Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou Expecting Their First Child Together



Kimora Lee Simmons and actor Djimon Hounsou are expecting their first child together, a source close to the couple told Us magazine.

Kimora, 33, has two daughters, Ming Lee, 8, and Aoki Lee, 6, with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, whom she divorced in 2008 after nearly 10 years of marriage. 

“I have a lot of hang-ups in life with men. I’m not very trusting,” she told Harper’s Bazaar last year. “After my breakup, I thought, ‘I don’t need anything.'”

But after meeting Djimon in February 2007, she said, “I have someone who has the heart, the soul, and the hotness.”

Added Dmijon, “My first impression has always been the same, that she’s a very beautiful lady, very capable and intelligent and smart with great family values. She’s the least high-maintenance lady I’ve ever dated.” 

Asked if she wanted more kids, Kimora told Us magazine last September, “I would love to. I practice everyday.”

Best Wishes!

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  2. Aliciasweets85 says

    She got with Simmons because she wanted to move from modeling to the fashion business, but not until she pumped out a few of his kids, so that she could secure herself some Simmons-money for the rest of her life.
    Now she’s with Dijimon because she probably wants either herself, or one of her spoiled-brat daughters to get into the acting business…once she does that, she will DUMP Djimon (just like she did Simons) and take half his money also (just like she did Simmons) because she purposely had a c hild of his-just to ensure herself a payday-so that once she gets what she wants out of him, she can DUMP him, with half his cash in her greedy fist! (JUST LIKE SHE DID SIMMONS)
    I really can’t stand her.
    And black men fall all over themselves to get with her. It’s just Disgusting.

  3. Miapocca says

    The kids is going to be MODEL beautiful..TALL for one thing, because both parents are TALL..and just beautiful..

    She is a tall woman..

    He actually is a spkesperson of sorty for UN refugees…

    Chances of this relationship becoming permanent is 0 to Nil..she is seriously independent and still stuck up with ex hubands old company and she is difficult to deal with

    He is too down to earth to put up with Diva for too long unless she just plays a ROLE on tv


  4. Niloofar-93 says

    Oh……..I know that football is the number one sport there, and I thought that, you love football, too!!!, in Iran, people,even, kill themselves for it!!!!!, I LOVE this sport, and I play it very good!!!

  5. Niloofar-93 says

    Cindy- Thanks alot, and about Googoosh, oh, I love her, she has lots of fans here 🙂

    Kayleigh- I’m a big fan of Arsenal.

  6. Cindy says

    I think Michelle is going too far now!

    You are very young Niloofar, but very mature. I have friends from Iran. Beautiful people.

  7. Niloofar-93 says

    I know that you’re from England, I meant, which city??? 🙂

    Michelle- it’s in front of your eyes, can’t you see??

  8. Niloofar-93 says

    Well, if you meant, where I’m from, I should say that I’m Iranian and I’m living in the capital city,Tehran, how about u???

  9. Kayleigh says

    Michelle…don’t ever talk about my patients…maybe you should go into that profession and have someone talk about the people you look after…..see whether you’ll still be saying the same thing!

  10. Kayleigh says

    No Cindy I don’t have a split personality, I’m perfectly sane =)

    Nilo It’s Wednesday Night right now =)

  11. Niloofar-93 says

    Cindy- I’m 15 yr!!! and the “93” after my name is to show this!!! I was born in 21 April 1993!!!!

  12. Niloofar-93 says

    well, is there Thursday, today!!!???

    Michelle- U are such a PARAZIT!!! who are u?? a server???

  13. Cindy says

    Well, Kayleigh, to each his own. It is funny to watch people get all crazy here, I have to agree. I just don’t get why you would want to be the cause of it in such an mean way. If you are lovely in real life do you have split personality??? It’s a real condition, perhaps you should check yourself in. LOL

    Thanks Niloofar. 🙂 No, how old are you?

  14. Niloofar-93 says

    wow……, you’re welcome 🙂
    are you working right now???

    p.s: “I understood a new word!!!”

  15. Niloofar-93 says

    Thanks cindy,you’re nice too:), but do u know how old am I??

    Kayleigh- what???
    c’mon, please speak clearly, I’m not very good at english!!!

  16. Cindy says

    You are a very nice person, Niloofar. I mean it, I am not being sarcastic. I wish I could be more like you, but certain people make it difficult.

  17. Kayleigh says

    ‘Oh no, Kayleigh you’re a nurse, with dementia patients! If you get off on getting people riled up here, what do you do there? I can only imagine!’

    I help them that’s what I do! It’s the internet, people have different opinions…..don’t assume that how I act on here is how I act in real life!! I do it cos I know it winds people up and it’s funny to watch….If you knew me in person, you’d think I was lovely……and I ain’t just saying that!

  18. Niloofar-93 says

    Well, as I told I’m really happy about your job, I’M SURE that you are good at it, you seem a patient girl, and patience is necessary for nurses like my mom, she works in the Norocerjery ward……
    I know that you don’t like me, and sometimes just you wanna string me along, but I don’t hate you, like most of the people here!!!!!! lol….. specially , now when I know your awesome job!!!

  19. Cindy says

    Oh no, Kayleigh you’re a nurse, with dementia patients! If you get off on getting people riled up here, what do you do there? I can only imagine!

    BTW, there were many other mistakes you made, I only pointed out the one that people do that drive me nuts! It’s not minor either, it’s an entirely wrong word.

  20. Kayleigh says

    Lmao! I’ll tell you why they haven’t fired me dear…it’s cause I’m good at my job and I know what I’m doing! Trust you to involve my patients in your sad little comment! Classy eh?! NOT!

  21. Kayleigh is cuckoo says

    Just like the patients she works with! I’m surprised they haven’t fired her as*s yet!

  22. Kayleigh says

    Yes I’m a nurse and Nilo I talk to the patients just fine! It’s just sooo easy to wind everyone up here….sorry to say it but it is! No one is ever gonna meet anyone of here so it’s funny to see everyone getting so riled up, why don’t people just let it go over their heads??

    Nilo I work with people who have Dementia and Mental Health!…….go on….i’ll now wait for the sarcastic comments to arrive!

  23. Niloofar-93 says

    Unfortunately, most of my comments are awaiting moderation, WHY????

    Kayleigh- I can’t believe, really?? you’re a nurse?? my mother is a nurse, too!! so, IN FACT, I’m gald about your job!!! but it’s tooooooooo strange, POOR the pationts!!! how do you talk to them??? is it like your comments????or it’s worse???…….which ward do you work????

    anyway, have a nice time , and enjoy working,dear!!!!!

  24. Kayleigh says

    Oh dear, look at you pin pointing out one minor mistake…get your head outta your arse!

    I’m a nurse if you really want to know, infact I’m about to leave for my shift so have a good day!

  25. Cindy says

    And what job do you do? I am gathering it is one that doesn’t require too much intelligence since you used the word “to” when you should have used the word “too”.

  26. Kayleigh says

    Cindy I’m not hateful far from it! haha and certainly not strange…I don’t think the word ‘strange’ would go down to well in the job i do! ha

  27. Cindy says

    I am sure Josie is a decent person, anyone who cares that much about racism (as displaced as it was) must be a good person…but I don’t know how she won this argument and gained all support. Yes, Unreal is a jerk and Kayleigh is offensive but Josie was close to as bad with her ridiculous, childish, argumentative comments! Maybe we all need to get a life…I know I must for getting involved in this crap!

  28. Niloofar-93 says

    JOSIE- Now I TOTALLY agree with you 🙂

    2TEENS- Thanx ALOT 🙂

    UNREAL- we have another gang here which is full of AWESOME people who always have logical reasons for their speeches. GET A LIFE.

    KAYLEIGH- This is not your website, and I don’t need your permission to post a comment, ANYMORE.
    and this is not the sutaible website for you to post your NASTY comments!!! GO AND FIND ANOTHER.

  29. excuse me says

    er just to add please get rid of beard sir! and she does appear high maintance she wrote a book about being fabulous.

  30. excuse me says

    He is a black man you find some like(very dark as the night) that then you find some like Will Smith i have also seen some very pale white people like Kirsten Dunst or Dakota Fanning. keep the peace.

  31. Nicole says

    You know what I find hilarious? No one has a problem telling a white person that they need a tan. Isn’t that a double standard? Are you people retarded or just too stupid to see the similarity there?

  32. carleigh says

    Nice to see the resident fruits and nuts are out in full force on here today, how sad is this bickering over NOTHING!!

    For the record, I think Kimora Lee is a gold digging, pain in the a** diva who looks like a freakin’ transvestite with expensive clothing. She is just large as in BIG BONED and very, very unattractive to me. The man who cares what color he is whether it be purple, blue, black, red or white or any other friggin color…..he is obviously an African American with a darker than average complexion…you people act as if you have never seen this before.

    Grow up and get over yourselves already!!!

    Hi to the ladies, you guys know who you are too!!

  33. The real Unreal says

    Cindy, where do you live? Were you serious about us getting together? You sound like a fun person. I hope Kayleigh can join us too. I’m having way too much fun with you guys. I think we need a name for our gang. We should call ourselves The Three Koukarachas!

  34. j says

    This is the real J, not the J who made the comment in #49, in case anyone was fooled, which I doubt. It seems most people on this board are intelligent and can take an observation for what it is, an observation. I don’t live in a small town, I happen to live in the capital of one of the largest states in the nation. And I see and work with people of all races and nationalities all the time. If people can comment on Kimora, then there is no reason not to comment on the father. My husband and I were talking about this and sometimes it seems that the issue of color can’t be left behind by the people who are so quick to say it doesn’t matter. If they said that someone was very pale or very redheaded or very blond or very blue eyed or very freckled, I wouldn’t take offense. Just as if I were very dark, and someone commented on that, I wouldn’t take offense. It’s just a fact.

  35. Cindy (the real one) says

    Hey! I didn’t write #62 comment, for the record. I am the real Cindy who just pokes sleeping giants, or doesn’t let sleeping dogs lay or whatever.

  36. Cindy says

    Oh Unreal you are being so naughty. I’m going to have to spank your white a*s*s and make it all pink and red! Maybe we can have a play date this week and arrange for that to happen. Kayleigh do you want to join us? You girls are so much fun! hahaha

  37. Unreal says

    And show some respect, the “g” is God is capital! You respect skin colour by not our Lord Jesus. Hypocrite!

  38. 2teens says

    Kayleigh, why are you telling Niloo to bugger off? She can post wherever and whenever she wants! Anyone can chime in.

    Hi Josie, Thanks for the compliment 😀

  39. Unreal says

    Josie – Thank God someone backed you up so you can show your face again…making no sense though, of course. “It won’t last long”? What is that? Going to call the cops? Freedom of speech baby, don’t like it, don’t read it. Plus, you pretty much started it all! Fool! You are the exact type of person who gets off on all this. I never was, but must admit it can be entertaining….

  40. Josie says

    Thank you Niloofar! When I am passionate about something I can become that way. I appreciate your kindness. And your honesty 🙂

  41. Niloofar-93 says

    Josie- I think I agree with you but not totally!!!
    I know that what you mean and I agree with your opinion but not with the way of your speaking, here!!!, it was ABIT like bashing!!!!!

    Kayleigh(#53)- you are too, most of the people can’t accept their problems ,easily!!!

  42. Kayleigh says

    Yeah Josie cause you’re never wrong are you?! *sigh* always making other people out to be in the wrong but never yourself!

  43. Josie says

    Hi 2teens! So glad to see you on here 🙂 Thanks for backing me up. Thank god for people like you that are level-headed and intelligent!!

    I can see that the circus is still in town. The clowns are still hamming it up in style!! Have fun ladies because it won’t last long.

    j – I can see that you are a person with integrity and I accept your apology. It’s too bad that others couldn’t follow your example and admit to the err of their ways.

  44. Kayleigh says

    OMFG!!! Get the hell over it peoples!! It was an observation ‘he is very skinned’ that J made….and yes I was thinking the same too! It does NOT mean we are ra.scists…just an observation!

    You lot need to get your heads outta your arses and stop being little shi.t stirrers trying to provoke everyone….and Unreal I COMPLETELY agree with you!

  45. Cindy says

    The term “dark people” is likely inappropriate too. Yes, here I am poking the sleeping giant again. hahaha I’m allowed.

  46. j says

    I just wanted to apologize to everyone for my comment earlier. I did not realize that it would have such an effect on everybody.
    Josie, I’m really sorry that you found my comment offensive. I hope you can forgive and forget. I live in a small town where everyone is white and I don’t see dark people very often. I realize now that my comment was disrespectful and rude.
    Unreal, I appreciate you coming to my defense but I think it’s time to forgive and forget. I think you are taking this matter too personally. There is no need to get so aggressive about this.
    Please everyone can we just stop arguing about this.

  47. Unreal says

    Agrressive, sure. But immature, not. Look at pathetic Josie telling me to go back to Teletubbies and my playpen. Real mature. I know now why I never comment on sites like these, so many stupid catty women! I’ve learned my lesson.

  48. 2teens says

    I happen to agree with Josie. The statement “he’s very dark” is inappropriate.
    “Unreal” you are immature in your postings and way more aggressive than Josie, it really does nothing to support your argument and frankly you come off as a tad flighty… maybe your name should be “unstable”.

  49. Unreal says

    I’ve never posted a comment on a blog site before now, I just like to look. But that pathetic Josie character kept getting under my skin and I just had to. And you Nik, you are no better. Like Cindy said, you are purposefully just stirring it up again yourself. You have no right to point fingers after making a comment like that!

  50. Cindy says

    It was only sleeping a couple of hours…kinda looks like you might be stirring it up again yourself. As if Unreal and Kayleigh aren’t going to respond to this, as if you didn’t think of that. Talk about being someone else.

  51. Nik says

    Some of you have way too much time on your hands!

    Kayleigh you shouldn’t be talking. As I recall you were not the most pleasant person to deal with a few posts back! How quickly you forgot the insults you were making towards others on here.

    Unreal, you’ve got some nerve pretending to be someone else. You must be a regular poster on here that is too cowardly to leave comments under your regular name. Who knows what kind of nasty comments you’ve made in the past and don’t want to reveal yourself. People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    Josie, I completely understand what you are saying but I wouldn’t waste a moment of your time and energy trying to get through to some people on here.

    Cindy, you can’t let sleeping dogs lie, can you?

  52. Unreal says

    Gbaby: you’re right, I feel stupid now getting sucked into it…but I will pass on the instant messaging. lol

  53. j says

    #26, I didn’t say he was “too dark” as you stated, I said he was very dark. And as I stated before, everyone makes comment on how people look, that doesn’t make it ra*cist.

  54. Unreal says

    Oh, have I been dismissed? Too bad. The darkness of his skin is no more relevant than her size. Many people would be insulted to be called huge but you did not have a problem with those comments. Also, you were never talking “with” me you were talking “at” me, which seems to be your MO. I have been looking checking out this site for awhile and you have a really crappy attitude, always getting in these little tiffs with people. Most people can’t stand know-it-all holier-than-thou attitudes like yours, I bet you have no friends in the real world. You are a pathetic. Oh yes, “Africian” was a typo, I am not perfect.
    PS. Human nature says you will read this, whether you respond or not…fool! hahaha

  55. Josie says

    #27 – How old are you #27? because I feel as I’m dealing with a 2 year old! Pathetic is someone that turns their back on a ra*cist comment and thinks there is nothing wrong in pointing out that someone is “too dark.” We’re not talking about a pair of shoes here, we’re talking about a person, a real human being. Djimon Hounsou is a remarkable actor and I’m sure, a perfect gentleman too. The darkness of his skin should be irrelevant. I suggest you return to watching your favourite tv show ‘The Teletubbies’. Hopefully in another 15 years, you will be able to carry on a more insightful and intelligent conversation, one that goes beyond the confines of your playpen. FYI, the word is spelled African NOT Africian! I’m done talking with you!

  56. Unreal says

    What is wrong with being “so black” or “so Africian” or “so dark”??? Why are you implying that there is? Your comments are so much worse than #18. It’s people like you interpreting things this way that make there be a problem! Defending someone does not make me their spokesperson, I think #18 spoke just fine for him/herself. You are a little bit pathetic, Josie. Can’t have much of a life either getting so worked up like you are. **rolling eyes**

  57. Josie says

    #24 – I’m just making an “observation!” Not so much fun when the tables are turned is it? Why don’t you let #18 speak for herself. Who made you her spokesperson? I’ve heard that “he/she is so dark” comment enough times to know that it is a ra*cial slur and a very negative one at that. Why don’t you get real, Ms. Unreal! Call me what you will, one thing is for sure, I’m no ra*cist!! Making comments about someone with a big head, big feet, big nose…can apply to any person, but making a comment about a person’s skin colour, is a blatant attack at someone’s race. The comment “he’s so dark” reads (to me) as “he’s so black”, or “he’s so African”…Is there anything positive about those comments?!

  58. Unreal says

    Wow, Josie RELAX! Defensive aren’t we? I think #18 was just making a comment equivalent to “she’s huge”. Why aren’t you attacking the people saying that as it could also be looked at as discrimination (against huge people)? He is dark. That is just a statement that is neither negative or positive, like the fact that she is huge. Maybe you are the prejudice one!

  59. Josie says

    #18 – Saying someone is “very dark” or “very yellow” or “very white” is just asking for trouble. Your comment sounds ra*cist to me. It sounds as if you #18, have an issue with his skin colour, otherwise you wouldn’t mention it. That’s a shame!

  60. Jane says

    I feel sorry for him being stuck with that self -centered, high maintenance diva for the rest of his life!

  61. j says

    I don’t really have a point # 11, just a an observation. Like people are saying Kimora is big (I think she is very pretty), I am just stating a fact that he is very dark. Like saying someone is big, pretty, light, etc.

  62. Wow! says

    She is a huge woman! Not fat – just big, as in large. Amazonian… I wonder how tall she is? She’s got some “big bones” – she looked huge next to Russell Simmons too. Now, with all that said – she and all her hugeness sure is successful!! You go girl, I guess…

    Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and baby!

  63. Gbaby says

    shes not big shes just very tall, you can however tell shes pregnant because shes usually slimmer than that

  64. Gbaby says

    wow congratulations i hope they have a boy. i cant wait to see what the baby looks like. probably gorgeous.

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