Nadya Suleman Talks With Ann Curry & Debuts Website Seeking Donations


Nadya Suleman is now accepting money via a new website.


Unbelievable! Will any money that is collected go towards her innocent children, or more lip plumping? I think she truly sees herself as being just like Angelina Jolie and wants to be a celebrity.


I have been left speechless by this whole ordeal, but you have to feel sorry for the children.

Below are pictures of Nadya with some of her children before she was famous.


  1. ING says

    This is sooo sad! I also hope people are not sucked into her lies. The sad thing is the kids are the ones that will suffer!! To Lisa I hope you are some day blessed with a child!!! I am sorry you have to read about her because I am sure it makes you sad and angry.
    I have 2 boys and we both work fulltime to support them. I want to give them ALL the opportunities to be successful. I would LOVE to stay home with them but I know this is the best thing for them. To see two parents working hard to give them love and comfort.

  2. laila #1 says

    It’s called giving your children up fo adoption. And it’s a tually better fro the child if there is no support system money home husband…

  3. mar says

    funny thing is, look at that in a different light. should only the upper and middle classes have children? 14 is extreme but financial means could fly out the window at any time. I think 14 is crazy, but like she said she didn’t know. statistics are certainly against this. and i think her faith in God to help in her life is amazing and inspiring. God opens windows and I firmly believe that. I can’t bash her for bringing life into the world. what was she supposed to do when she found out there were more than 2? abort 6? or leave their little embryos on ice forever? nothing happens to them. no one knows what’s ethical to do with frozen embryos. I honestly don’t know what to say here. there are two sides to it.

  4. Sarah says

    It’s obvious she did this with fame on the brain. I hope people won’t be suckered into giving her free money like she was planning. Anyone who has many children just so they can have a reason to be pals with Angelina Jolie should get a one-way ticket to a nuthouse, nothing more.

    This story is so sick.

  5. kims says

    Lisa – May you be blessed with a child someday soon. We have friends who went through a similiar situation as you and it was very emotionally draining for them.

    This Nadya story really bothers me. We have two kids and a dual income. I honestly cannot even imagine a houseful of 14 kids. There is NO way those children could all thrive.

  6. Lisa says

    Nadya received a disability settlement from the State of California (how ironic) in the amount of $100,000. She spent the proceeds on all of her IVF procedures and her plastic surgery, etc.

    And to #34 “honey” … My husband and I have undergone several procedures, but only one has been successful. We lost the baby to miscarriage in August and are just now gearing up to begin again. Fortunately, we see a physician who has a very strict set of ethical standards for his practice. He is one of the country’s top physicians in his field, and because his goal is to help his patients bring one healthy baby into the world (he believes that is the perfect outcome – one healthy baby), we feel we are in excellent, competant, caring hands. NO AMOUNT OF DESPAIR FROM INFERTILITY WOULD EVER MAKE ME GO AGAINST MY VALUES AND BELIEF SYSTEM!

  7. Grace says

    i’m just curious how she was able to afford IFV when she has no job, is supporting her family with money from student loans and is using food stamps to feed her children? that doesnt make sense to me

  8. Nats says

    From what I hear, she got a free experimental drug trial and that’s what resulted in multiple births. Shouldn’t the huge risk that she took with an unknown drug all because it was free tell you something automatically about this person?

    Also, she does not believe she is on welfare. She says she is on public assistance. Same thing.

    This whole situation is tragic for these children.

    PS – Did anyone notice that the pictures of her children that are up are only of the same two children? Where are pictures of her three diabled children?

  9. Sarita says

    Where did she get the money for IVF if she doesn’t have any ,money? Her story is so strange and she obviously mentally disturbed.

  10. says

    #33 how can you take a child from a Mother? Your mean.. Let Nadya deal with her on problems, she brought them into this wolrd and she will have to take care of them.

  11. Laila says

    Kim in Michigan, and Lisa – couldn’t agree with you both more, 100%. Very well written. Hope you are blessed with children very soon Lisa, am sure you will be 🙂
    We need to give her nothing as far as gifts or charity, because that will not even be close to enough to what she really needs to raise healthy children. What she needs is these kids to be given to homes that will be able to take care of them. The decisions she made leading up to this, and since the birth of these 8 babies – have proven to me she is an unfit mother to care for them all.

  12. Vanessa says

    Baby razzi shame on you to pass judgement on Nadya Suleman. The odds of anyone having 8 babies using IFV or not is .00003% how could have Nadya planned this. People stop being ass holes and wipe your ass hole.

  13. Kim in Michigan says

    I watched that interview on TV the other night, and sent her an email the next morning via the website with a piece of my mind. I am a SAHM to twin 3 year old boys. They take up alot of my time and care, and are rambuncious. But I spend time with them all day playing and teaching them things, going places, showing the the world and helping them learn right from wrong and how things work. With only two kids, they still fight for one-on-one attention and focus, and i try my best to balance between them at times. I have a husband who goes to work everyday to pay the bills, and yet we still struggle financially. I would LOVE to have more kids, but we have a 2 bedroom home and no more room, or money for more. It absolutely aggravates me that a doctor would allow this selfish lady to have this many kids. I understand that she had all of these children through in-vitro, and dont understand how you could hoard all of your money for treatments on your own unless you were fooling around with the doctor or something…. maybe he is the donor, who knows. But while i agree these kids didnt choose to be here, i still do not beleive anyone should give her charity or gifts. I think she needs to be taught that she has done wrong, by not getting help, until someone steps in and takes these children from her. Even with having two babies at once, i went many days with little or no sleep when the were little. There is NO WAY she can handle this situation without people constantly in and out of that house 24-7 helping her with everything. Why is it other peoples job and responsibilty to help her? Maybe she should have thought about the whole picture before she made these stupid decisions. If she gets the help and money, whats to stop her from having more? She lied about the lip injections, thats obvious. She use to be somewhat pretty, now looks hideous! She lied about not recieving help. She has 3 kids with disabilities that are going to need help, and she gets money for them. This is not a free ride, she needs to step up and do something and not sit back and let her friends and neighbors and church do it for her. She is irresponsible and selfish. And there is NO WAY these children will have a normal life, and be able to have the one-on-one time with their mom as they need to grow. She may have felt the need for siblings when she was growing up, but i guarantee all of these children are going to hate her for this when they are older, and wish they were an only child. They are going to lack a special connection with parents, and miss out on alot of good things that come with being a kid. And i feel sorry for that.

  14. Tia :) says

    Lisa, I hope you’re blessed with a baby one day. You’re very’s people like this who take advantage of having children and then there are people who struggle with infertility for years.

  15. Lisa says

    I have been happily married for 13 years. My husband and I are both college educated, have successful careers, and have been very diligent with our finances. When we married, at 26, we decided that we would would focus on growing our marriage and building a solid financial footing while also quieting the desires of our hearts to have children right away. We did this because we believe the best gift you can give a child is two parents — a mom and a dad — who love each other and have a strong marriage. We also wanted to be financially prepared for parenthood.

    After nearly 13 years of marriage, we’ve struggled with infertility and miscarriage. At close to $12,000 per cycle, IVF can pose a serious drain on finances. But we are responsible for earning the money to bring any child into the world, as well as earning money to raise that child. And while I commend her choice to not “selectively reduce,” I am appalled at every other single choice that she and her physician have made.

    How is it that a welfare mother with no job and no home has free access to such expensive technologies all while draining her parents both spiritually and financially, along with the government financially? As a PR practitioner myself, I was even more disguisted when I saw that she had hired a Crisis Communications Team (translation: PR) to handle all the media requests. Granted, they may be working pro-bono, but doesn’t she feel the least bit used in the situation? That CC Team is merely directing traffic to their organization and building their client base off of her and her children’s backs.

    There are so many wonderful, God-loving, responsible, financially stable, married women amongst my group of friends who could easily parent babies. But they’re infertile. And treatments cost money. A lot of money. Many of us have given up things people would never believe just to make our dream of parenting one child come true. But we wait. Patiently. For our turn. And in the meantime, we go without cosmetic procedures and french manicures and PR teams to further our cause in an effort to make that dream edge just a bit closer.

    She should be ashamed of herself. Her story sickens me.

  16. Niloofar-1993 says

    Oriana, hi dear =) I totally agree with u, she is a woman with mental problems, POOR KIDS, and shame on that doctor!

  17. JESS says

    Those poor babies should definitely be adopted out. She should not be allowed to cramp her filth infested home until it’s busting at the seams.

    There is absolutely no way she can provide adequate care for ANY of her children, and I’m speaking beyond financially. These kids will NOT have the much needed attention and care any ONE child needs, never mind 14.

    She obviously has SEVERE mental problems and should be evaluated IMMEDIATELY.

  18. laila says

    Kay – why do you think we are judging her? It’s BECAUSE and FOR the kids that we feel the need to say something. This is NOT fair to do this to these kids, not fair to bring all these kids into the world when you are not able to care for them, it was an undoubtly selfish choice. THis would not be an issue if it wasn’t 14 kids! YES, these kids need help, they need to be taken from her and given to parents able to care for them.

  19. Kay says

    Regardless of what anyone thinks of this woman, it’s her children that need help. No compassionate person would turn away from helping a child. If you can and want to help them, then do it; if you can’t, then don’t. It would be nice if we all just stopped judging her.

  20. Tia :)` says

    #20 i think people have offered her money and clothes because they’re doing it for those poor babies. She’s a sick person, but those poor children didn’t ask to be here.

  21. Sad story says

    This story disgusts me. Who do we blame? The mother’s selfishness? The fertility doctor who implanted her with all those embryos? Why have so many people offered to help her by providing money and baby clothes? She needs to learn the hard way that her actions were WRONG! This woman made her bed, and now she should lie in without any social assistance. What a parasite she is, living off the goodwill of others around her including her parents. I would like to see the State or Children’s Services take away all her babies and give them to childless couples who will take much better care of them than this woman ever will.

  22. Toni says

    All I know is that there is NO WAY in you know what that she SAVED $100,000 for all of her treatments and was still able to provide properly for her family. My husband and I make really good money but even BEFORE kids, we never had that kind of cash (nor do we have it now and we only have TWO kids!) and it’s absolutely ridiculous to think that her working two jobs and having children before or after was she able to save that kind of cash….bullcrap bullcrap bullcrap! She’s DEFINITELY a liar and SHE has taken assistance. Since she’s not currently working, those children are receiving state healthcare, bottom line! I feel bad for those children and I definitely think they should be adopted out. Shame on her doctor (course, I’m sure she never spilled ALL the details of her life to this doctor and the fact that she already had six kids) and shame on her for going this route. I have a close friend struggling with infertility and this whole fiasco makes it just disgusting for those wanting a baby more than anything, especially since she ALREADY HAD SIX KIDS!

    If she does keep them…good luck when they are ALL in school at the same time and helping them with their homework ALL ON HER OWN! We have difficulty keeping up with one child in fourth grade and one in kindergarten, how the heck is she going to handle all the homework those kids will be bringing home and on her own??? She thinks it will be rough when they are newborns…hah, that’s nothing, wait until they are in school….AND she apparently has one, if not possibly two, disabled children??? Whatever, she’s an absolute idiot and I have zero sympathy or excitement for her situation…SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!

  23. catsue says

    This woman is a liar.
    First she claims she’s NOT on welfare. Then it was found out she is on welfare, food stamps, and disability because 3 out of 6 or her original children are whack.
    Then she claims she hasn’t done anything to her face. B.S.! You can tell, looking at her old photos, that she has had MASSIVE lip injections (maybe a nose job also).

  24. Nullah says

    And I am here trying to understand it all while asking me wether or not it would be a good idea to have a third child despite the fact that I could afford it …

  25. Mother Knows says

    Before I saw any cover of a magazine or read any story, I saw ONE photo of Nadya and could tell she was trying to look like Angie! It is incredibly obvious to me. Is that a lip injection? Oh, how completely frightening. Of couse, expecting everyone to come to her financial aid, knowing that she would be a spectacle…yes, she is in emotional need moreoever than financial. These are the type of women who need real love and guidance. Our society is not promoting these characteristics in families. What are you all going to do about it?

  26. oriana says

    Obviously she is mentally unstable and needs therapy. I feel sorry for the children and I would not donate any money at all. I think Social Services should get involved with this situation.

  27. Charmiane says

    This story leaves me so conflicted. On the one hand I would never want to reward this clearly mentally unstable woman for this life of struggle that she has inflicted upon these children, and at the same time it’s not the fault of any of these little kids, and my heart wants to send money to be sure they have all that they need or desire.

    Shame on this selfish, “I wanted, I needed” focused woman for the hand of cards she has dealt these kids. Any successes they experience in life will be IN SPITE of their mother, and not BECAUSE of her.

  28. Grandma of Four says

    While having as many children as you can take care of in a responsible manner is not against the law, there is so much with this case I question. Daily, when I see what is happening next, I shake my head.

    WHAT was this girl thinking? Did she think? Her reasoning powers astonish me every time I hear her speak!

    I am waiting for the state of California to step in and investigate this “mother”. I think her current brood of six in that tiny house is in question. What will happen when she gets all the new babies home?

    Very sad.

  29. Amy says

    I’m very curious to know why she was so desperate to get pregnant when she already had six children. She said in the interview that she spent approx. $100,000.00 for IVF. Is that just for these babies or all her kids? Where is she getting all this money?

  30. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Just want to say welcome to Nayda. Who will be joining
    the baby blogs. Seeing what she does every day.

    And how great it is going to be .

  31. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Why does she need to worry about money when she is going to be famous. On the cover of every tabloid and
    Newsweek and every other media magazine out there.

    There should be no need for donations on her own
    website. She will be making it on her own. And proud
    of it. Who is paying for the incubators at the hospital now.?
    There is no need her p.r people know exactly what to do
    to support her.

  32. AZ Beauty says

    The woman is mentally unstable to say the least. The doctor that performed the IVF should have his/her license revoked immediately!

    No money, no husband, no means of support and taking advantage of her elderly parents – she should be ashamed of herself! Trying to raise 14 kids in a 1200 sq. ft home is abuse in itself.

    Those kids should be taken away from her and given to stable, loving, permanent homes!

  33. SDG says

    I think she should have thought about the financial part of all of this before she had all of these babies. Why don’t to someone that delibratley did this to themself. And shame on that Doctor. Sounds like someone needs to get a job!!! I have kids and the two that I have are exhausting. I can only imagine having 14. I feel for the kids.

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