Alec Baldwin Brings His Daughter To The SAG Awards


A year after an irate voicemail message that Alec Baldwin left for his daughter, Ireland, leaked on the Internet, it seems that the two have reconciled.

At the recent Golden Globe ceremony, Alec acknowledged Ireland, whom he said made him “laugh while I’m at home.” Then he brought Ireland, 13, to the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday. Alec received the outstanding male actor in a comedy series honor.



  1. says

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  2. oriana says

    I don’t understand why a 13 year old would be allowed to dye her hair? And yes, the dress is too old for her!

  3. Barack's the man says

    WOW WOW and WOW

    man, what are they feeding these children? and that dress is too old for her! Man, she is big as hell!

  4. oriana says

    I think she is beautiful and so are the parents. She does look just like Kim and I love her name! I like Alec, I think Kim may be a little weird but I think she is a good person. I remember when she was dating Prince and going to graveyards late at night, some of these celebs, Lordy, Lordy!

  5. Miapocca says

    She is 13 and very tall, taller than her father by age 16. The dress was probably what she wanted to wear. 13 yrs olds these days are different from 30 yrs ago. Her shoes were well chosen to dampen teh effect of the dress. The shoes cut her down to age 13..

    She is Stunning…Kim is stunning and the Baldwins are pretty much all good looking and yes she dyed her hair, she was blonde, so it could only have gotten as dark as light brown and this is rather drastic, especially looking at that fair skin just like mama’s

    I am glad Alec and ireland get to enjoy time out together, now that she is becoming an adult hopefully she can make her own relationships with each parent without overdue influence from the other.

    I believe both parent love this child way too much, she is their only child on both sided and neither got married or got involved with anyone seriously after the marriage. I think that they loved each other fatally!!

  6. Lila ~*~ says

    It just occurred to me that maybe “Addie” was Ireland’s attempt to say her name as a baby. Ireland would be hard for a baby to pronounce.

  7. Lila ~*~ says

    Ireland has always been a pretty combination of her mom+dad. There was never any doubt that she’d grow to be a beauty. BTW, her given name is Ireland Eliesse Baldwin, but for some reason they call her “Addie”.

  8. Aliciasweets85 says

    well whatever…i mean, is she supposed to stay in pigtails for the rest of her life?
    She is at a prestigious event with her FATHER for crying out loud, I think what she’s wearing looks nice.
    She’s pretty like her mom.

  9. Carol says

    I have seen pics of I Irland in the past and she was blonde.

    I wondered if it was her but she looked so much older than her years I was not sure. Pretty girl, like her Mom.

  10. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Well she did borrow .. “out of her mom’s closet..” Not as
    if she bought something new for this event.. And to think
    that these two are good friends.

  11. Niloofar-1993 says

    you guys,it seems that you have never seen a 16 & 15 girl, I was born April 1993, I’m 160 m & 49 kg!!!
    she is pretty, and in my idea she looks more than 20!!!!!!

  12. Cindy says

    #5 – She is only 13 yrs old, she was born October 1995. The dress is a bit much for her age, but nothing to freak out about. What a pretty girl, just like her mother. Not a big fan of Alec’s, especially after that phone message.

  13. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Now do you really think that if her dad called her a dirty
    little pig that she would be offended.. NO!!

    She is as big as he is..!! It was nice that he brought her
    just wish that he thanked her in his speech.. She does look like her mom Kim

  14. Ronnie says

    No way is this girl 13!!!
    she’s taller than alec!
    I would never let my daughter dress like that at 13!!

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