Brad Pitt Describes His Life As Chaotic & Joyful


“It’s chaos at times, but there’s such joy in the house,” Brad, 45, told Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

“I look and there’s our boy from Vietnam [Pax, 5] and our daughter from Ethiopia [Zahara, 3], and our girl was born in Namibia [Shiloh, 2], and our son is from Cambodia [Maddox, 7], and they’re brothers and sisters, man. They’re brothers and sisters and it’s a sight for elation.” Not to mention twins Knox and Vivienne, born last July in France. “We were four before, and we got into our rhythms and it worked. Then someone new comes in, and it discombobulates the movements for a moment, but then you settle in again and it just all works,” he told the paper.

“Everyone’s pretty well integrated. It’s not the first time new kids have come in. “We have the capability to give a child a home, and let me tell you it’s selfish, too, because the reward has been extraordinary.”

And the twins have been a tremendous blessing as well.

“One seemed simple, and it’s just double the fun. It’s surprising how soon their personalities have started emerging. But it’s really important that everyone gets their individual time as well as group time together,” he said. 

“Angelina and I are together because we can enhance each other,” said Brad. “I don’t want to waste any time because I’m with company I really, really love.”

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  2. Kati says

    It´s easy to see that finally Brad is happy. Now he has everything he has ever wanted: a woman he obviously adores and six healthy, adorable children. He sure doesn´t miss his old life and marriage with Jennifer Aniston one bit. Some people just are so jealous because he has Angelina Jolie as a mother of his children (although three of them are adopted but so waht?). He´ll never, ever exchange that for anything like he´s told himself many times recently. So stop guessing about the seriousness of his and Angie´s relationship. They´re in it for the rest of their lives!

  3. Fly On The Wall says

    Suggestion for all you people who are so sick and tired of hearing about the J-P family:


    It ain’t rocket science.

  4. traveler says


    Then why are you on here? If you hate her so much, why waste your time commenting on a blog about her. You’ve got to be a pretty pathetic person to waste your time on a blog about someone you don’t even like. Or have no life.

  5. Janie says

    I am so tired of reading and seeing these two idiots – blah, blah, blah – who cares about them?

    I can’t stand Angelina Jolie!

  6. mm says

    oh it’s time to leave jen aniston alone! she has her own life now and she got over brad a long time ago! these two are miserable regardless of the fact that angie is a husband stealer!

  7. says

    Also, this relationship has laster through the adoption of two children and the birth of three. Apparenlty children make Brad happy and he certainly didn’t have any with JA and I don’t remember them ever mentioning children as being on the close horizon. Almost seems like that couple had a gut feeling that they weren’t in it for the long haul

  8. says

    Traveler. Correct, you cannot steal someone else’s mate. They leave or stay by their own volition. And who would want a spouse that no longer cared for them?

  9. traveler says

    I don’t believe that someone can steal another person’s husband. You can steal someone’s car. You can steal someone’s purse, but not their husband. Brad is a grown man and he made his own choice. If he was happy with Jen Aniston, then he would not have divorced her. End of story. Even Jen has said that their marriage was over long before he met Angelina.

  10. Clare says

    I am tired of them but I just wanted to point out that Brad made this comments altready. He tries to use big owrds in order to appear smart. Even his interest in architechure is so that people think he has brains. I hope he is the first to buy that ‘tell all’ book by the bidy guard. Then he will know that even Angelina thinks he is dumb. Once his children start looking at the internet, they will lose respect for these two losers.

  11. mm says

    good point tam lol! wonder who is her next victim? after she dumps brad she’ll have to find some other star…hmm…leo dicaprio or orlando bloom? oh they are not married so it’s a definite no for our dear angie lol…

  12. jeorgie says

    Just want to say thanks to traveller… always said the right words to those who hates angelina, Brad and their kids. For me, they are good actors, as well as a loving and caring parents to all their children.

  13. Chelle says

    Shi is prettier than Viv (in my opinion), but Viv is cute too and Knox is a sweet little man–honestly, Viv may be smarter, more athletic, or a better actress so defining her worth based on how much she looks or doesn’t look like Shi is cruel to both girls. Each child is an individual and I am grateful that these children are being raised by open-minded talented and caring people who understand that.

  14. Stacey says

    I’ve seen pictures of the twins and I think they both look exactly like Shiloh! They are adorable!!!!!!

  15. ELIE TAYLOR says

    TRAVELLER Thank you for clarifying that for me.!!

    I didn’t see the other photos and judging by what other
    people say on the comment page..I am no longer going
    to say anything negative anymore..!!

  16. traveler says


    Maybe Pax was lagging behind and Brad was telling him to keep up so that he didn’t get left behind. Or maybe he said something to Brad first and Brad is answering. Why does everything Brad or Angie do have to be nefarious and wrong? Most likely, there is a simple explanation for why Brad is talking to Pax. If it were Ben talking to Violet or Tom talking to Suri or any father talking to their child, you wouldn’t even think twice about it.

    Also, Maddox is not hiding behind Angie. Go to Just Jared and you’ll see several pictures of him. He was simply walking on Angie’s right side because she had Shiloh on her left. I don’t think there was a big debate over who would be where when they walked off the plane. My guess is that they were simply concerned with getting through the craziness as fast as possible and trying to keep tabs on all their kids as they did so.

  17. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Honestly Tom did the same thing to Nicole…cheated on her
    with Penelope on the set of Vanilla Sky… And continued
    after the movie was done.!!

    As for Angie and Brad what a way to parade your multi
    raced family…where is Maddox hiding behind Angie..
    They really know how to handle their own family..What is he
    saying to Pax..Who isn’t doing anything?

  18. ytytrtryt says

    i really love the brd and angie family
    they look so cute,
    especialy the new born twins,
    so cute again

  19. Niloofar-1993 says

    I’m a fan of this family 7 sick of Jen Aniston…..

    But, honesty, these two did so bad to Aniston, during filming Mr & Mrs Smith, they fell in love , so they were just thiking about themselves, even Brad, forgot his wife and started a new relationship, he is so sexy, Angelina flirted too, she is a husband stealer!!!
    [ just my opinion ]

    I totally disagree with that, they are using their kids to get fame, they love their kids ,cause THEY ARE THEIR KIDS.

    Someone said that they are tired of seeing Brangelina, how about Violet, droping off at school, picking up from school……… least their news aren’t ridiculous!!!

  20. joueala says

    brad and angie make a GOOD PAIR…

    they were both achievers before they started their own family… now, that they have a family, they are still nominated for awards.. i think that’s why paparazzi are following them…

  21. traveler says

    Seriously, it’s a pathetic person that wastes time commenting on a blog about someone they don’t care for. If they’re lives were so full, they’d have no time to bother coming on here.

  22. neil says

    It is funny how some days this blog is pretty positive (even, OMG, when the subject is this family) and then other days it has a blushing degree of pettiness. Angie as usual looks radiant and regal. They are adored round the world. So nice to see the family together.

  23. Christina says

    Furthermore, if you dislike them so, why are continuously reading and posting all the time about them? Your addicted to negativity. Who does that? Read and comment on people you have such disdain for? Seriously, who cares! I don’t read nor comment on people I have no regard for… it’s simply idiotic and a waste of time. You must really be bored with your life!

  24. Christina says

    They are finding balance in the media madness… this sort of stuff has been happening for many years with celebs. Elizabeth Taylor, J Lo w/Afflect, etc. Had Aniston not been crowned the “tv sweetheart” NO ONE would be thinking twice about this. ALL are and have always been high profile. AJ has always been “controversial” so no matter who she would end up with, people will talk. She has NEVER been media hungry… quite the opposite. In Hollywood (yes, I live and work here in the biz) she NEVER goes to parties – it’s not her thing. I like Aniston and I think everything ends for a reason and it’s 50/50. So many people leave their spouses for someone else… it sucks and it’s life! 6 kids later and you negative naysayers still cannot get over that THEY are over it and have moved on – both Brad and Aniston.

  25. accalia says

    #12, thanks for taking the time to waste your breath.. 🙂 i didn’t pinpoint anyone ok..and u didn’t even comment as yet.. I was talking about the entire JA issue.. like #15 said, this is not 7th grade. If u don’t like them , i could care less 🙂

  26. Kay says

    Of course they’re famous because they’re good actors. In fact they are both great actors! How could anyone say otherwise. It’s only been since they’ve had so many kids that the paps have been hounding them. I agree with Brad about the chaos and joy. The joy your children bring you totally makes up for the chaos!

  27. Darcy says

    Also, I am a Jennifer Aniston fan, but I am fans of these two, as well. We aren’t in 7th grade, so we DON’T have to choose sides, no matter what the tabloids tell us to do.

  28. Darcy says

    If everyone is sick and tired of seeing/reading/hearing about this family, then why even take the time to comment about them? Isn’t that feeding into the attention you think they are attempting to drum up for themselves?

    Honestly, I don’t think what they did to Jennifer Aniston was that horrendous. He could have just had an affair for years and years and years and never left her. Would that have been better than what he did by leaving her when he fell for someone else? Fairytale endings aren’t real – not even for celebrities.

    On the real subject at hand – those kids are stinking cute!

  29. says

    Let’s see. They were famous BEFORE children, Remember Legends of the Fall, Interview with a Vampire, Lara Croft, Gia, George Wallace? If Anniston was more suitable for Pitt, then they would still be an item. They wer3n’t together much the year prior to Mr. and Mrs. SMith. Remember the knews shot of them talking on the phone while Troy was being filmed because they weren’t even on the same continent. How many years before people stop thinking of those two as a couple? Together Jolie and Pitt are raising what appear to be nice kids (where’s Jennifer’s kids?) They’ve been on red carpets lately but the children haven’t been seen much so I don’t believe they need them for PR. I see a set of parents holding on to or carrying children and I don’t see a nanny. I see kids going everywhere with their parents, and not left at home. I see Mom and Dad smiling so they must be happy. There are definitely easier ways to “stay in the spotligtt” than having kids like Anniston, Renee Z, and others. So the kids are their choice.

    I just think a lot of people cannot see beyond Brad and Jennifer as a couple and would almost cut off a foot if it put them back together.

  30. j's girl says

    yeah we’re losers because we’re sick and tired of hearing stories about brangelina and their life, because we don’t pay much attention to pictures of their kids and ’cause we think that there are waaaaaaaaaayyyyy more interesting celebrities than these two….yeah Accalia we are SUCH losers! hmm but good for you that you love brangelina so u’re not classified as a loser..way to go girl!

  31. bambamswife says

    Andrea, what “does stop being jealous and get a life of your own” have anything to do with the price of tea in china when someone says they don’t care for joile and Brad Pitt? They make me want to puck and I am not jealous and do have my own life. I agree with you guys #’s 2,3, and 4. She is one nut job. We never goes on in what other people’s bedrooms true, but this bisexual was after Brad Pitt when he was still with Jen when they started with a relationship, and that was the pucky thing. Jen’s over it, but that is a horrible thing to do to anyone.

  32. annie_ says

    not their fault that they are stalked by paparazzi? then how come Kate Winslet’s or Gwyneth Paltrow’s kids are not always stalked when both of them are equally popular as Angelina Jolie??

  33. Dee says

    “they should be thoroughly ashamed at what they did to Jen Aniston.”

    PLEASE. He’s not obligated to stay with someone if they don’t share the same goals and aspirations. He wanted a family, she obviously didn’t.

  34. Tia says

    People need to stop beinging up Jen Aniston. NO ONE knows what happened behind closed doors and quite frankly it’s getting old.

    Brad and Angie look like they’re wonderful parents!!

  35. Andrea says

    I think they are a great family. And they both had amazing careers before the had children. Angie won an Oscar and few golden globes when she was 23 years old. And Brad also has few Golden Globes and an nomination fo an Oscar for 12 Monkeys.
    So for someone to say that they made their careers out of they children is complete b…s..t.
    And how do they expose their children when we didnt seen them for 6 months?
    Stop been jealous and get your own life.

  36. big blomba says

    Yeah, why is it that AJ gets so much attention. Because she is pretty? That’s fading, in another 7 years she will look older than she is, and hard.

    Used to be cutting. Then vials of blood advertised around her neck.

    Something to always set her apart ….

    So … how to stay in the spot lite …. hmmmmmm …. *bling* I know! Have a liter, or two.

    Keep on going, AJ. We’re proud of ya.

  37. marie says

    Bunnie, I totally agree with you! I’m also sick of these two…they are not famous because they’re good actors or because they have a successful career but because they expose their children so much…personally I really don’t like Angelina because she is using her kids to get fame and everything she does she does it to be popular and for no other reason…yeah, she’s gorgeous but that’s it – no talent, no personality! and I’m no fan of Jennifer Aniston either but she was definitely more suitable for Brad – down to earth and very simple.

  38. Bunnie says

    sorry to say, but i’m sick of these two! they should be thoroughly ashamed at what they did to Jen Aniston. (and i don’t care for aniston, but she’s dealt with it with alot of grace)
    Angelina Jolie is a nutjob and a whore. why is it that people like that always get the spot light? paris hilton? britney spears? lindsay lohan?

  39. SbK says

    These two people make such a good couple, i really like this family, they both seem like really good, loving parents. they seem so in love too. it’s nice to see.


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