Angie Everhart Expecting Her First Child


Model and actress Angie Everhart, 39, is expecting her first child. She is 14 weeks pregnant.

Angie is doing it more or less on her own. She’s keeping details about the father private.

“The dad is very nice and he’s very excited about it, but we are not a couple,” Angie told Marc Malkin of E Online. “It’s nobody you know.”

Angie was most recently engaged to Joe Pesci but announced they had called it quits in April. She was briefly married to Ashley Hamilton and has also been involved with Sylvester Stallone and Howard Stern.

Angie also revealed that she’s hoping to turn her pregnancy into a reality show. She is currently shopping around Angie Baby, a series she is developing with World of Wonder, the company behind hits like Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood, the new RuPaul’s Drag Race and the soon to debut Heli-Loggers.

“I decided to do a show about me being a single, strong, healthy and good-spirited woman who is having a baby on her own,” she said. “I want to show the positive aspects of women who do it on their own.”

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  1. catsue says

    She’s not famous. Ask 100 people on the street who she is and you might get ONE person, if you’re lucky, who even knows who she is.

    She was a very minor model back in the early 1990s and was more known for being a skank.
    I mean she went from a then 21-year-old Ashley Hamilton (George Hamilton’s son and Shannen Doherty’s ex-husband) to 65-year-old Joe Pesci.

  2. Kelli says

    I’m a little confused at why others are confused. She wants a tv show because that’s what celebrities do, That’s how they make their money. It doesn’t matter what the subject is if it proves to be successful. I’m no fan of Everhardt, nor do I care that she’s having a baby. But I totally get WHY she’d want to do this. The job of famous people is to stay famous.

  3. Nullah says

    Well, it shouldn’t be a shame to have a baby that late, nor to have it alone but why go on tv to show how strong you are if not for convincing oneself???
    I just guess she is not capable of anything else, so let her! If somebody look at that show, it will prove that people are interested … in the life in Hollywood as a single mum, ’cause I hope, she won’t try to compare to anybody else…

  4. Kelli says

    Oh yes, Sunny, I am much older than 17. And I disagree that I am the first to get nasty. These “opinions” about how horrible old women are for daring to be, well, old, and having the nerve to want happiness in life instead of sizing up tombstones, is annoying and very insulting. I don’t retract a single statement. I’m tired of haters. If you choose to hate publicly then be (wo)man enough to take being publicly hated.

  5. catsue says

    JOE PESCI, whom she just broke up with, is 65 yeras old! Yes 65. Then she was married to Shannen Doherty’s first husband, Ashley Hamilton who was like 21 years old, for a month. Oh- then she was screwing Prince Albert of Monaco for a while back in the 1990s. Then she hooked up with Stallone and Howard Stern. She’ll hook up with anyone with a Y chromosome.

  6. sunny says

    Kelli, you are the only one here that has gone beyond stating your opinion and been nasty. You must be about…hmmm….17?

  7. Kay says

    Don’t really know who she is but I did see her on celebrity homes a few years ago and she had a gorgeous home.

  8. says

    Congratulations to her. A baby is a blessing. And if she is willing to do it on her own, more power to her. It is a lot of work, but well worth it. And I think a reality show is just what you do now if you are a celebrity. And no one has the single mom market covered yet, so why not?

  9. Kelli says

    You know what? People can have their own freakin babies whenever the heck they feel like it. If God lets it happen, it was meant to be. What is it to you? Did anybody ask you for a dime to raise the kid? I’m so sick and tired of judgemental, hating b*tches who always have their mouths open to say something nasty about somebody else’s life. Until your picture is in the dictionary next to the definition of perfect, mind your own business and tend to your own spoiled brats that I’m sure nobody can stand but you.

    The truest sign of insecurity is the compulsive need to explain to strangers why you are better than they are.

  10. Rockstar Mama! says

    Yes, let’s show girls that being a single mother can be done! Let’s show them the glam and you trot around taking your baby shopping, lunching w/your girls, rolling around in your huge SUV driven by some poor chump, and all the while maintain your beautiful manicure and perfect hair and make up.

    SURE Angie. Let’s try not to forget that the salary you’re getting for this show is much more than an average single mother would make in her wildest dreams.

  11. joueala says

    having FIRST baby at 40 isn’t really wrong but it can cause some harm or deficiency to the child… its’really better to have first baby at 20’s or early 30’s for a big chance of safety…

    by the way, what does she meant they’re not a couple??? as in they’re not in love???

  12. Kate says

    Sara’s mummy… may I ask what is wrong with having a baby at age 40? They are lucky to be able to have babies at all! There are so many women in the world who are incapable of bearing children that this should be looked at as a wonderful blessing on Angie. Congrats to her, I wish her all the best. God Bless.

  13. Sara's Mummy says

    Pfft what is wrong with hollywood. 80% of them are having babies at 40… that is so wrong and so selfish!
    I hate it and cant stand it.

  14. az beauty says

    She was dating Joe Pesci. God knows why, that was a strange couple.

    If she really wants to show everyone how a strong, single mother does it, then why not just volunteer at a women’s shelter or something. You can help others without having to go on TV. To go on TV is for lots of $$ and to try and resurrect a career that’s at least a decade over!

    I agree w/ Jules, sounds shady to me. She’s not starting out on the right foot toward motherhood…..

  15. oriana says

    I like her, she is a nice person. I saw her on Howard Stern a few years ago, Pam Anderson was on there and was being so rude to her, calling her a bi@@h, not necessary, Pam is trash to me anyway. Angie kept her cool and was very nice. I think she is only doing what she can to make some money, I wish her good luck.

  16. Jules says

    Having a baby to land a reality tv gig. Wow. This is worse than when she dates Stallone back in the 90s for the free pub. Speaking of the 90s, what has she done since that decade? And she was engaged to Joe Pesci? Is that accurate? That’s the first I’ve heard of them being together. My opinion of Pesci just went down a notch or two.

    Good luck with your one season of your reality show, “Ang.” Make a few bucks off the baby for a few months and than go back into Oblivion where you belong.

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