Jen & Ben Drop Violet Off At School


Jennifer (actually it is Melissa!) and Ben were snapped dropping daughter Violet off to her preschool in Santa Monica this morning.

I know I may sound like I’m being ridiculous, but that DOES NOT look like Jennifer! Maybe she is all made-up for a role, (how else could the puffy, hairsprayed bangs be explained?!) but she looks so severe and gaunt. I hope she isn’t on some crazy diet to lose the baby weight….not that she was at all overweight while pregnant! She usually has a much softer look….hmmm….maybe this woman is a body double for Jennifer!

OMG! I’m not going crazy, though I should have thought of this sooner! The woman pictured with Ben and Violet is Melissa…Jennifer’s big sis! Well…that explains it!

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  1. catsue says

    Is that Jennifer Gerner in the photos? What happened to her face? She looks VERY thin and she’s very pale. Doesn’t look like her at all.

    I give this couple another 3 years before they are divorced

  2. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Guess what the new video of Jen picking up her daughter
    the first thing she ask for is her daddy!! Why not show
    that video..of Jen and Penelope her friend picking Vi
    up from school..

  3. bec says

    hey babyrazzi moderator, why havent you deleted this horrendous comments about this little girl? you people should be ashamed of yourselves speaking of children that way!

  4. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Guess what these are the last ones you will see.. So be
    The only thing that makes this one interesting is the
    Oriana Niloofar and Josie stories.. So keep it up Baby
    Razzie so that we can see what happens next..

  5. catsue says

    I cannot stand stupid parents who use a binky after 8 months. It is bad for their mouth and teeth and looks idiotic! Why is this BIG girl sucking on a binky? Is she still going to have it when she’s 8 years old?
    The school pictures of them dropping her off and picking her up are SOOOOOOOOO boring. Let the poor kid go to school without the cameras!

  6. Kay says

    She’s probably reverting back to being a baby because of her little baby sister. My child did this also. He wanted to sleep in the crib instead of his big boy bed. They outgrow this phase!

  7. Niloofar-1993 says

    Hi Oriana 🙂
    3 weeks!!! oh my God….. I’m sure that it was very bad,I , myself didn’t catch a cold this winter,yet! and as Josie said, I wish you a SPEEDY RECOVERY =)

  8. Josie says

    Hi Oriana!! So happy to see you back on here. Hasn’t been the same without you 🙂 Sorry to hear you have been ill. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  9. oriana says

    Hi Niloofar Honey, hope all is well with you dear girl! I have been sick with a cold and been down for about 3 weeks, getting stronger now. Hope you are having fun in this new year!

  10. ELIE TAYLOR says

    No I am not muttering complete nosensical garbage..
    Not like other people who give negative comments
    Saying hidious things about a child. ..Just tired of all the
    things that are being said about Violet.. If the pictures didn’t sell than the paparazzi would stop..

  11. what? says

    Some people make sense when they speak and some sound like ELIE TAYLOR, muttering complete nonsensical garbage.

  12. dori says

    I didn’t think that was Jennifer. They look similar but not alike. Yes it is common for the the toddler to revert back to a binkie when a new baby comes along. My daughter did it.

  13. ELIE TAYLOR says

    So where are Tia and Josie life story.. how they love to go to the movies.. and the whole day routine.. Again if you do
    not like it skip it… there are other ones on this website..



  14. léna says

    lool It’s Jen’s older sister ! Melissa !! yes they really look alike, but jen is most pretty !

  15. anonymous says

    It’s very common when a baby comes along that the older one reverts back to childish ways. Violet probably kicked up a stink so they let her have it. Very temporary and if it makes her feel better, what’s the problem?

  16. Hannah says

    Many children, when a new baby is born, feel left out and go back to baby-ish tendancies. Maybe this is Violet’s acting out against the new baby. It is quite common and this stage will pass. I guarentee it.

  17. Anne says

    I thought binkie referred to a blanket! Anywys enough of Violet and school shots. The photographers must be desperate for photos. Violet is too old to suck on a plug.

  18. colle says

    Boring! So sick of this CONSTANT story. It seems that this is what this family is only famous for pictures at this school OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! this is not news! Move on already.

  19. Dnice says

    What’s up with Violet and that binkie. I can’t ever recall seeing her with one recently. I know when my nephew was born, my niece who was 8 at the time reverted right back into baby mode. It’s so funny and cute how they do that.

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