Another Baby On The Way For Tom & Katie?


When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes exited the Ivy restaurant in LA on January 21st, the smiles on their faces as they glanced at each other said it all: “We’re in love!” But when Tom gently placed his hand over his beautiful wife’s belly and she clasped his hand and held it there, the message was even louder and clearer — the couple have another baby on the way!

“It was identical to how Tom used to stand with Katie when she was pregnant with Suri,” an eyewitness told OK! magazine. “And the way they looked at each other! You could see the love in their eyes and there was a feeling that they were sharing something very special at that moment.”

Although Katie’s rep told OK! magazine that she’s not expecting, everyone who knows the pair believes that if she’s not already pregnant, she will be soon.

“Tom would love to have another baby!” a friend of Tom’s told OK! magazine. “There’s nothing that gives him more pleasure than his role as a father.”

And, according to a Valkyrie set insider, the couple would be ecstatic if their second baby turned out to be another girl! “Suri has been such a joy for Tom,” the insider said. “As far as he’s concerned, he’d be happy to have another girl. Katie feels the same.”




  1. Shadow Girl says

    30-I laughed so hard!

    32-why would you even bother acknowledging such foul language, eh? Come on, give us a valid reason, not an excuse or a lie. Bite me

    I totally agree, scarlet! She’s out sperm shopping while her husband plays with some man-whores! Maybe KH is tired of the gardner or pool boy?

  2. bambamswife7 says

    # 25, Tom and Nicole Kidman had a few miscariages. Suri looks like Tom and Katie. #30_ your language is so totally inappropriate, I wouldn’t post anything you typed. I don’t know what to call a thing like you.

  3. ajinomotto says

    in this case,two down and hmmmm…8 more to go.I need to apply in their household for babysitting position.

  4. scarlet says

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH….I made this post and it seems someone took it off..Now how strange is that..Once again Tom Cruise can’t have kids. That child Suri is Katie Holmes ex boyfriends Chris Klein. For those of you who say Suri looks like Tom.. Take a look at Katies ex boyfriend Chris Klien…She looks like Katie and Chris…Tom and Katie look alike..and so does Katie and Chris. Tom Cruise was married twice…No children were produced from those unions…Both of his ex wifes now have children with there new husbands..Nicole and Tom were married for 10years…I just don’t buy it…Tom Cruise shots blanks and just because they have a (so called child together) MEANS NOTHING…Oh one last thing did everyone see the cover when Suri was introduced to the world? Hello that child belongs to Elvis. Suri looked like she was Asian…Those pictures were so funny..Heck if I was Katie I woud have never had those pictures printed of my child. Nothing but a cover up…The truth will come out one day..

  5. Jimbo says

    if she’s pregnant it’s not by Tom – I wonder if she asked Suri’s father to donate sperm again?

  6. bambamswife7 says

    Hope she is going to have another baby. I really like Tom and Katie. I also hope that jolie does not get artificially inseminated again.

  7. catsue says

    #15- Stupid, stupid remarks. Tom is NOT sterile. It was Nicole Kidman who had the fertility problems. She already said that she had a tubal pregnancy early in her marriage (it probably did damage) and miscarried. Then after Tom filed for divorce, and she was 3 months pregnant, SHE miscarried again. Suri looks exactly like both Tom and Katie. No DNA test needed. Just look at the photos of Suri.

  8. catsue says

    Everything on this OK Magazine is a LIE! Jen did NOT split with John Mayer, Jessica Simpson IS fat, and Katie is NOT pregnant. Every week there is some tabloid that says Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes are pregnant. It’s their favorite BS headline. How many hundreds of times in the past 10 years have we seen that Aniston is pregnant- by Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, and John Mayer.

  9. Dnice says

    The whole Tom and Katie putting on a show excuse is played out like George Bush – enough already.

  10. susie says

    For sure if she is pregnant again l for one dont think l can bare all the media sorrounding another spoilt brat like Suri.

  11. Collette uk says

    If she is congrats hope all goes well but if a girl god no be another spoilt brat like suri stamps her feet =gets what suri wants

  12. becca says

    well,Nicole messed-up,for one thing.then she had two miscarriages from Tom.if you insisted:she did say,she was pregnant early on during the marriage,and according to her they were all Tom’s.
    by the way,Suri looks more like Tom and a bit of just happen to hate these two.and yes hate with the HATE

  13. Blondie says

    Tom is sterile.He can NOT father any child….
    Suri is not his.this is all a show for us.
    DONOR INSEMINATION,well the kid will look like Katie
    Remember Nicole and Tom’s divorce?
    well ,what was the reason anyway,any suggestions???!

  14. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Did anyone see Katie at the Sag Awards.. did she look
    like an anorexic or what.. not pregnant.. Why rush these
    things.. Believe her Publicist that she is not .!

  15. Dnice says

    Somebody said something about Tom shooting blanks? Um seriously……Suri is so that man’s child it’s not even funny. She is the perfect combination of Katie and Tom. I hope Katie is preggers.

  16. becca says

    there is nothing wrong with having a them,spoil them,provide for them,but do it very wisely,especially now a days.

  17. cindy says

    atleast,if she happens to be pregnant,they wont deny it like others,even the bump is showing,they still continuosly deny that they are not pregnant.
    but not these two.they like to share the world their joy and happiness.I like that.hoping it is true.already or soon

  18. concern individual says

    Honestly people,what if she is or not.I will not be judging for her being.They can afford it so, who cares.

  19. hellorazzi says

    this is a good news so far…and please if you are not that into them,or him alone,let them be.
    see…. her eyes glow when he is around,you just have to be very observant to every details.I know,I am their solid fan of Tomkat.Poeple don’t like them because what,we knew they are scientologists,he is older than her,he made a terrible mistakes,but he did apologized,so why hate him or dislike him or her very much for this matter?
    Let’s see,hmmm.,they are not Brad and Angelena.
    well,,,, what a pity

  20. Niloofar-1993 says

    I don’t know it’s true or not and I can’t be judgemental, but I totally agree with this sentence” If she’s not already pregnant,she will be soon!”

  21. lizzie says

    I have seen this pose before,well,like this anyway.
    It will be a joy for both of them.Ahh,yes I did see this picture before,and the way she looked at him when he put his hand on top of her belly was full of excitement and joy,and you can feel the passion from both of them.I do hope it is true.Suri is getting bigger by the minute and she needs a baby sis/bro to play with.Just hoping she will not boss them around,I meant the baby,if so.

  22. Miapocca says

    okay..the chick only gets preggo when she is away from her hubby….its called sperm shopping….tommmy is still shooting blanks, if its true I wonder who the daddy is, some stage hand who looks like cruise or some scientology volunteer!

  23. anon says

    If the pregnancy bump shows up in her next picture,I mean baby bump,then okay,it is true.
    Previously,she was photographed in a very different angles and it showed her tummy ,yet she was not pregnant,,,sooooo.
    It will be great for both of them to have another one at least ,then I hope if it’s true that they will do the same way like when Suri was newborn.,better yet don’t show the baby at all,because either way they do they will be criticized…no matter what.
    For the meantime,folks,I have to see the belly bump.
    Good luck though for both.

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