Molly Ringwald Expecting Twins!


Molly Ringwald, who plays the anxious mother of a pregnant teen on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, is expecting twins, a boy and a girl!

It will be the second daughter and first son for Molly, 40, and husband Panio Gianopoulos, 33. They have a 5-year-old daughter Mathilda Ereni. The babies are due in August.

A spokeswoman for The Secret Life of the American Teenager said Molly’s pregnancy will be written into the storyline.

Her pregnancy came as exciting news on the set, said Shailene Woodley, who plays Molly’s daughter on the show.

“Molly’s first child is so gorgeous!” Shailene said. “She’s got the dark hair like her Greek dad but she’s got Molly’s beautiful features. Whenever she brings Mathilda to the set, everybody’s happy.”

Molly starred in such teen classics as Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, and Sixteen Candles.

On Secret Life, she plays the sympathetic but overwhelmed Anne Juergens – a woman reeling from her husband’s affair, her mother’s Alzheimer’s and, most poignantly, her 15-year-old daughter’s pregnancy.

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  1. catsue says

    She must have gone to the same fertility doctor as Lisa Marie Presley, the red-headed lady from Desperate Housewives, Patrick Dempsey’s old wife, Geena Davis, Nancy Grace, and on and on. All those women are over 40 and just “happened” to all have twins. I don’t think so. Her husband is young and cute.

  2. renne says

    She’s my favorite actress… congratulations!!!
    She looks so happy and very pretty…
    I love her 80’s movies – Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club.

  3. Shauna says

    I guess she could be about 12 weeks along and probably had a CVS, which would give her the sex of the babies.

  4. Analise says

    That’s early for an amnio. It’s 4 months or so. And possibly again if high risk. We refused the first one and were fighting the second one when I delivered early.

    Anyways, I loved Molly in the 80’s. Hope all goes well for her.

  5. Lilac says

    I was thinking the same thing about knowing the sex. I am due on July 12th and still don’t know the sex of my baby.

  6. Hannah says

    This is exciting news! I love Molly Ringwald!! Her daughter is absolutely gorgeous and it’s no doubt the twins will be, too. This should add an interesting twist to her show…

  7. Kelli says

    As a woman pushing 40 still hoping for a family, I LOVE this rash of mature mothers. While I understand that the body is most ready for childbirth at a younger age, I don’t see anything particularly unnatural about more mature people raising kids. Speaking for myself, the last thing I wanted in my younger days was to be knocked up and saddled down with screaming demanding children. Now, I’m more mellow and likely to be at home anyway and I have the time, patience, and financial ability to raise a little one. Besides many kids brought into this world by uber young moms were raised by their 50+ aged grandparents (see Barack Obama). My biggest concern of course if for the health of the baby, but I do not doubt my ABILITY to parent simply because I’m not 20 years old. I couldn’t take care of ME at that age, let alone somebody else.

  8. MOMX3 says

    People in Hollywood don’t have this many fertility problems. Having twins is a trendy thing to do, and I kind of feel bad for celebrities that do conceive naturally because they fall under that trend whether they deserve to or not.

  9. cheetah says

    Folium is causing al these twins. Most of them start taking that stuff a year before the want to get pregnant. Its good stuff to prevent defects on a babies body, but its also doubling the number of twins.

    Either that or they are paying for twins by ivf or something.

  10. Tess says

    YAY! I love Secret Life! Mom & Daughter preggo at the same time! This is going to be a hilarious story line.
    Congrats to them.

  11. Stefany says

    What’s with all the celebrities having twins lately???

    Well congrats to them & I can’t wait to see pics of them when they are born! :o)

  12. Me UK says

    Wow she looks great!
    Congratulations to them 🙂 I was thinking possibble high risk & amnio thing re the babies sex? Or maybe she’s due earlier!

  13. Lurker says

    First off…congratulations to them!
    I grew up watching Molly Ringwald too and am happy to see that her life seems to have worked out better than a lot of other ‘teen stars’ have.

    But I also have to say, as many others have,
    ANOTHER set of twins??
    My Heavens there’s GOT to be something in the water in Hollywood!!!

  14. LOLA says

    i don’t think they do amnios this early on, i thought it was done around 4 months or so… I don’t know, maybe i’m wrong. I know that my daughter was born in August and I conceived her in November, so in January its only two months along…it just doesn’t make sense, but i don’t wanna dwell on it. Good for them! God bless their family!

  15. Ali says

    I agree with one of the previous posts…since she is 40 she is considered high risk and they probably have already done and amnio so they could determine the sex of the babies that way….I love The Secret Life of the American Teenager…I can’t wait to see how they write it into the show.

  16. kiley says

    That’s great, but how does she know that she is having a boy and girl. my twins are due july 4th and we still don’t know. She’s due in august. That makes her barely three months along. Just curious.

  17. 2teens says

    I’m sure they did an amnio because of her age and the fact that she is carrying twins which makes it a high-risk pregnancy.
    I loved all of those movies she did in the 80’s. I just saw The Breakfast Club last week.

  18. Celeste says

    I was thinking the same thing!
    Crazy the “pregnancy craze” in hollywood, and now it seems like you can be in an “order” for twins?!?!
    I am a younger mom, cant see myself in my 40’s having patience for a baby/babies…..
    But im sure the babies will be adorable!

  19. Wow! says

    Josie, I think she is just as happy because she is expecting a girl 🙂

    But right, how could they already know? Anyway congratulations to both of them.

  20. Josie says

    Oh wow! I grew up watching movies with Molly Ringwald. I was a huge fan of her and her films. Congrats to them!! Her husband is Greek too! She’s obviously well taken care of. Greek men take good care of their wives. He must be very happy that she’s having a boy. Yeah, the twins trend thing is getting a bit too much. I wonder if it was a result of fertility drugs?

  21. Amy says

    Hey Lola,

    You’re right! It is questionable how they could know the sex of the twins already. I love Molly Ringwald though.

  22. LOLA says

    wait a second, if she’s due in August that means she’s only like 2 months or so…how do they already know the sex of the babies? yeah right!

  23. LOLA says

    hey Collette never watched the movie 16 candles? Anyway, WOW what a shocker another 40 year old celebrity having twins…Yawn….

  24. Collette uk says

    Never heard of her god more twins lol why cant someone have triplets so many twins born last year+this xcongrats x

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