Lisa Marie Presley Introduces Her Twin Daughters


Elvis Presley’s only daughter, Lisa Marie, proudly shows off her 3-month-old daughters Finley and Harper in the new issue of People magazine. 

“I really wanted these babies,” shared Lisa Marie, 40, who tried for two years to get pregnant before conceiving the twins. 

“My blood was too thick and would clot, which caused several miscarriages,” she told People magazine. “The moment I took blood thinners, I got pregnant.”

Lisa Marie and her guitarist husband Michael Lockwood, 47, also share their LA home with Lisa Marie’s children from a previous marriage: daughter Riley, 19, and son Benjamin, 16. 

Life for their family of six is “chaotic bliss,” said Lisa Marie. 

The outspoken star – who proudly bared her baby bump after tabloids accused her of having an “unhealthy appetite” – also opens up about losing her baby weight. 

“I was unable to see my toes by the fourth month,” she admitted. “But I only gained 30 lbs. total. I worked out up until the seventh month.” 


  1. says

    #17 Twins have to do with multiple eggs or eggs splitting which is a female issue. Therefore they run through the maternal line.

    Although you can have twins in the father side, that isn’t relevant on a woman odds of having twins.

  2. Charlie says

    aww would you have a look at those lil angels ** there gorgoues i reckon they look like there daddy though, maybe when they get older they mite have a bit of lisa marie Congrats again to lisa marie and her hubby

  3. hannahmumma says

    elvis had a twin brother named jesse aron that died in child birth……that could have something to do with lisa marie having twins!!!!

  4. Naomi - UK says

    Ok so lots of people are havin IVF recently, celebs and others, which has increased the rate of multible births, but just because she has trouble conceiving and because she had twins doesnt not mean thta lisa had IVF! I busg me when people asume that!

    The girls are gorgeous, what a cute pair! x x x

  5. Niloofar-1993 says

    even though, I wasn’t born during ELVIS PRESELY’S lifetime, but I really LOVE him.
    babies are adorable 🙂

  6. says

    ….Wondering if Lisa Marie’s twins are another case of “celebrity In Vitro” ? There are SO MANY of them these days…..???

  7. NIKKI says

    Echo-ing the previous comments: the babies are gorgeous! All 3 of them glow and look very healthy and happy 🙂

  8. Kay says

    I don’t blame her for wanting to show them off….they’re beautiful! Elvis would be a proud Grandpa to them and also his other two grandchildren.

  9. Sharrie says

    oh what pretty babies. Best of luck to Lisa and her husband. I felt so bad for her when the tabloids basically and so publically said she was getting fat. Its a shame that she had to go public to say she was getting “fat” because she was pregnant. The paps are so nasty and intrusive….

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