The Whole Brangelina Bunch In Tokyo!


Brad, Angelina and their six children – Maddox Chivan, 7, Pax Thien, 5, Zahara Marley, 4, Shiloh Nouvel, 2, and fraternal twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, 6 months – touched down at Narita International Airport where they were welcomed by screaming fans. Brad and Angelina arrived in Japan to promote their movies `The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ and ‘Changeling’  just one day after the SAG awards in Los Angeles. In the past two weeks the pair and the family have been to Paris, Germany, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Wow! The twins are ADORABLE!

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  1. Kati says

    Oriana – I so agree with you about Julie´s comment. Knox looks startled, not retarded. He is the most cute little baby boy there is. And Viv is a beautiful little baby girl. They both look cherubic. And what about their big sis Shi? She looks like a little angel with that beautiful long blond hair. She has grown so much lately. Just like Zee, Pax and Mad too. Mad and Pax are both handsome little men and Zee is really beautiful too. She will certainly be a model one day. Knox looks a lot like his dad and that hat is hilarious. He likes to be a fashion icon from an early age. Even the color of his clothes matches with daddy´s:grey. Mad looks so grown up and sure loves to take care of his younger siblings. Let´s hope that Brad and Angie will adopt an African child next so that Zee will have an African brother or sister. God bless this beautiful family!

  2. Shelly K. RN says

    Traveler. Sorry you got it wrong. It is a maternal trait. The sperm doesn’t release a killer spray, but the egg immediately closes upon receiving a sperm to prevent the others access. The remainder of sper just die because their lifeline is very short. Go back and study your biology.

  3. lilgirl says

    i think that they family needs to adopt another african american baby or zahara will most likely feel left out but all in all there babies ALL of them are beautifluuull

  4. Tia says

    I don’t understand where some of you people think these babies aren’t cute ?! You people need to keep your rude comments to yourself…didn’t your mother ever tell you ” if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all?!”
    They are ADORABLE! I love how little Knox and daddy have the same hat on!!

  5. oriana says

    I also agree with Christina, Angie would absolutely tell people if she had invitro, they had twins and it was prob a huge and wonderful surprise to both of them.

  6. oriana says

    Julie, Knox doesn’t look retarded to me, he looks startled. I don’t think they expose them that much to the public and the yelling and cameras caught his attention. I do think he looks just like Brad. I could care less if I ever see Brad or Angie again but they are deserving of all the movie hype this year, both have excellent movies out. I don’t think they will win any awards because of their competetion being better, but they are deserving.

    Angie looks beautiful, she looks cold to me but she is gorgeous as usual. Poor Brad, he is aging and not gracefully either, George Clooney with his gray hair looks much better than Brad. Brad looks tired and haggard, and he is prob not getting enough rest or sleep. He is at Angie’s beck and call and I have thought for years, a puppet to her, no backbone at all! I do think they are happy and are a united family. Regardless of their snobbish attitude about some things, they make up for that far and wide with their generous natures and I think they are sincere.

  7. traveler says


    It quite common for women to drop more than one egg each cycle. The reason why women usually have only one fetus develop is that a chemical is released when a sperm fertilizes an egg that in effect kills the rest of the sperm in the uterus.

    If twins run on the father’s side, it’s usually because that chemical is not released or not as potent as it would be in a normal male. So, in effect, it can be a man who enables a woman to become pregnant with multiples. It doesn’t matter which side has a history of twins. As long as one parent’s genes carry that possibilty, it more likely to happen.

  8. RachieUK says

    i love the way the brangelina bunch always travel as a pack, its the cutest thing ever. nice to see that even celebs as high profile as brad and ange have loads of time to spend with their kids, theyre such a cute family!

  9. someone says

    twins are not that cute at all…Shiloh was way much cuter when she was younger than the twins!

  10. says

    Traveler. Twins do run on a father’s side, but the odds of having twins runs through the mother – remember the egg issue. Men produce many many sperm but only one sperm gets into the egg. All the extra sperm are wasted. The mother must produce more than one egg or have the egg split. Therefore the chance of twins runs through the mother.

    From Wikipedia Dizygotic twins (commonly known as fraternal twins, but also referred to as non-identical twins or biovular twins) usually occur when two fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterine wall at the same time.

    Monozygotic twins, frequently referred to as identical twins, occur when a single egg is fertilized to form one zygote (monozygotic) which then divides into two separate embryos.

    However, it is only their mother that has any effect on the chances of having twins; there is no known mechanism for a father to cause release of more than one ovum.

  11. traveler says

    Yes, twins do run on the father’s side. My parents’ have friends and he’s an identical twin. Both he and his brother have a set of twins and twins do not run on either of their wives’ sides. It all came from them. Children do, after all , get half their genes from their fathers.

  12. Christina says

    Also, there is no tell all book. ALL employees for celebrities sign a confidentiality agreement that is iron clad. You hear this type of stories from a ton of different ex-employees of celebrities and not one has ever been in production or released.

  13. Christina says

    Wow, cracks me up how many of you believe what you read. AJ would ABSOLUTELY tell everyone if it were invitro. She’s only 33! She easily got pregnant w/Shi which shows she is fertile and being young and healthy, no reason why she would not be able to get pregnant. Plus, there are things you can do to better your chances of having twins and producing more eggs that are not medical treatments but herbal. Lastly, who cares!!! They have twins – great! Seriously, would knowing anything you negative naysayers say make any difference in your jealous driven hearts? My cousin had twins and twins do not run in either family… sometimes there are no explanations – it’s based on each person’s own body and family medical history can help layout a map of possible expectations but it’s not factual either only possibilities.

  14. Jimbo says

    not very good looking babies!! Shiloh was better looking even with the gormless expression she always had…..

  15. Carol says

    Can help it, after seeing Benjamin Button everytime I see a bald baby I think of him. These babies are beautifull and they certainly look enough like Shilo that you can tell they are brother and sisters. I really see Brad in them much more than Angelina.

  16. Julie says

    Knox, looks like he is retarded. I guess that is why he is wearing a hat. Selfish parents running around with those kids like that. Angelina clearly is trying to deflect rumours about that tell all book from the body guard and so they got out the twins as the trumo card. But sorry, I am still waiting for the book.

  17. says

    Twins run through the mother not the father. Twins are the result of multiple eggs (mother) or egg splitting (mother). The father except for donating sperm has nothing to do with the outcome of twins.

  18. traveler says

    All the kids look so big. We haven’t seen them in so long and they’ve all gotten bigger. I never realized how mature Shiloh had gotten until I saw her with the twins. She was always the family baby and the littlest one. Now, she seems so much older!

    The twins are adorable. The expression on Knox’s face is priceless. Almost like he’s saying, “Good Lord! What the heck was all that about?” LOL

  19. traveler says

    1. The twins were conceived naturally. Brad and Angie said they were and I believe them. Why would they lie? Angie’s told us a lot more scandalous things about her past than invitro. Why would she care if everyone knew she used invitro to conceive. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with invitro or fertility drugs. Thousands of people use them to conceive. There’s nothing shameful about it. 4 of my nieces and nephews were conceived using fertility drugs and I’m so glad that my sister made that decision. If she hadn’t, then 4 wonderful kids wouldn’t be here today.

    1a. Twins run in Brad’s family, so there was always a higher probability that they would conceive twins.

    2. Brad, Angelina, and their kids are a very loving family. You can see it in the way they all treat each other. The parents make a special effort to spend one on one time with their kids. The children seem to be happy and enjoy playing with each other. They’re well fed and well taken care of. Pax and Maddox speak 3 languages and the school age children are very well educated (Maddox attended one of the most prestigous private schools in the world). You can tell they’re great parents even in these airport pictures. Wouldn’t it have been ten times easier on them if they had brought a nanny or two to help get the kids through the airport and the screaming fans? But they didn’t. They took care of their own children. I don’t by any means think they are perfect parents because no parent is perfect. My parents weren’t perfect but they were wonderful parents and I thank them everyday for the great job they did raising and loving me. I’m sure Brad and Angie’s kids will feel the same way when they’re adults. That’s the epitome of good family values.

    2a. From what I can gather, Marcheline was a great mom to Angie and her brother, so Angie definitely had a good example of what great parenting is.

  20. Collette uk says

    In mag interview hello when twins was born they said twins concieved naturaly if they was by invitro they would be happy to discuss it twins brads side family his sister

  21. jubaloo says

    the only thing I have to say is flat caps on babies are sooo cute – and they are OK on brad too!!!!!

  22. Miapocca says

    Assumptions Assumption

    1: concieved naturally

    2: invitro

    3: clones..

    hmm where you in bed with these folks to know how they conceived especially when SCIENCE makes it almost an impossibility due to the age of the mother??

    4: Good family values and happy family
    get a grip, you are talking about Angelina jolie and Brad pitt…almost No one in hollywierd is a portrait for good family values (as the majority define it)

    Okay, back to other places, the comments here always make me scratch my head./…

  23. Dee says

    How adorable!! I agree Viv looks like Angie’s late mother. And Knox is the spitting image of Brad, with Angie’s lips (just like Shiloh)! What a gorgeous family!

  24. says

    I think we should be happy to look at news/pictures which potray happiness, love and good family values; not about divorces, break-ups or violence!! I do not think we should look at these ( as well as any other ) photos only to comment negatively! These poeple are publicised with or without their consents. So, I think, if you have nothing nice to comment, just keep quiet or look away.

  25. uksue says

    Could’nt agree more#52, l think Angelina is a very over rated actress and not at all beautiful, my opinion. Brad to ageing rapidly although only 44 ? But hats off to them for raising all these kids.

  26. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Don’t you get it.. these twins are all part of a invitro. same
    clone as Shiloh!! THIS ARE THE CLONE KIDS..WHY
    NOT CALL THEM THAT INSTEAD of saying how cute they
    are.. This is not a cute picture of cloned kids.. probably
    has 5 more embroys waiting to be given birth too..

  27. Miapocca says

    They are babies., unless they are on the ad of huggies, not are all there are millions of children who are not celebs who are more beautiful any day.

    Not a fan of these two ..

    Frankly whey bring up Annis ton, she is not in the picture she has been divorces for ages and she has her own life..I think there are those who live in a fantasy land where they insit on carrying on some feud for these two

    Jolie IMO opinion is gangly , riddled with tatooes, has some huge a-r-s-e teeth, looks unhealthy and more plastic day in day out…not attractive..Pitt is aging RAPIDLY!

  28. neil says

    9. Amyyeager2 | January 27th, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    Actually Mary-Kate and Ashley are fraternal twins. They are not identical but sure look it.

  29. Fly On The Wall says

    Oh dear Christ. ALL their children are their “real” children. An adopted child is no less a “real” child than a natural child. If you mean their biological children, say so.

    How would you like it if you were adopted and you heard people saying you weren’t your parents’ real child?

  30. yayaya says

    all the real children of Brad & Ang, first that their face looks like Brad but just their lips looks like Ang =O

  31. Kelli says

    LOL. Miss Thang indeed! From what I read, Brad might very well be murderous in her teen years because according to all sources, Z simply owns him!

  32. Fly On The Wall says

    44. Aliciasweets85 | January 28th, 2009 at 11:56 am
    This is why I am fairly sure the next J-P child will be adopted from Africa, so that Z will have another black child to identify with.

    I think they will adopt one more child and call it quits at seven.

    The children are absolutely beautiful. Those twins are Shiloh II and III. They look exactly like she did at six months. You can see pictures of the family including Madd on Just Jared. Madd is looking very grown up and handsome. Pax is a beautiful kid. He seems to have the most joyous personality of all the J-P children. And Miss Thang with those gorgeous eyes — Brad had better load up the shotgun, because when that child reaches 15 or 16 the boys will be breaking down the door.

  33. Aliciasweets85 says

    Viv looks a LOT like Angelina’s MOTHER!!! Thas is really special! Does anyone else agree? look at pics of Angie’s mom, and then take a closer look at Viv…it’s really bittersweet. Knox looks identical to his big sister Shiloh. I feel bad for Zahara, she has no one in her family to identify with…as far as color. I think Angie and Brad should have thought about that before they ran out and adopted Pax on a whim!
    I think it was perfect with just Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh.
    Now, Zahara is outnumbered. She will grow up alone and confused…loved, definately, but I would put money on it that she will have anxiety issues as she matures. All her brothers and sisters have an ethnic match except her…

  34. charliee says

    aww wow the twins r beautiful and the rest of the fam is gorgoues 🙂 i think vivenne looks like angie and her side of the family and knox is mixed bit of brad n angie

  35. joueala says

    knox and viv look like shiloh.. they’re NOT really VERY cute babies but they’ll be hot when they get older..

  36. Anne says

    They are no less beautiful then millions of babies born daily other than they are not celebrities but likely will have their heads screwed on better than their actor parents when they grow up.

  37. Eliana says

    The twins are so cute. The twins are amazing. They almost look like there big sis. shiloh. I love their family. They are a cute big family.

  38. Stacia says

    They are so cuuuuute! But what’s up with Knox’s hat? Not liking it. Shiloh is getting so big! They are all so sweet!

  39. oriana says

    I want to send big hugs and kisses to Nicki and to 5littleones, hope all is well, I will be in touch soon with both of you!

  40. oriana says

    Knox looks just like Brad to me. Both of the babies are very cute! I am glad they are healthy. This has been a good time in their lives, both nomiated for various awards, I don’t think either one will win but they have movies and a family to be proud of. I also don’t think Jennifer Anniston is jealous, she has John Mayer, she isn’t lonely and he is a cutie pie too! As for kids, I have never thought they were a top priority with her and I think she has moved on with her life.

  41. marti says

    What wonderful parents they are and their children are beautiful! Those little babies have no idea what an interesting ,and educational, life they’re going to have.

  42. Josie says

    What lovely cherubic babies!!! They do have that deer caught in the headlights look because of all the flashes going off! To me, both infant twins remind me of Shiloh, perhaps the boy a bit more than the girl. I’m amazed that they travel so much with all those kids and two infants to boot! I don’t think I could ever do that…it looks like a lot of work to manage. I wish I could see more pics of Maddox, Pax and Z…looks like they are growing so quickly.

  43. Freya says

    Knox looks exactly like Angelina, while Viv has Brad’s nose and appears that she might have darker features. I don’t think they really look much like Shiloh, but maybe Knox does a bit more. Viv has a completely different look to her. Very cute nonetheless.

  44. Candy says

    the twins are amazing!,, the look so much like shiloh,
    i love them , they also have the same look that shiloh used to have when she was in their age 😀

  45. Renee says

    I was just wondering why Jennifer Aniston should be jealous, I am sure she can adopt some kids of her own if she would like too. She could probably even have her own. I guess I just don’t see the point of always bringing her up everytime Brad surfaces with his family. Brad seems happy and so does Jen, John Mayer is pretty yummy in his own right. Ok anyway I am done ranting now.

  46. accalia says

    OH my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    look how adorable they are! soooo precious! glad we finally saw them!
    Beautiful family! they look just like Shiloh!
    the 6 of them are precious 😀

  47. 2teens says

    Finally!!! It has been forever since we have seen this family. The twinsies are so beautiful but look a little shocked by all the flashbulbs. I guess it is their first experience with the paps, but the older kids must be pretty used to it.
    Shiloh looks a little tentative with her silkie and doll, she is used to being carried. The boys look cute but I can’t see much of Z, she has her head turned.

  48. Dnice says

    God bless them. I get tired just looking at them, lol. The twins are clones of Shiloh…but the boy looks so much like Brad. Z is such a pretty girl. Great pics.

  49. SbK says

    THE most beautiful couple in the world! It’s nice to see them taking all the kids out at once, I love to see large families like this, it reminds me of when I was younger

  50. Collette uk says


  51. Collette uk says


  52. Niloofar-1993 says

    What a NICE family : )

    I think, Jennifer Aniston will kill herself because of the pain of jealousy!!!! hahaha!

  53. babyrazzi junkie says

    all of their kids are beautiful! the twins do look very much like shiloh. i admire them for travelling with all of their kids! i find travelling with my three stressful enough.

  54. sp says

    OMG….they are sooo adorable. Knox has such beautiful Big Eyes….I wish you the best Angie and Brad, may God continue to bless you all.

  55. Amyyeager2 says

    Fraternal means two separate eggs were fertilized and they are never identical… and of course, a boy and girl set of twins couldnt be identical. I actually dont think the twins are cute at all and I think Shiloh was much cuter when she was younger. They are kind of plain and ordinary looking now, IMO

  56. pixiedust says

    We did see newborn pics of the twins dori.

    Im not a huge Brangelina fan but no theres no denying the make cute babies.

    What does fraternal mean again? Is it non-identical?

  57. Scarlett says

    How cute are those babies. Angie and Brad make beautiful children. Amazing. I love to see these children out and about.

  58. JENNIFER says


    The twins are so adorable! What a beautiful family! Knox is sooooooo cute and styling like Daddy.

  59. Renee says

    I love this family and their babies are beautiful. They look just like Shiloh to me and I think she is adorable.

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