Isla Fisher & Olive Out For A Stroll


The gorgeous Isla Fisher and her daughter Olive were snapped out for a walk in Central Park after enjoying a playdate. The mother daughter duo were very happy and in very high spirits. Olive’s pink stroller bunting is from 7am Enfant.

How hilarious is the following story that Isla shared!?

Isla, 33, recently revealed that she once had a pretty awkward moment when she was introduced as the daughter of her beau Sacha Baron Cohen, 37, at a Hollywood party.

Isla, who has been dating Sacha for years, and has a 16 month old daughter Olive with him, is grateful to her youthful looks as she was mistaken for a mere child by the hostess at one of Hollywood’s Oscar parties!

“When we first came to Hollywood we went to one of these Oscar parties held in this prestigious lady’s home and we showed up and she opened the door and said to me, ‘Come with me, hello and welcome,” Contact music quoted her as saying.

Isla was anxious to meet celebrities at the Hollywood party, but she was escorted by the hostess to the kids room.

“I was very excited, I thought I was gonna get to meet a big celebrity. She let me into this room and there were these six 15 year old girls and she goes, ‘Everybody, play nicely with Sacha Baron Cohen’s daughter!’ It was particularly awkward!” Isla shared. 

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  1. Grace says

    Olive is adorable and her mother, beautiful & so talented! I just saw Isla’s movie CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC tonight and she is a riot in it! Luuuuuved it!

  2. joueala says

    very funny!!! she really does look young for her age… she’s 33!!!???!!! i really thought she is just 20+… very beautiful lady… i hope olive will look like her when she grows up…

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