Ben Affleck Drops Violet Off At School


Ben Affleck was snapped dropping Violet off at school on Monday.

Her artwork is cute!

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  1. az beauty says

    I have to agree…

    Cute kid but jesus, OK… we KNOW she gets picked up at school. Most of us pick our kids up from preschool everyday. It’s not a major event folks.

    Babyrazzi… let’s find a new venue, OK? How about their next trip to McDonalds? LOL

  2. iC. says

    Dear Babyrazzi,
    Please do NOT stop posting updates about Violet getting picked up from school. They are refreshingly normal to see and read about.
    Thank you

  3. joueala says

    yeah.. they’re down to earth but i think they shoudl still mind how they look like because they know they will be going to be stalked by paparazzi becasue they’re celebs… and violet is 3, will ben please put her down?? but maybe she’s a naughty kid that’s why they wont put her down…

    by the way.. that drawing is cute!!

  4. Niloofar-1993 says

    I didn’t told that she should draw like Picasso!
    I’m not American, here in my country, kids in this age really draw better than that, my cousin is 2 yr, but she can draw a home, trees, flowers…… I, myself, drew really nice, when I was in the same age! I have all my paints!

  5. Kay says


  6. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Janie : Ben is a multi millionaire who said himself that now he can pick and choose what movies he wants to do..!!

    He is so sweet with Vi…That is the kind of stuff you do in
    pre school.. My nephew does draws like that…

  7. Hannah says

    Janie, since Ben is an actor, he would only work if he were working on a movie. Therefore, he has a lot of time off in between the movies that he is working on. Also, Violet is 3 YEARS OLD! Do you think she should be a modern-day Picasso at this age? NO! She is at the right stages developmentally and is so adorable!

  8. ruserious says

    Are you serious? Violet is only 3! My niece is the same age as Violet, in fact they are just a month apart, and her pictures look very much like the one Violet is holding. I can’t believe some of the things people criticize on this site! Sheesh.

  9. Collette uk says

    God im fed up violet gets picked up from school yes of course she does every day she get picked up from school something diffrent please

  10. Scarlett says

    This family is so down to earth. Violet is mini me of Jennifer..She looks like a really sweet little girl with a loving supportive family. Not like all these other celebrity kids. Voilet goes to school has play dates and not dragged around the world. Stable home live.

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