Jerry O'Connell Debuts His Twin Daughters!



Jerry O’Connell introduced his twin daughters on Live with Regis and Kelly today!

“I don’t want to be one of those guys who is like, ‘Look at my babies,’ ” Jerry, 34, said, joking with Kelly Ripa while cohosting the show on Friday. “The second you have kids, you can’t help but be like, ‘I happen to have some photos of my children.’ ” 

Jerry and wife Rebecca Romijn welcomed twin girls, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip, on December 28th.

Since becoming a first-time dad, Jerry is learning a lot – and has become a bit health and hygiene-obsessed. 

“I do wash my hands all the time,” he said, noting that he also picked up one important tip: How to properly change his daughters’ diapers and wipe. “Front to back,” Jerry noted, prompting laughs from Kelly and the audience. 

One other tip to parents: Speak to children like they are adults. 

“I really try to not speak in baby talk,” he said. “I want them to be intelligent.” 

As for his growing family, Jerry said he’s super-thrilled that he has twins. “These are my first kids and Rebecca’s first kids, and you can’t imagine just have one. It’s so much fun to have two of them. You throw them in the crib and they just play with each other.” 

Jerry also credited his wife for being so hands on. 

“I have to give a lot of kudos to my wife,” he told Kelly. “[She] is now waking up every three hours and doing what we call the ‘Double Football,’ ” Jerry said. “They eat at the same time!” 


  1. Analise says

    24. MOMX3 You’re a moron. The important thing is a healthy baby. Breastfeeding may be natural, but it’s not the only thing.

  2. Analise says

    22. Stacia: What other parents think is irrelevant. A good number of those parents think it’s okay to watch Oprah and the news in front of their kids, too.

  3. Myrna says

    there is no image no picture nothing!! am I the only one that can’t not see the picture? helppppppp!!!

  4. Kayleigh says

    Hi Cindy! Please don’t change your name because I won’t know its you after. We need a code so I can know that it’s you. How about sleeping giants? So when you change your name, just say sleeping giants and I’ll know it’s you. K?


  5. Cindy (the real one) says

    What cute babies! I think baby talk is ok to a degree, they all level out and talk the same in the end. It’s neat when children are advanced but probably easier if they aren’t so that they aren’t bored in school or singled out for their intelligence.

    I see I am going to have to pick a new name, I sure don’t want to be mixed up with that Cindy. She’s a nasty one.

  6. MOMX3 says

    People who dislike cheering about breastfeeding clearly know that it’s better for their kids and feel GUILTY about not doing it.

  7. Stacia says

    i dont like baby talk either, but i have to say that MOST parents think their child is “beyond their age group”…thats not to say your child isn’t #20 Analise, but most parents think so of their own child. I’m a preschool teacher, and every parent i meet feels the same way of their own.. or most do anyways.

  8. Analise says

    We didn’t allow any baby talk around our daughter. She’s beyond her age group. Guess we did something right.

    I’m amazed there haven’t been comments about him being concerned with germs. And I hate when people cheer about breastfeeding.

    Cute girls though and congrats to Jerry and Rebecca.

  9. Wow! says

    Regarding baby talk, well, I think the girls won’t be more intelligent just because they can speak better than other kids. Intelligence will show in the future and there are a lot of factors they can add to what they have from birth genetically speaking. Cute girls and good for her she has chosen to nurse them!!!

  10. pixiedust says

    Lol at every other comment correcting a previous one! Everyone is an expert so its seems…

    Cute babies.

  11. joueala says

    are they fraternal twins??

    i thought rebecca and jerry are going to have fraternal twin girls…

  12. what? says

    Yay for her nursing and he needs to research baby talk….it’s a very good thin and doesn’t make babies dumb. Maybe his mom didn’t do babytalk because that was a DUMB statement on his part.

  13. Josie says

    #13 – Football is a male sport. Men have a tendency to retain information that reminds them of a sport they are familiar with. I’m sure we are all aware of the “football hold” when it comes to feeding infants. It’s like one of those expressions: “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” Clearly, the term “football hold” was adopted from the medical professionals, with the way football players hold the ball. The term is now used to explain to parents how to hold the infant when it is time for a feeding. Of course, nurses and doctors are now making reference to the “football hold.” Did doctors make this reference 100 years ago? I don’t think so.

  14. MOMX3 says

    Football hold isn’t just a male term, I’ve had three kids and every doctor and nurse has made a reference to it.

    It’s supposed to be the most comfortable position to breastfeed in if you’ve had a c-section. Kudos to her for being able to hold two of them this way. 🙂

  15. hannahmumma says

    I saw him on regis and kelly yesterday and he showed those 3 photos and they are adorable girls and they were smiling!

  16. Angela says

    I like how he’s not trying to sale pictures of them to the magazines like most celebrities do. They are so cute! I know how he’s feeling though I am due to give birth in June, and this is my first child so I’m excited too. Baby talk is overrated, I hope my mom doesn’t do it! lol

  17. url says

    One of the babies doesn’t look too comfortable with her neck/ head turned like that. Looks like torticollis. Poor thing: she was probably cramped in the womb.

  18. kat says

    I am not critising Jerry but baby talk is actually good for babies. It is also known as ‘motherease’ or ‘parentease’ look it up

  19. Josie says

    It’s funny how men tend to remember terms that have to do with sports i.e. “double football hold” LOL
    I also agree with Jerry’s comment about speaking to infants as if they are adults and not using “baby talk.” It drives me nuts when I have to hear baby talk from adults. Some terms are tolerable like “binkie” (for blanket) or “baba” (for milk) but not whole sentences. It can get annoying really fast.

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