Charlie Sheen & Family At Brentwood Country Mart


Charlie Sheen was snapped with his expectant wife, Brooke Mueller, and two daughters at Brentwood Country Mart on Sunday afternoon.

Before the girls came out, Charlie was caught quickly sneaking a smoke out behind his car. Naughty, naughty!

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  1. Me UK says

    High horse? I’m no hypocrite, I don’t smoke and would never smoke while pregnant, around my babies or anyone elses children!
    What right do people have to kill others children with their selfish drug habit! It’s crazy, smokers should have smoking pods, which they zip over their heads allowing them to smoke to their hearts content without killing everyone else around them

    Thank you #18, a great comment well written.

    …and the excuse that a lot of people smoke? sorry, what? Does that then make it ok, because a lot of people do it?! Give me strength!

  2. Barack's the man says

    dude……those girls are never happy and aren’t they a tibit too old for those blankies??

  3. lucia says

    Sam and Lola are beautifull, and I think denise is a very good mother, and she loves her daughters more than her life. I watch the show on E! and the girls really love her, and they don’t need another mum.
    charlie was too bad with denise and i don’t like him.
    About the thumbs… they are shy and are not the same girls when they are with charlie. they are more comfortable and happy with denise.
    just see the pics!

  4. Miapocca says

    smoking away from your kids are still carry the scent and other microscopic dust from the fumes and that may trigger attacks in children as well as adults…any smart parent and there a lot of them, should know to quit the habit if there is a baby in the home!

    my 2 cents….each parents is entitled to make their own decision but once you take the step to have another being dependent on you, i beleive its only right to do the best by them, especially if it means getting rid of the cancer stick , that are potentially harmful to yourself and the child!

  5. Nikki says

    Get off your high horse – A LOT of ppl smoke. At least he was OUTSIDE and PHYSICALLY and VISUALLY away from his children. Hypocrits are what disgust me.

  6. joueala says

    brooke really has a big tummy.. besides, two babies are in there.. i think she’s due in march or april.. not really so close to her due date but with a big tummy… i hate seeing this girls sucking their seems these parents dont mind.. good to see brooke acting like a mother to the girls…

  7. Hannah says

    seeing pics of Sam and Lola just makes me sad to see them so sad. : ( i’ve never seen celeb kids who hate the paparazzi as much as they do. poor things. I bet they can’t wait for their baby brothers though : )

  8. Bethany says

    Ugh…please don’t show these kids again, until they can ditch the blankies and keep their thumbs out of their mouths! They look miserable!

  9. Cindy says

    I agree about the thumb, but only because it’s being done in public. Unless it is causing medical/dental problems I think it’s ok, but at that age should be restricted to only at bedtime/quiet times.

  10. Just me says

    I do think Denise is a media whore but in her defense we don’t see many photos of the kids in a while. It used to be several times a week.

  11. Amanda says

    There are much worse things than parents who smoke. He was doing it outside and wasnt hurting them.
    I feel really bad for all those por girls have been put through. Charlie and Denise need to grow up and learn to protect them better. They always looks so unhappy.

  12. Lauren says

    Poor Sami and Lola. Charlie and (especially) Denise should keep their kids out of the media. They always look so sad and scared. Btw:, I wonder when Brooke is due.

  13. Cindy says

    I feel sorry for these little girls too, they really hate the photographers. Some celebrity babes don’t seem to mind like adorable little Violet Affleck. Those are the photos that aren’t hard to look at but these ones, as sue pointed out, are very hard to look at. I love looking at the photos too when it looks as if the kids don’t mind.

  14. melissa says

    i agree the girls always look so afraid it is sad … the paps should lay off them they are so little. sort off talking out of both sides of my mouth i like the website and love looking at all the cutie pie babies but if all the pictures suddenly went away and the paps turned their attention else where i would not protest. that said does the new wife look like jennifer lopez to anyone else LOL

  15. sue says

    I have never seen two kids, especially poor Sam, hate the media attention as much as these two. It is painful to see any pics of them.

  16. Reba says

    Im not a big fan of Charlie Sheen in his real life…hes a little bit of a screw up..but then again so is his ex-wife Denise Richards.

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