying now talk to him in germany because his family 🙂

  6. Kelli says

    At 16 months, I spoke two – English and Thai. My parents didn’t even know it until we went shopping one day and I started going off in Thai, just like my nanny usually did. Don’t underestimate children. They are smartest when they are young because they have the most to learn. And some people ARE gifted. Why begrudge her this?

  7. oriana says

    What a fatty baby! I love babies that you can kiss and cuddle, this is one of them! She is very cute to me, I don’t think pretty but very, very cute. I can see her speaking three languages if she is surrounded by people that talk to her in their native language. Kids pick up very quickly, I am glad about it. Good for her. I think she will be very smart and she is much loved!

  8. Tara says

    All i can say about Salma is she just keeps getter more and more weird. She does and says some very off the wall things.

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