Katie Price & Peter Andre Take Their Two Youngest Children To Visit School


Katie Price and Peter Andre were snapped taking their two youngest children, Junior, 3, and Princess Tiaamii, 1, to visit the Malibu United Methodist Church and Nursery School.

Earlier Katie and Peter took Harvey to visit the Junior Blind of America School in Los Angeles.

The family has relocated to LA for four months.

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  1. me says

    Princess’ nose looks like a fat pudgey block. Does the mother dye this child’s hair, because her sons don’t have blonde hair. Katie shouldn’t have been boozing and doing drugs when she was pregnant with Harvey. She got what she deserved for that.

  2. Kat says

    Anyone who critisizes the looks of another is insecure, inconfident and has a low self esteem.

    And anyway Princess will be laughing in the future. It is always the good looking kids that turn out ‘ugly’, and vice versa.

  3. KELLY, uk says

    you are all sad you are grown women and you are picking on a child!
    how sad is that i would love to see what you all look like and your children then maybe we can all bully them!
    you load of bullies!

  4. DMITZ says

    Hi Oriana!
    So good to hear from you and I hope you’re feeling better. We are having CRAZY weather in TX but I enjoy the cold. It makes the kiddos sick going from 70 one day and 30 the next, so that’s the only part I don’t like.

  5. uoykcillli says

    She’s not that attractive – I guess I can put her in the same catergory with Ryder, Valentina and maybe Honor.

  6. Collette u.k says

    She healthy and happy little girl who loved very much that what counts some people are so nasty

  7. Collette u.k says

    Wel said 13 And BEAUTY COMES FROM WITHIN it what she turns out as women that counts i just hope she doesnt turn out to b obessed over how she looks

  8. Nina says

    That child is not a beauty and is not going to grow into one. Poor Katie, she always wanted a girl, it will be hard for her to pimp such an obviously unpretty girl.

  9. Stacia says

    Shame on all of you. She is PRECIOUS! Look at those ringlets! And I think she’s just making weird facial expressions in the 2 close ups. The other ones, she looks more natural cuz shes not looking at the camera directly and in those ones she looks simply adorable! I also loveher little pink and white dress.

    However, her mother is dressed in some very revealing clothes for a visit to a church preschool. I can see her bra and her boobs are busting out the top of her shirt! Not to mention, her jeans are skin tight! That’s quite flashy for a preschool visit in general, but especially at a preschool which is affiliated with a church.

  10. az beauty says

    Very sad that the little girl took after her father in the looks department! But like all babies, she is cute.

  11. oriana says

    DMITZ, you put a smile on my face today! Hope all is well with you. I do think she looks just like her Dad and so does the little boy too. That name has got to go though! Just plain silly to me! She is a very cute little girl and I think they are a happy family.

  12. DMITZ says

    I think I know what is is w/Princess… one my my friends calls this “Adult Face Syndrome”. Not a bad thing, she just says some children look really old looking for their age and b/c she looks exactly like Pete, it just doesn’t seem fitting for a 1 yr old girl. My 2.5 yr old daughter looks like my hubby, but the resemblance between Princess and Pete is STRONG.

  13. nico says

    Junior was always a good lookin kid even when he was a baby….just has an unfortunate name although not as bad as his sisters.

    I also agree that princess is no beauty but she does look kinda cute in a squashed up sorta way..!!

  14. DMITZ says

    Princess Tiaamii (what a stupid name) will probably grow into her looks. Didn’t Junior look similar to her when he was that age? I usually find it mean when people criticize children’s looks but d@mn I can’t help but agree on this one! She is no beauty to me, b/c she’s all Pete – so we know what Pete would look like drag, LOL but to Katie she’s probably the most gorgeous thing b/c she is a daily reminder of what she and Pete created.

  15. sandie8eaches says

    Another small detail…she is happy and healthy. I’d consider myself blessed! And breathe! : )

  16. sandie8eaches says

    That is so sad! I can’t believe this little girl is being judged on her looks…Hmmm no wonder our girls suffer eating disorders, lack self-esteem. Horrific attitudes. She is a treasured person to her family. You ought to be ashamed! And your prob all dogs!!! LMAO!

  17. says

    where is ‘Sue’ to tell all these ‘child attackers’ off?

    Geez guys if you dont have anything nice to say….

    I think she’s a cutie pie 🙂

  18. Nullah says

    wow! and i was feeling bad for thinking Princesse should have looked like her mum who is very pretty. Let’s hope the little girl is a swan 🙂

  19. L.Lodhi says

    shes definatly in the best place. LA is all about plastic people so she must feel quite at home. She should really stop trying to make her daugther look pretty as it will never happen. Only goodlooking one out of them is Junior.

  20. Cheri says

    oh my. poor thing. Makes me ALMOST feel bad for Katie – ya know she’s wishing her daughter “princess” didnt have a dog face. Its bad enough that the dad is also flaming gay.

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