Katie Price & Peter Andre Take Harvey To Visit School


Katie Price, 30, Peter Andre, 35,  and Harvey, 6, were snapped visiting the Junior Blind of America School in Los Angeles for four hours. Harvey will attend the school while they are staying in America.

Splash News Online


  1. violetsky says

    Is he blind … of course he is blind, otherwise they would not be taking him to a blind school!
    And his obesity, is part of his MANY disbilities.
    Oh, and Jordan is not a Porn Star, but she has been paid to have risque photos taken of her, but normally only with her top off.

  2. catsue says

    Who is this woman? Some British porn star?
    Also- is her son blind? (the wheel chair in the back and helping him).
    He is obese.

  3. Stacia says

    LOL! i couldnt understand what in the world was going on with katies hair…until i realized that the blonde curls which appeared to be stemming from her brown hair actually belonged to the lady behind her. haha!

  4. katie says

    i LOVE this couple and watch their show on you tube…
    katie and peter: madness and mayhem
    katie and peter: the next chapter
    all are great. they are a very close family and devoted parents
    katie is getting more thin because she is getting fit for the marathon she is training for this year.

  5. az beauty says

    The real idiot is Harvey’s father! The jerk (some soccer player I think) doesn’t have anything to do with the boy.

    At least Katie and Peter seem to be taking care of the poor boy.

  6. emma says

    Kristin Ohhhhh so bitty, dont let it get to you , there are more important things in life then to rant on!!!!.
    Oh in the Uk i think you will find we too have a freedom of speech!!

  7. kristin says


    She is NASTY because she has been seen all over flashing her NASTY tattoo covered snatch to the paps.

    That, in my book makes her NASTY. And the last time I checked we live in a country (US) that for now you still have the right to freedom of speech

  8. L.Lodhi says

    There both totally annoying. She was ok to deal with but once she got with him (one hit wonder over 10 years ago) the paps went mad! They dont do anything interesting apart from shop and put their names to things. Honestly I hope they stay in America and fade into the background. All Katie does is slag off other women who are richer and prettier. Shes not nice and I will never like them.

  9. what? says

    What a happy looking little boy…..much cuter than their daughter “Princess”. Now THAT is an unfortunate looking child!

  10. uksue says

    Katie is a famous glamour model/author and Peter is singer from the 80/90’s, both very well known here in the uk.

  11. Char says

    Ahh he’s soo sweet! It’s good to see celebrity families dealing with disabilities as it raises awareness and makes others more accepting.


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