Kate Garraway & Husband Expecting Their Second Child


Kate Garraway announced today that she is pregnant with her second child. Kate, 41, is said to be ‘over the moon’ at the news that she is expecting.

In a joint statement issued with husband Derek Draper, she said: “We’re over the moon to be having another baby. Darcey is very excited about having a new brother or sister to play with. We all can’t wait for the arrival.”

The baby is due in late summer.

Kate and Derek have been married for four years and already have a daughter Darcey, who will be three in March.

Kate started her career on BBC Radio Oxford, moving on to TV news. In 2007, she was a hugely popular contestant on Britain’s Strictly Come Dancing.

She also recently wrote a provocative piece on wet-nursing.

Best Wishes!



  1. Beth says

    Best wishes to them -a new baby coming is always a blessing!

    I just wanted to make a comment as to have times have changed.
    My Mom had me and my sister in her mid 20s then many years later she had my brother when she was 37 and my Dad was 38.
    At the time she thought she was so old to be having a child!
    Only her and one other neighbor had a child at that age.
    LOL I was the only kid in school whose Mom was having a baby and I was in 6th grade!
    Now 37 seems so young to me~

  2. violetsky says

    Ahh, so she got pregnant, because she didn’t get the job she wanted. I want to laugh, but that would be cruel.

  3. susie says

    Congrats to you Kate, wonderfull news, lused to work for Kate,just beforeshe started on GMTV, she is a lovely person and was a great employer.

  4. Emer says

    Im surprised I have to say, she made such a fuss over putting on weight during her pregnancy and then was practically anorexic to loose the weight after.. didnt think she would ‘ruin her figure’ to go again.. fancies herself a bit too much that one.

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