1. JW says

    Wow, I will not be visiting this site again. “Feminism ruins lives?” Celebrity-bab!, here I come. You’re ruining your own site.

  2. QTPIE81 says

    It was an opinion piece… The writer wasn’t denouncing feminism; she was regretful that she turned away from a more “traditional” life-style in favor of a career. Personally, I have to agree. Though I’m only 28, juggling a career and two children is soooo difficult. And I don’t feel like I do either as well as I could if I just had one of them to do. But, I can’t quit my job… So, I must carry on. Honestly, some days a throw my fists at those women’s libbers… If it wasn’t for them, maybe I wouldn’t be so stressed out every day. But I know that had I have planned better, I wouldn’t necessarily need to work fulltime. So, the fault is all my own. And – I think that’s what the author of the article was trying to say, too. You focused too much on the title of the article.

  3. ll says

    Feminism doesn’t ruin lives, that was a horrible article. I have dropped my subscription to this site and will not read it again. Your politics make this site repulsive to me.

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