Hank Azaria & Girlfriend Expecting Their First Child


Hank Azaria and his girlfriend Katie Wright are expecting a baby boy, his rep confirmed to People magazine.

“They’re quite ecstatic,” the actor’s rep Stan Rosenfield shared.

Katie, who has begun her second trimester, is a former actress now studying to be a family therapist.

Hank, 44, and Katie, 27, have been dating for two years. They are currently hunting for the perfect home for their growing family. The actor’s next movie, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, will be released in May.

This is the first child for both.

Best Wishes!

…When I saw this all I could think of was Hank’s hilarious performance as Agador in The Birdcage!




  1. catsue says

    It didn’t mention he was married to Helen Hunt for a few weeks. 17 year age difference. YUCK

  2. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Since we all know that he was married to Helen Hunt
    they met on the tv series…Mad about you..He was on
    the show too.. they were married for 5 years and got
    a divorce… It is nice that he is having children…
    Just like Chad Lowe is having his first child too
    after his divorce with Hilary Swank.. These men
    are going to be great fathers…

  3. Rockstar Mama! says

    Congrats to the happy consenting adults! They are adults guys… you don’t know their past relationships and yes, although they should set an example for their younger viewers they are adults.

  4. Beth says

    Jouela, I agree with you.
    It’s become too commonplace and accepted to have a baby first.
    A baby is always a wonderful,wonderful blessing of course but really…
    get engaged first.
    A person can ooh and aah over an engagement ring for some time first then the wedding then the babies.
    I’m just a tradtional person and happy to be that way.

  5. sandie8eaches says

    Agador! I never made the connection. he is one of these actors who is in tonnes of films but seems to fly slightly under the radar. The fact he is in The Simpsons makes me love him instantly!

  6. joueala says

    why do the people in hollywood have babies first before marrying??? as if they make their children as engagement ring!!! they won’t get engaged before they have a child

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