Gabriel Aubry Hopes To Expand His Family With Halle Berry


Proud Papa Gabriel Aubry shared that he hopes his daughter with Halle Berry, Nahla Ariela, won’t be an only child.

“She needs a sibling,” Gabriel told People magazine at Monday’s Callaway Golf Foundation Challenge at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California. “I think it’s important.”

“I’ve never known anybody who’s had a single child [and] I’ve always been around big families,” added Gabriel, who comes from a family of eight children. “I believe in big families.”

Is Halle on board?

“She’s okay with it,” he said. “Absolutely.”

Gabriel shared that Nahla, who turns 1 in March, is walking and talking, and even practicing a second language.

“I don’t want to say [what her first words were] but it was probably ‘dada,’ ” he said. “She doesn’t say ‘dad.’ She says ‘papa,’ which is the French version of it.”

But to not hurt anyone’s feelings, said Gabriel, “Let’s just say she said, ‘mama.’ ”

Wow…I am surprised that he NEVER knew anyone that just had one child! I didn’t think that it was that uncommon!

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  1. lisa says

    Who cares if they get married? She has been hurt in the past, let her enjoy her life. I hope they have more kids asap. By the way, most French Canadians are Catholic, and until recently would have large families.

  2. oriana says

    I would love to see this couple have another child, I think Halle is a wonderful loving mother. The baby looks just like him, has his eyes for sure. I think maybe one day they may marry, she deserves happiness after some of the losers she has chosen. Good luck to them!

  3. BLssd says

    Wow, you people act like 40 is near death! LOOK AT HER! She’s in tip-top shape, she’s got lots of money for any impending complications, and the most important thing, SHE isn’t worried about age. So SHUT UP about her hurrying up already…geez!

  4. says

    nope they’re not married. they are just shacking up, having kids out of wedlock. After one failed marriage, she declared herself ready for motherhood, but never again to walk down the aisle.

  5. Kelli says

    I’m an only child too. It is really not that exotic a thing. I agree that Halle needs to hurry if they want a BIG family. Although I recommend adoption.

  6. marissa says

    there are many couples who have only one child..i’m an only child lol..halle is a beautiful woman and a great actress but she should hurry if she plans to have more children…she turns 43 this year!

  7. YouSuckBabbyrazzi says

    These last few articles just prove that you don’t need a journalism degree in order to report on this subject.

    Do the readers a favor – stick to the facts and leave the commentary out, it really sucks and is not well written!

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