Jaime Pressly Shows Off Her Post-Baby Form


Jaime Pressly’s 30th birthday to herself was a fit body and some toned abs. She worked hard to acheive this goal just months after welcoming her son, Dezi James in May 2007.

“Lately I love my stomach,” said Jaime, who debuts her post-baby form on the March cover of Shape. “After growing a human being inside me, there is nothing more incredible or sexy!”

To get the figure she wanted, Jaime focused on eating a healthy diet and following a workout regimen that included running on the treadmill and lifting weights. Jaime had set a goal to shed the 42 lbs she gained during the pregnancy.

“That’s a lot of weight for mama!” said Jaime, 31. “Sure, I wanted to lose my baby weight, but I didn’t want to lose my butt! I think it’s sexy when women have shapely bodies.”

As for her relationship with ex-fiancé Eric Cubiche, “We’re going through a rough patch,” shared Jaime, who announced they were separating in November. “There are no bad feelings there.”

“We didn’t plan a wedding, we planned a child,” she added. “[Dezi James] is the greatest thing that’s happened to either one of us.”



  1. ice says

    I dont care if she looks good. This woman is obssessed with her weight. I still remember her comments when she was pregnant, blergh

  2. Just saying says

    I dont understand why celebs think it’s such a big deal if they lost their baby weight. People do it everyday so why cant normal people get paid for dressing up in a bikini and showing our bodies off? Most celebrities become famous for their talent but it takes no talent to lose weight. Im so sick of people getting paid money to show off their new figure.

  3. Nicole says

    “even with airbrushing she still looks great”……….um…yeah! That’s the whole point! How do you know that she naturally has a great body? Do you know her personally? Why would We hate someone who has been air brushed? It’s fake.

  4. LOLA says

    even with airbrushing she still looks great, even if she’s not as toned as she looks, she has a great body and she’s very fit. Don’t hate!

  5. BG says

    Good for her! Wow, gaining 42 pounds while pregnant — that’s crazy! Nice to hear someone re-affirm that being fit only comes through healthy diet and exercise.

  6. Niloofar-93 says

    Wow, that’s great,…….I should say BRAVO!Her stomach is amazing.
    but I’m not sure that she becomes fit, just with diet & exercising!!!!

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