Katie Holmes & Suri Enjoy A Stroll Along Copacabana Beach


Katie Holmes was snapped taking Suri for a walk along Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.

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  1. Shadow Girl says

    Yeah, decent haircuts! You’d think someone as rich as they are could afford to have better fashion sense and self grooming.

    What a pity, as Tom has no talent, millions, and can travel anywhere he wants at a drop of a hat, where the middle class like myself has more talent than he ever will and can’t find a day’s worth of luck.

  2. catsue says

    Katie: please use Tom’s credit cards and get Suri a decent haircut for a change. Her hair NEVER looks nice. She is a very cute girl with terrible hair.

  3. oriana says

    I wish people would leave them alone, they have the right to take a walk without being mobbed all the time. Katie and Suri both look nice in these pictures, Suri is a little doll, cute as can be. I love her dresses but I do wish Katie would take her to parks and playgrounds more often. She needs to interact with other children instead of with Tom and Katie all the time.

  4. ELIE TAYLOR says

    They shouldn’t take them to a public beach where two
    hundred people are following you..This child never
    has any fun just standing there while Katie bends down
    to her level and talks to her.. Never the zoo or the park
    like she did when Tom filmed Valkarie..

  5. says

    Of course the famous should be able to take their kids to parks, beaches, movies, stores, or just walk around like other normal people do. They should be able to dress them just as they would like. Afterall, we dress ours as we choose. Why should every time they go out it be considered a PR or photo op? These kids have a right to be out in public. Maybe there should be laws against allowing the paps to just swarm them and photograph them at will. Then of course, what would people like us look at on the internet?

  6. Monraea says

    It is rediculous that celebrities can’t walk along the beach with their children without being harrassed by the media.
    Maybe if the public wasn’t curious or interested in what people with money are doing, they wouldn’t have a job. The poor child looks scared. They couldn’t enjoy themselves. I’m glad I don’t have riches, I would constantly be in jail or fined for being violent.

  7. Jordyn says

    Geez #25, what are they supposed to do, lock her in a room! They get her out to experience a lot of things, but look at the other people in the pix…there are hoards of them. How can a 2 year old run and play in the sand when all these people stare, take pictures, and probably yell her name. Insane. I feel for them. You can see it all over both of their faces…Katie trying to be polite, and Suri annoyed and just wanting to be left alone.

  8. SUZY Q says

    Does anyone else think the Cruises had this kid for publicity purposes????? They trot her out in public, fully knowing they will be surrounded by the paparazzi, almost daily!! The kid seems uncomfortable with the cameras, yet they continue….hmmmmmm…

  9. cherisse says

    It is nice to see Katie relaxing. It would be much better if the media did not follow the family around everywhere though. She needs a break after being on broadway performing everyday . She looks great and Suri gets beautiful each day.

  10. Scarlett says

    #21 If that is the case why have the child out in the public eye every second of the day? If they cared about the childs well being they would try to give her some kind of normal life. Tom Cruises other children when small where not paraded around like puppy. It is sad that this little girls has no friends her own age. Katie have you heard of play dates with children Suri’s age? I wonder how this child can adjust and be someone normal.

  11. Juli says

    I don’t think you can judge happiness of a child by the papparazzi photos taken of her. Gosh, the poor kid has cameras in her face each time she goes outdoors! That would be overwhelming to any young child.

  12. Scarlett says

    Suri always looks unhappy. I have seen more pictures of here NOT smiling then smiling…Poor child dragged around the world like a rag doll…

  13. bambamswife7 says

    What a gorgeous child, and she is always so beautifully dressed. Just like the times when girls were girls and not with the crappy clothes they have for children these days. Love this family and I hope they are going to add a new addition to their family.

  14. joueala says

    suri smiled in the pics taken before.. she even waved to fans.. i don’t what happens to her right now.. she doesn’t smile in her recent pics anymore…

    and katie should decide what is the best hair for her.. i hate this hair for her.. she looks quite old for her age because of her hair…

  15. fay says

    O my gosh,this is my first time seeing their baby,this close since she was introduced to the world,she has Tom’s eyes in everyway,and Katie’s lips all the way.She will be one beautiful girl.I have seen his nieces and nephews during soccer time from the past and they all have the same eyes features.they are beautiful family.

  16. lizzie says

    child please,this family are having great times.they are very organized and happy.would you be pleased if people are constantly taking your pictures?well,in second thought,they are celebrities,they did signed their life to what they are now.but still,privacy needs to be given as well.
    what they need to do is vacation in my home,i’ll make sure noone will come close by during the vacay time.i think they deserved the alone time for the two of them only.

  17. says

    #7 I dont see anyone ‘attacking a child’ unless those comments have been removed?

    I simply pointed out that she looks sour, that isnt in my books ‘attacking a child’

  18. Niloofar-1993 says

    I don’t think that Suri is upset, she is surprise cause she is in a place that she has never been! I also don’t think that Katie’s smiles are fake, in my book they are having a nice time.

  19. url says

    How can you look at a child who has hair in her eyes? Doesn’t it make you want to put a hair clip on her or give her a trim? Suri must think the world has a lot of brown strands of something everywhere – that’s all she sees thru those bangs, for goodness sake!

  20. Melony says

    I think it’s time to get Suri’s bangs trimmed. (i know in the past some have asked what bangs are…in the US “bangs” refers to the short hair on the forehead)

  21. sue says

    Beaufitful child. Great family. Usual pathetic posters attacking a child. The world keeps turning.

  22. Amanda says

    Katie rarely smiles anymore either and when she does it seems really fake. I guess Suri just does what she sees.


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