Jennifer Garner Drops Off Violet At School


Jennifer Garner was snapped dropping off Violet at school in Santa Monica. Violet looks very excited to be at school! Jen looks great!

When asked what the hidden meaning behind Violet’s little sister’s name was, Ben wouldn’ say.

“That’s something that is going to stay in our family,” he told Entertainment Tonight when asked about the unusual moniker, “Seraphina.”

He then said Seraphina and her older sister Violet, 3, are doing “wonderful.”

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  1. Josie says

    #53 – Are you speaking Grenglish? Not sure what you said above but in all honesty I don’t care.

  2. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Well Josie you two were complaining about not being
    able to upload your pix.. I was just trying to be nice..
    But again Josie and Tia have exclude anything as
    nasty when telling you that it is up… You two are the nuts
    not me telling you life story on a website..

  3. Josie says

    Hey Tia! Wow! A weekend of cleaning 🙂 Same here. I spent Saturday getting the house organized for Sunday’s visit with the in-laws. It was very cold outside (minus 15C) over the weekend and I chose to remain indoors. Sent hubbie out to pick up the groceries.
    The movie was really good! It was called “Defiance.” Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber were both in it. I highly recommend it. It’s based on a true story that took place during World War II. Google the movie and you will get a synopsis of the film.
    I’m sure Lia is just very busy with all the kids now. I think she must have had a birthday recently too.
    How cold is it where you are today? It’s minus 21 C here. Unfortunately, I do have to go out today. I have Pilates class this afternoon. Give a big hug and kiss to Alyssa and Luca for me 🙂

  4. Josie says

    #50 – There is always a nut from the peanut gallery to spoil the fun! I think you need to find a real hobby Ellie! Don;t pick on other posters just because YOU are bored. Just like Tia mentioned, skip over our convo and read the other more enlightening posts ! Is that too challenging for you to do?

  5. Tia :) says

    Hello Josie!

    My weekend was mostly spent cleaning. Adriano and I went out for dinner last night just the two of was nice, but we kept calling my mom to see how the kids were…haha. I love Daniel Craig! How was the movie?

    I havent heard from Lia at all…i hope she’s ok!

  6. Tia :) says

    Elie Taylor- we’ve been coming to this site…or sorry, as you say “sight” for about 3 yrs and we’re not about to change now….either ignore it and scroll over it so i dont have to listen to YOUR bull or shove it 🙂

  7. ELIE TAYLOR says

    I have an idea why not have your own website the Josie
    and Tia that the rest of the world don’t have
    to see your daily bull anymore.. since you take up so much
    space.. if you don’t like this sight go to another one..

  8. Josie says

    Hi Tia! So glad to hear all is going well 🙂 I wish I could see pics of Alyssa and Luca. That was fun when we posted photos last time and then took them down. I will try again to join the other site. I’m having movie night tonight so I’m in the process of making a French-style fruit tart for dessert. Movie night consists of ordering a pizza from an authentic Italian restaurant and having friends over. Tonight’s movie is featuring Daniel Craig…My fav!! LOL My husband knows all about my infatuation with DC. What are your plans for the weekend? It is going to be very cold so I’m not super keen about wandering around the city. My in-laws are coming over on Sunday for lunch. That’s about it with me. Have you heard from Lia at all?

  9. Tia :) says

    Josie- It’s funny how we always think as children “when i have a kid i’ll never do that!!” I remember saying that to MY mom when she used to do that to my siblings and me! haha!! Im glad everything is going well with the house! mmm a garden! I can’t wait for that!! I wish you were still on hellorazzi..i could post pictures of Luca like i did to show you Alyssa. Maybe we can think of a way…

    I dont think we’re getting more snow this weekend, just cold weather..let me know how much you guys get!!

    Luca is getting very big. He’s a sweet baby and he’s changing everyday! He looked a lot like Alyssa when he was born, but now he’s starting to look more like his daddy. Alyssa looks more like me. Well, i’ll be on here a bit later to check back with you! talk to you soon!

  10. Niloofar-93 says

    …….hey, you’re going toooo far! you’ve got nothing left to say, keep your comments to yourself!!!

  11. julio cesar says

    Atencion people, ya se que este no es la pagina donde escribir esto pero tengo que decirles esto: no le parece que la foto que se toman los presidentes de Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil etc con Fidel Castro se ven FAKE. El tipo parece una figura de cera. Siempre sale con la misma bata con una cinta roja alrededor. y eso no es todo comparen las fotos anteriores y fijense bien en su cara es la misma expresion. El tipo is GONE for sure y las fotos son un hombre de cera. CREPPY !!!

  12. Josie says

    Tia! I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well and that you’ll be posting more often. I had to laugh when you told me about wrapping Alyssa with a scarf up to her eyes. I remember being a kid and having to do the same thing. Too funny! Hows’ the little guy? He must be getting bigger. I bet he’s a cutie-pie! Yes, it was extremely cold up here too! I did not leave the house for 2 whole days, not even to get the mail from outside. LOL And there’s more for this weekend. Gah! I feel like a hibernating bear. Hubbie and I are doing well. We have had some work done to the house…mostly electrical upgrades. I’m enjoying the decorating part of it. Unfortunately, because it’s winter, I will have to wait until the summer to finish off the rest of the painting. I have a garden in the backyard, so I’m eager to start planting some fresh herbs, like oregano and rosemary, maybe some tomatoes too. Seems so odd talking about summer when there is so much snow outside. Keep warm bella!

  13. Tia :) says

    Hi Josie!
    I missed you too! Sorry i’ve been busy lately. Im going yo hopefully come on here a bit more. The weather is very cold!! We’re going to be under an extreme weather alert this weekend. I hear that Ottawa isn’t much better. Last week was soooo cold! I had to take Luca to the doctors for a check-up and my face hurt just from walking outside to warm up the car to walking back into the house! My poor children have never had so many layers of clothing on before! haha. Alyssa couldnt unterstand why i had her scarf up to her eyes..haha.
    How is the new house and your hubby doing?

  14. Jessica says

    Of Ben’s comment on the meaning of Seraphina’s name, I’m thinking that Violet was let to pick the name so as to include her as part of the birth. Someone mentioned Seraphina was a name in the Barbie princess videos, or some video for little girls. I’m willing to bet that’s where the name came from. If this is true, I think it’s really sweet that she picked her sister’s name.

  15. Josie says

    #29 – Would you prefer that Violet be a bully and beat up other kids in the school yard? Why would you call a small child a “sissy?”

    Hi Tia! So glad to see you on here. I missed you. Nobody from the old group posts on here anymore. How is the weather in Southern ONT ?

  16. Lauren says

    Violet looks so happy and cute, as always. Jen looks gorgeous! Wow! I want to see Seraphina too!

  17. Tia :) says

    I don’t understand why people are so against carrying children. My daughter will be 3 next month and I carry her about all the time. As for celebs, i understand why they carry their children with all the paps and the crazy people around!! I mean, Ben and jen can’t even drop a 3 yr old off at school without be attacked by camera’s!

  18. marlo says

    I think Seraphina is a nice name… not common but at least not made up. It matches Violet perfectly. Violet is a normal name just not heard of that often… I knew a girl named Serafina… we called her Sera for short. I cant stand some of these celebrities who come up with these awful names and who forget that their children arent pets but REAL people who one day will grow up and have to live in the real world!

  19. Aliciasweets85 says

    Oh my goodness I laughed soooo much at that…
    “tomorrow’s STUNNING story…”
    these people really are boring…
    every time there is a garner/affleck post, I like to read all the different comments people make about this extraordinarily DULL family.
    I find it hilarious how many different ways you people can celebrate how lifeless and u-g-l-y this family is.

  20. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Violet is named after Jen’s Grandmother Anne was her
    middle name..It is so nice to see her wearing lipstick
    and make up .. she went to the doctors with Seraphina
    This was done before the doctors appointment ..

    Wow Jen has a lot of energy… Thanks for the photos

  21. foxy says

    I dont think its to early to be out and about, I was shopping less then 24hrs after my second childs birth. Its depends on You and your birth.
    I love seraphina its a lovely name

  22. londoner says

    I hate seeing chn wearing heels, but it seems that J has a pair of flat shoes with her. Chn love having their mums or dads dropping them off to school and its lovely to see V going happily. When i had my 2nd child- my eldest was a nightmare she was three as well and found it really hard to adjust to a new sister.

  23. excuse me says

    Finally she can walk, Jen look like she just got out of the shower, not sure about the name Seraphina, maybe she was named after the South African musical in the 80’s Sarafina.

  24. ice says

    Scarlett: Seraphina is a real name. Just hardly used. It is not a name formed by randomly putting alphabets together. They are more real than those celebs who use Harlow, Zuma, Bronx etc

  25. url says

    I agree – give jenn a break. She just had a baby so why should she be carrying Violet? My doctor even told me to avoid stairs when possible.
    Actually, this scene looks more normal than Katie Holmes carrying Suri (who will be 3 in about 2.5 months) around EVERYWHERE like an infant. Now, that’s something to criticize. Let’s not criticize the normal!

  26. Josie says

    2 teens: I agree! That is so cute…the wrinkled tights and the Dorothy Gale ruby shoes/slippers 🙂

    Not all mothers are capable of lifting and carrying around their children all the time. I can’t carry a child over 15 pounds due to my bad back. My child will have to learn at a young age that mom can’t carry him/her around and he/she will have to learn to walk sooner. Thankfully Pilates has been a great help. I highly recommend it to all women pre-and post-natal.

  27. Sarah says

    I agree that it’s great Jen isn’t carrying Violet so soon after giving birth, but I see nothing wrong with carrying a three year old around. Not all the time, but for short distances from the car to the school, I think it’s sweet. My son is four and I still carry him from the car to the grocery store if the mood strikes me. It’s nice because they are already on your level when the mood strikes and you decide to plant them with a kiss.

    PS: Scarlett, I don’t think Violet & Seraphina are weird names. Old fashioned & Unusual , yes, but not weird.

  28. joueala says

    wow!!! she’s gorgeous just 14 days after giving birth!! jen is just an ordinary mom.. if i dont know she’s a celebrity then i wont know… i like this seeing violet walking than seeing her carried because she’s already 3 years old!!!

    im wondering what place will the paparazzi snap them aside from SCHOOL!!! it has always been SCHOOL

  29. says

    i think that jennifer looks great after giving birth and i love violet she seems so happy to be a big sister and i be that seraphina is gorgous just like her sister i dont have a problem with celebs holding there children i bet its for saftey from the paparazzi..

    i want to see sereaphina

  30. colle says

    This is the most popular school for these constant pictures. We must have seen this headline about 50 times by now on this site. Tomorrow’s STUNNING story- Violet GOING HOME from school!

  31. Jenna says

    I wasn’t sure if she had a VB or C-section, but I am glad that she is not carrying her either, although I understand she was when pregnant because of a stalker (someone mentioned on another site).

    I was surprised to see her out so early, but realized that Ben is in DC. Her mother-in-law must have been home with the baby.

  32. Jessica in Canada says

    I’m so glad she’s not carrying Violet. Too many of my friends carry their other kids after they have another baby. When they say not to lift, vacuum, climb stairs, etc. after having a baby (even for vaginal births) that means not carrying kids either! It can be hard if you have a toddler, but it’s worth the wait to your pelvic floor to wait the full 6 weeks!

  33. Cindy says

    Jennifer looks wonderful! Her hair looks wet like she just got out of the shower. That’s what I love about her, she’s so real. Violet is a pet, always happy. Good parents.

  34. Scarlett says

    Another actress naming there child something weird. I know Voilet was named after Jennifers granny. A family name. This other name is just plain odd. I thought this family was real but now I wonder.

  35. violetsky says

    I think that Jennifer is doing really well, considering she has just given birth.
    Although, I think she should of given herself a break and asked someone else to take Violet to school, its to soon for her to be doing to much. (Has it been 10 days yet?)

  36. Jenna says

    Jennifer does look great.

    It is weird to see Violet walking along side of her mother, rather than having Jennifer carry her.

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