Tom, Katie & Suri In Rio!


Tom, Katie and Suri, 2, were snapped preparing to take a helicopter trip in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sunday. Tom and his family are in South America to promote his film Valkyrie.

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  1. Shadow Girl says

    Betcha Tom brought them to Rio so he could bang a couple of dudes while KH gets wasted in the hotel bar….while Suri gets babysat by a hooker.

  2. oriana says

    Niloofar and anon, feeling much better and stronger today! Thanks to you darling girls, I appreciate the kind wishes and prayers. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

  3. says

    They are such a beautiful family. Suri is so cute and I love all her little dresses. The seem to be happy and enjoying their vacation. Good for them.

  4. Jules says

    If Katie’s trying to look like an over-the-hill, aged actress, well, she has suceeded. The change in her since she has been with Tom is astounding.

  5. anon says

    to Oriana,you got the virus,not so worry though,just eat you some soup with extra ginger spice,more like chicken soup and drink you black tea not green tea,ok, black tea.this one will help you get over with the tea will make you go more.
    and if you have coughing going on take delsym,the 12 hrs cough really works.

  6. Niloofar-1993 says

    Oriana,dear…… I told I just had a cold for one day and it wasn’t serious at all, now I’m completely O.K :):):)
    but I was really worry for you, are u COMPLETELY good???

  7. oriana says

    Niloofar, honey, you are young and will bounce back quickly, just drink lots of liquids and get rest. Nina, my Dear, you are very sweet, Thank You!!!!

    anon, thanks for the advice, I will try it, my cold was so hard to get over, I think more of a virus, but no fever, just vomiting and the dreaded diarrhea for 7 days! It made me soooo weak! I wish I was in better health and strong like you girls. I wish all of you good health and stay well.

  8. Niloofar-1993(15 YR) says

    Thanks for your advices, people….
    I caught a cold yesterday, and today, I COMPLETELY became OK 🙂

  9. Nicole Kidman says

    russian remedies make good medicine also.try mint,origano,lemon,ginger,and a splash of smirnof,
    green banana,a little slice to put on your forehead if you have headaches and it will help you relax

  10. ajinomotto says

    I always love the pictures of these family,with or without someone’s opinion.
    my cousin from beyond was in asia,and happened to shoke Tom’s hand.she said he is very warmhearted person

  11. josh says

    cold remedy given is very good,but rest is also well-known along with good protein.also the best home remedy,drink lemonaide instead of soda,with a splash of mint, and a husband to cuddle you and children to comfort you.

  12. des says

    to m,I’m sure you are full of life,is that why you like to pass on negativity?huh,ooops,wait you are born hateful.why can’t you just admit it.damn you to hell along with your heartful hatred soul.

  13. anon says

    for all of you who have a cold,try drinking tea with ginger flavor.first,let the steam enter yourinnerside,then take a sip bit by bit.drop a bit of lemon too if you like.try will help you clear up bugs.

  14. Nina says

    Oriana, I like Tom Cruise a lot too. He is a good person and a lovely human being. Katie did well. I really love your posts too.

  15. jar says

    #8 but shiloh will olweiz be down to earth..unlike suri is a spoiled bratt…don’t ever judge shiloh,,just see when she grow up..and i don’t like this scientology family..that’s why suri looks mysterious olweizzzz….

  16. Niloofar-1993 says

    HI, DEAR Oriana 🙂

    I hope too……..are you better now???……..Oriana, I catch a cold too, but it’s not very bad……… I just have abit sore throat!…’s the 46th day of winter here, and the weather is frigid, it’s my first time that I have a cold this winter!

  17. oriana says

    Katie is very pretty, sweet looking to me, she does look tired a lot and probably is, so do a lot of us. I think Suri is pretty, spoiled but that is to be expected. I even like Tom very much, the nutcase Scientology he is into scares me but I think Tom is a very good person. I wish this family well and would love to see them have another child!

    Niloofar, I hope you are having a nice day!

  18. kyle says

    It’s a damn shame that we have to argue with anyone in this space.We don’t know these people,we know them by reading about them only.
    It’s a damn shame also that we don’t like them or don’t know them well enough to know what’s been happening around.

  19. Niloofar-1993 says

    Good for them, I’m sure that, they are enjoying the sunny weather!

    I become so happy, when I see some people, who still post here, from the old group 🙂

    some of new members are going toooo far, I think they lack the competence for leaving comment!!! ( like you DES)

  20. m says

    of for god’s sake des get a life!! it’s not mine or anyone else’s fault that your comments were so nasty and HATEFUL that they had to be taken off! and everyone has the right on their own opinion – i’m not a fan of tom cruise but i don’t hate him..i’ve never even meet him so how could i hate him?? i just expressed my own opinion like everyone else on this site…after all the only person who is hateful here is YOU!! and you wonder why your comments were taken off?? trust me i don’t – i can see why…

  21. bambamswife7 says

    I too like this couple. They are adoreableand I like Tom Cruise. I hope jolie and Brad Pitt don’t reproduce anymore.

  22. sayuseeme. says

    I am very fun of Tom Cruise.I am his die hard fan of all times.Whatever he did from the past was his business.I love him because he is a good actor,then and still now.I like him enough to love him as well because he is a solemn sincere,open,humble and kind.People who dislike him don’t know him at all.If you actually shake his hand and looks at you,you know he is a very good man.I know.this by heart,and by experienced on shaking his hands.He looks at you directly to eyes when he makes contact greetings with his fans.

  23. des says

    to#4- you are just freaking hateful to even say that Tom ruins the picture of Katie and Suri,you are just plain hateful as the one who took off all my posts.Stupidly hateful.Hateful,hateful and yes more hateful

  24. zenny says

    according to some other pictures and news,20 of their family members are with them,where are they in these pictures?why is it only three of them are being photograph all the time when it said,Bella and Connor are with them in Brazil as well

  25. des says

    why is my posts been taken out,everytime?huh…what exactly is awaitng moderations huh?Talking about moderations,will you check some of the unacceptable comments?well, let me see….you don’t like the word hate because….you are one of them who happens to be more hateful?

  26. chasity says

    Katie looks content and happy to me.She just seems to look so tired because she is not wearing makeup.Well, maybe,she is conceiving her their second child.You know she is the only one who will carry their child,if she is pregnant.Tom can only join the sickness and vomiting and all kinds, and it is called pity pregnancy

  27. concern individual says

    If anyone noticed the way how Katie looks during the outing in sushi place here in Brazil,she seemed so tired and more like having AM sickness.she definitely looks like concieving a second child.Only pregnant woman can tell the difference,and to those who have had difficult pregnancy.To warn,every pregnancy is different.If she is really pregnant,why are we so concern?In addition,why do people hate this family so much?I would like to know what they really did WRONG that is so offensive to the community,to people,to the world?Just give me reasons please.
    Everyone knew they are scientologists,he made a mistakes,but he apologized,he is Tom Cruise who married a beautiful woman younger than he is,so what….What did he do so WRONG?…please tell me so I can start not liking him as well.Otherwise,let them be,if you are being bothered by them,don’t look.

  28. des says

    I prefer the blanket over a baby bottle.I have to say,when my twins are little they carried their baby pillows all the time,actually,they still have that pillow and they are now almost 22yrs.

  29. onatear says

    It would lighten our hearts if only we could see as many pictures of Suri, playing, and laughing, with other children, as we see of her being carried around or walking alone, with her parents. I know her parents love her, but the kid looks lost most of the time.

  30. pookie-wookie says

    that darn blanket again. i want to rip it out off toms hands. everywhere they go they carry that around.
    and poor suri always looks so tired and sad. my heart goes out to her.
    i still love katie, altought she married that douchebag tom. she looks absolutely beautiful in these pics.

  31. marissa says

    hmm she doesn’t look pregnant to me but who knows? maybe she’ll surprise us soon…it would be nice that suri has a little brother or sister to play with.

  32. Joy says

    Oh I love this family! I am so sure Kate is pregnant, seeing hint of a bump! I can’t wait to hear the announcement soon! She’s glowing!!!

  33. hannahmumma says

    don’t even bother responding to team suri……….it just keeps fanning the flames!!

  34. Renee says

    Shiloh looks like a hippo? Makes me wonder what kind of people are out there to make a remark like that about a 2 year old child. On another note, Kate looks nice here, so does Tom and Suri is cute as a button.

  35. Scarlett says

    Poor Suri..You would think this couple would buy her a playmate. She needs children around her the same again. Perhaps nursery school.

  36. m says

    I’m really not a fan of these two, but I have to admit that Kate does look great in this outfit…and Suri is sooooo sweet! Too bad that Tom is here to ruin the picture…

  37. Nina says

    I love Katie’s dress too. The whole outfit including the bag and the band. Makes me wanna go to Rio. LOL.

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