Heidi Klum & Family At Griffith Park


Heidi Klum was snapped with her children in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Leni, 4, Henry, 3, and Johan, 2, enjoyed riding on horses and having balloon animals made for them during the fun outing.

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  1. Mimi says

    Those poor boys, i would hate to see how her little girl would look! She need to comb that mess..i see alot of biracial kids looking like that=(

  2. this site is slow says

    violetsky I agree with you, you would not believe the hatred and racism some comments spew in here, not a single one of them is ever removed. I have an idea as to why the webmistress allows such nasty comments in her site.

    and I completely agree, just because someone is blond and has blue eyes does NOT mean they’re cute. sheez,

  3. ELIE TAYLOR says

    DOES WITH HER CHILD..Seeing how Suri gets to do
    what ever her mom wants…It would be nice to see pix
    like above with Suri and Katie.. Instead of overcrowded
    beaches helicopter rides.. and walks up a side walk
    This is what is fun for a child… As for Jen she dresses
    the way she wants..

  4. says

    Cheeky Monkey is another term for a high spirited or highly active kid. I’ve heard it all my life. Remember Mike Meyer used to say it in the bathtub scenes on SNL.

    Nothing racial meant in this phrase.

  5. Bella says

    Ronnie , what’s a cheeky monkey??? I can draw my own conslusions but I would rather hear your definition.
    Lady One, do you feel weird whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, you should with a statement like the one that you made.

  6. Lovie says

    what in the world is a cheeky monkey how about a cheeky kid my god Leni’s okay Johan’s very cute blue eyes and blonde hair does not make you cute

  7. Ronnie says

    wow! heidi looks amazing, truly beutiful!
    leni is turning into a gorgeous copy of mummy and johan +henry look like cheeky monkeys!
    henry’s getting so big””

  8. Violetsky says

    what the f£$£$
    Why the hell does the web mistress let such bigoted comments as Ladyones stay on here.

  9. joueala says

    leni and johan are cute!!! i love seeing heidi in the park WITHOUT make up on.. but still mind what she wears.. unlike jen garner, she dresses like a very ordinary mom of many children…

  10. LadyOne says

    I don’t know, doesnt she feel weird having a fair blue eyed child, and a dark, strong featured child?? Imagine that little girl telling her friends that is her brother!!!!

  11. LOLA says

    eeww their hair is just out of control! it’s dry brittle and crazy! like a birds nest! ugh! i mean a little afro is cute when its well taken care of, but it looks like she can’t even put a comb (pick) through that matted mess!

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