Octuplet Mom Was An Only Child & Begged For Siblings


(In the above pic the grandfather of the Californian octuplets takes his other grandchildren to the schoolbus)

The mother of the woman who gave birth to eight babies last week says her daughter blames her own childhood on her desire to have lots of children.

Nadya Suleman, 33, is now a mother to 14 children, after having another six boys and two girls on January 26th. All her children are a result of having in vitro fertilization

Speaking from her home in California, Nadya’s mother, Angela Suleman, told Us magazine, “She always blamed me for only having her. She was a single child. I was a teacher and I am retired now. I always asked other students how they liked it [being an only child] and they liked it, they didn’t have to share anything but she was different, she was always upset I didn‘t have more. But I don’t think she really knew. If she had brothers and sisters I don’t think she would have been happier sharing all that so it’s all what’s in your mind I think.”

Angela says Nadya first talked about having a large family when she was just a teenager.

She explained, “She always wanted a lot of kids. I have been supportive but you know now that I am thinking back, she wanted children so much that it was almost not normal as far as I am concerned. I did go and see a psychiatrist or a psychologist once. I wanted to see what was going on with her because she has always talked about having children and always being upset that she didn’t have siblings. I used to take her everywhere so she would have a lot of friends around of her own age group but I guess it didn’t really help.”

Nadya is only the second person in the U.S. to give birth to eight babies at once.

Wow….I can see how an only child could have the desire for a big, bustling family, but I think that only children are more likely to have a hard time actually handling taking care of such a large family as they are used to peace and queit and having plenty of personal space. Only children also don’t have experience with sibling rivalry…and she will have A LOT of that to deal with!

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  1. Christi Lynn says

    Hi! Only our LORD is Justice. As mothers, we might do everything for our children’s sake. This person is not breaking the Law, is she? We do not need to be so intolerant or envious. Nadya did not ask for our agreement. Are we acting like jealous husbands? When somebody in the States wants a child, such a process requires a lot of speculations in the name of comfort and an easy life for some parents. A kid seems to be a burden in America, sometimes. Let us stop discriminating against her. Just leave her in Peace. If we have enough time to show our lack of respect, without watching our vocabulary or manners, we must go away. There is too much hatred, war and hunger all over the world. We should not voice horrifying speeches about this human being. You all may or may not accept reality, but…we are all children of God, especially MUMS.

  2. Renee says

    This is the kind of woman that gives good moms like myself, a bad name. I’m 24 years old and my husband and I are raising our two children, we don’t get any help, we are doing this on our own. Then you get someone like this who has 6 kids and she’s not happy with that, she needs more? She needs to be happy with what she has, don’t be greedy. There are couples out there that can’t have their own kids. She should just give those kids up for adoption. She doesn’t have a job or any way to support them, but she doesn’t get “welfare”, two of her kids have special needs and she gets a check from the state to support the needs for them.But she state she’s getting food stamps, isn’t that a form of welfare? Like I said she should have been happy with 1 or 2 but she can’t and she feels the need to reproduce like a rabbit.

  3. Marion says

    I am outraged that this woman has IVF and then thinks the taxpayers are going to help pay for her kids..is this woman dilusional? What is gonna happen to these kids? Does anyone actually think she can raise these kids by herself? I personally think she is a mochary and should be investigated.

  4. N says

    #35….. SSI is not welfare. Disability is not welfare. She only receives $490 in food stamps….with all the kids she has she should be receiving about $1000 or more….. SO she is getting money from somewhere else for her stamps to be so low. There are WORKING people with kids who receive food stamps. Are you blasting them too!

  5. catsue says

    Everyone- Please BOYCOTT

    This couple is married (and should have STOPPED after twins) but I remember they BOTH said that Jon was unemployed and they couldn’t support 6 more kids. Then TLC and book publishers offers these freeloaders MILLIONS. This just encourages awful people like Octopus Mom to have a TON of kids also. TLC better now offer this psycho a show also.

  6. catsue says

    It was found out TODAY, Feb. 10th, that she is one
    1. Welfare
    2. Food Stamps (more welfare)
    3. MORE WELFARE because 3 out of her 6 original kids have “mental and physical” problems (probably just a scam to suck more LEGAL, California taxpayers to pay up for this scum!)

    She has not worked in years. She got “disability” of over $165,000.

  7. catsue says

    Today, February 10th, it was announced she was ON WELFARE AND GETTING FOOD STAMPS AND MORE GOV’T MONEY (all meaning YOUR tax dollars). First A-Rod lies for years about steroids then came clean yesterday. This nut case was on NBC’s Today show for days now denying she was getting ANY money. 3 out of 6 or her original kids have mental and physical disabilities so she sucks taxpayers dry for them. According to Radaronline.com, she lives in a filthy 3-bedroom house with her parents. Wait until she sucks all of us taxpayers dry with her 14 kids!
    I think the fertility doctor should pay for this disgusting family!

  8. this site is slow says

    I meant to write that she is “reading” not ready, I cannot edit the comment , unfortunately.

  9. this site is slow says

    Kelli my oldest daughter is 8 years old and will have her first sibling this year.
    she has been an only child for 8 years and she is a well adjusted, loving, happy kid. she is ready at fourth grade level and has a lot of friends.
    just because this woman happens to be an only child does not mean every only child is like this just as with everything else, you cannot generalize just because of an isolated case.
    if she’d had siblings then she would have been disturbed in other areas.

  10. Cin777 says

    For the record she has never been on welfare ! Will she ? I hope not….
    I am in total shock !! She was one of my Best Friends in High School….

  11. carleigh says

    Zoe…nobody can go to a REPUTABLE fertility clinic and say “Hey impregnate me”. A clinic has strict and stringent guidelines in place for couples seeking services and assistance. basically my cousin said it best, the clinical staff, dr’s and counselors climb up your hind end with a microscope.

    There is nothing at all normal about this situation and in the coming days there will be repercussions and members of the medical field are going to be held accountable and possibly lose their professional license and have to appear before the AMA for scrutiny and questioning.

    mark my words….this has only just begun, stay tuned because it only gets worse.

  12. carleigh says

    Has anyone sat back and thought long and hard about the moral issues of this situation?

    As a medical professional, I would give my license to find out how in the world this woman got through the pyschological testing and evaluations.

    Secondly, there is the morality question when it comes time for the fertility doctors to answer to the medical board when they feebly attempt to explain HOW something like this could be allowed to happen.

    This woman has no husband, no job, and 14 children. I wish NOTHING bad on her or her children…what I would like to know is who in the hell justifies something like this happening.

    From the Hippocratical Oath a physician is pledged to do no harm….well excuse me if I’m wrong but a woman impregnated with more than the “allowable” number of fertilized embryos can face serious, serious health conditions from the strain of a multiple pregnancy and to top it off this woman has a history of back problems and ectopic pregnancies.

    Now, we move on to the plethora of health issues that premature babies will face…now sit there and tell me the doctor was justified in putting this woman and these innocent babies at risk for serious health complications, high blood pressure, toxemia, placental abruption, uterine rupture, and the list goes on for the mother. The babies are 10 weeks premature and we all know they face breathing issues, hernia problems, brain bleeds, infection, weakened and compromised immune systems and the list continues and this is all even before they are old enough and strong enough to leave the hospital.

    Once they leave the hospital they can have vision problems, mental disabilities, physical disabilities, cerebral palsy….and on and on.

    I wish nothing but the best for the babies, but this woman needs to be evaluated seriously, there is something about her that just isn’t normal.

    How she managed to connive a fertility clinic and group of Dr’s into doing this is beyond me…it’s wrong and unethical on so many levels and someone needs to lose their medical license.

    The woman needs to be regularly evaluated to make sure she can properly care for the children and that she’s not overwhelmed. She has much to bear on her shoulders and she is a single mother…my heart goes out to her in some small way because Lord knows I do NOT envy her life in the coming months.

  13. N says

    All of you WOMEN are deplorable……Speaking the way you are about this woman and wishing bad things on her. She is obviously not on welfare because welfare does not pay for in-vitro procedures. The doctors performed the procedures because she had the money to pay for them…All of the children are from the same donor…. Go to people.com go to msnbc.com read the stories there……

  14. catsue says

    This woman (who is probably an illegal Mexican), has SEVERE mental problems and is only a gold digger! She will now collect THOUSANDS of dollars every month in the form of welfare from legal, Calfornia tax payers like myself. For all the Kaiser members out there, when your monthly costs go up in the next few months, blame this freak because her babies care will cost YOU millions (52 doctors and nurses at the delivery). This nut case probably saw $$$$ signs watching Jon and Kate. I remember seeing Jon and Kate on TV right after their litter was born saying how poor they were and her husband was unemployed. Then these freeloaders were offered EVERYTHING- free trips, free hair plugs for her unemployed and bald husband, and a free tummy tuck and plastic surgery for herself. These people are nothing but gold diggers who either make tax payers pay up or go begging to TLC for a reality show. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

  15. sp says

    She needs her head checked, I’m sorry she had no business getting Vitro, I hope all the offers she’s receiving will back down on her…I’m not going to support this circus..no way!!!!! If we do then we are going to have so many folks do the same thing….

  16. Kim says

    The first time i got pregnant, we werent planning, and I got twins. It was a huge blessing, but they are now 3 years old, and ALOT of work, constant fighting for my attention, and constant bickering back and forth. All i can say, is i hope she suffers for this idiotic decision. I cannot even comprehend how you could take care of 8 babies at once, unless you have ALOT of help. I pull my hair out with only 2 the same age. She has NO IDEA what she is in for. Wanting and having are two completely different things. It’s not easy to raise kids, i guess unless the government is supporting you……. I hope people back away from her, as mean as it sounds, i hope she pays for her stupid decisions. Let it be a lesson!

  17. N says

    There is a father….. the first 6 kids have the same dad…..
    She will be able to support her kids from the money she gets from one of the hundreds of deals she has been receiving everyday…… book deals, reality show deals, interviews… etc;

  18. Joanne says

    Zoe–there is no father figure. All 14 kids were conceived via a sperm donor. I feel very sorry for this family because I think the mom has an obsession or a mental illness. Having a large family is fine if you can support them, but she is just “collecting” kids. So sad. Even her own mother has spoken against her decisions.

    I think the doctors who inseminated her should lose their license. WHat the hell were they thinking?!

  19. says

    The money she will have to raise these kids will come from the tax payers. She does not sound stable enough to have one baby-certainly not 14.

  20. az beauty says

    Any doctor that would help a woman get pregnant with 8 babies when she already has 6 should have his license pulled!!

    That doctor needs to be investigated. Unless you can prove financially that you can afford that many kids (14 is insane anyway) you shouldn’t be allowed to have them. Those kids will ultimately pay the price.

  21. zoe says

    hello?!?! why is there never a mention of the father figure in this picture?? Why does no article I’ve read even mention him, whether there is one in the picture or of his absence? I don’t get it…it’s very abnormal for anyone to want this many kids when they’re not in some type of relationship with someone who will be parenting and give support, with them. Very abnormal, and the doctor should have questioned this. Maybe there is someone we don’t know about??
    Also, I had no idea anyone can get IVF anytime they wish, no questions asked. That seems very strange to me. It’s very hard if not impossible to adopt kids as a single parent, I would think it should be the same in this case as well–when you need the help of the medical profession to do it. The doctors in this case should have some accountability. I did read somewhere that she is getting offers for her own show…maybe this was the plan??

  22. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Yes she already has a 2 million dollar deal already do you
    really think that it is going to be for the kids NO!! This selfish
    mother will use her deals as they come ..Not knowing that we already have a mother of 18 and other mother of 18
    already and that should beat hers..We have already seen
    the family of 14 who are not her..!! Who offered advise..

  23. Nullah says

    That’s the thing! She got 8 kids! Not 7! 8 is the magic number! Done only once before which means she is a celebrity now and people will want to have her and her kids on their TV shows to see how she is doing! Cameras in every room and the all world watching. It pays … and inspire others to do better … i mean worse of course.
    Sad, sad, sad. I hope all the babies are well!

  24. Kay says

    This woman is smarter than we think! She’s already got someone to handle her prospective “financial offers”. You watch, she’s going to make ALOT of money! (I guess she’s gonna need it!) I’m surprised that no ones thought of it sooner. John & Kate have been around for 4+ years and they are raking in the money from their multiples!

  25. chi says

    In defense of only children: I heard a statistic that the majority of students at Harvard are either an only child or the oldest…

    I feel sorry for all of those 14 kids cause the grandparents aren’t going to be around forever.

  26. Renee says

    I live in the same state as this woman, and I am glad to know that in addition to supporting my two kids, which at time a dollar has to be streched to do so, but now I get to pay taxes for welfare for her to raise her 14 kids, great. Something is very wrong here. I am sorry to say this but she is stupid and so were her doctors.

  27. QTPIE81 says

    I think there should be guidelines for IVF. She already had six children; why did she need more? Things like this cause health care costs to rise. Anyone have any idea how much it costs for eight babies to spend two months in the NICU? I pray for the best for those babies; as none of this is their fault. But the mother ought to be condemned, because that is just reckless disregard for own family & for members of society around her.

  28. Kelli says

    Stop with the only child bashing! I am an only child. I don’t have any kids, but I always said that if I have one, I’ll have three because I want them to have siblings. That said, there is no evidence whatsoever that being an only child makes one illequipped to have multiple children any more than there is evidence that having siblings makes one better prepared to raise siblings. Some people, by the make up of their inherent character, are better parents than others.

    Please stop generalizing and condeming an entire demographic because one nutcase decided to act out on her psychosis. If you aren’t an only child and don’t know any, don’t speak for them, thank you.

  29. terri says

    Has anyone asked the question, how does a single mother on welfare with six children get the money for invitro fertilization? What doctor could feel right about implanting 8 embryos into a woman that already has 6 children, no husband, and no money?

  30. renne says

    I feel sorry for her parents… because I’m sure they will be there helping her out as much as they can… and I think it’s unfair for them, because they are retired and they should enjoy their retirement and not taking care of their 14 grandchildrens. She was very selfish! She didn’t think about her parents or her six other children.

  31. marissa says

    this is ridiculous! i can understand that she wanted children, after all most women want them but having 14 is simply too much..how does she plan to raise 14 kids?? does she have any idea how much money she will need?? she’ll think twice about her decision to have a lot of kids once she realizes that having children and raising them is the greatest job in the world, but also the most difficult..

  32. JL says

    J you are so right. This saddens me beyond belief. I can understand wanting to have children.. someday I hope to have some of my own… but if you’re living on welfare with your parents who have gone bankrupt trying to support you and your 6 kids you don’t need to go have 8 more. Key word being “welfare”. Taxpayers money. I’m 22 years old and I can barely afford to support myself on my salary – the same exact issue millions of people around the world are dealing with… and we get money taken out of our paychecks to help people like this?
    I’m sorry, I can think of a million better ways for my tax money to be spent. If it’s going to help people who REALLY need it I’m all for it… no problem. But holy crap!!!
    Not only is this woman making a mockery of those who really have problems conceiving, but she’s also making a mockery of the public “help” system… like I said… there are those who really need the extra help and this woman is giving them a bad name.

  33. J says

    This woman and her “Dr’s” made a mockery of those that actually have infertility issues. So wrong. These Dr’s should lose their licenses. This woman, needs to be fixed!

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