Ben Affleck & His Mother Pick Up Violet From School


Ben Affleck and his mother were snapped once again picking up Violet from school in Santa Monica. 

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  1. joueala says

    can’t he put violet down??? and his mother is always with them now… before, i can’t see his mother with them when he picks up violet…

  2. QTPie says

    I once said that all we saw was Jen at the park with Vi. I got my head bit off like I was saying something negative. I just meant that it was like the same picture over and over and over again. Now with the school…

  3. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Yes for the last 4 years we had to see Brad and Angie
    picking up Zahara and Maddox and Pax from world wide
    schools.. with their knapsacks.. That was not pimping them out.. so what is the difference..!!

    Pimping means getting money for it .. they get nada nothing for it.. so let the paps do their jobs and if you
    don’t like it move on to the next one O.K.!

  4. yayaya says

    Jen have a good husband:)
    Niloo i think that u wante to say that your father come and take u from school…………

  5. boo girl says

    27, when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were shown on this site picking up their kids, some people on here went on and on about them just pimping out their kids for example, that they should have the nanny pick them up, or don’t use the front entrence. I personally don’t think that at all, all of these Celebs are just doing what all parents do and the paps should back off, especially with something like picking up their kids, for all celebs. But I wonder why some of the people on this site hold different standards to different people. That was what I was trying to get at.

  6. catsue says

    Although I like looking at this site and all the other Hollywood baby photos, I just don’t think it’s right for photogs to basically stalk the schools for the celebrity kids. I mean, let the kids go to school without being harrassed by cameras every day. Fair game if they are out in public, but the whole school thing is disturbing (especially for the other non-Hollywood students there also!)

  7. Sunny says

    22- how is picking up your kids from school pimping them out? The paps are there and out of their control.

  8. Stacia says

    i like this couple a lot, & i think violet is just the cutest little thing! HOWEVER….how many pictures of Matt and/or Jennifer picking up/dropping off Violet at school??? Enough is enough….

    Just think though, maybe soon enough, it will still be that same exact photo, except with Seraphina in the mix too..Oooooh how exciting. Haha. 😛

  9. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Since when have anyone else said that.. there are plenty
    of pix of Sarah and Matt taking there son to school nada
    nothing negative.. There are a lot of pix of celebrity kids
    going to school.. Only people that call them “Pimping a
    kid out” is the comment page.. or the press.. not the

  10. L.Lodhi says

    obvioiusly running out of pics as all they seem to do on here is put pics of this family picking up their child from school.

  11. boo girl says

    Wow, other celebs are photographed taking or picking up their kids and everyone jumps on them that they are just pimping out their kids, or doing it for publicity, but when Jen and Ben do it, it is cute and nice? Hipocritical just a little don’t you think?

  12. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Yes she does have the longest legs of a three year old..
    I thnk she likes to be held..His mother was wearing jeans
    yesterday.. and another skirt one from Florence and one
    from France..It must be a slow Baby Razzie day when they
    have people you never heard of before having babies.

  13. accalia says

    #16, no matter what the people on this site will always have something to complain about. i could not agree with u more.

  14. Sunny says

    She is just the cutest kid!!! I certainly wouldn’t let my little one walk in a swarm of paparazzi. And 3 year olds can’t wait to jump in Daddy’s arms afer school! She’s sweet.

  15. DMITZ says

    #12 – Would you let your 3 year old walk in a swarm of paparrazzi? I sure wouldn’t!! I think it’s sweet to see how attentive Ben and Jen are towards Violet. I bet if Violet were trailing behind and Ben were ahead talking or texting on his phone it would be, “Pay attention to your daughter Ben! With all those paps around you can tend to your phone later!”

  16. Eli says

    Must be another slow babyrazzi news day…oh let’s post another picture of Violet being picked up from school.

  17. jamie says

    #8 #6 #5 are soooo right on . My husband and i noticed the skirt and same facial expressions. LOL LOL

  18. says

    little violet is so sweet and cute i bet she loes her sister and im glad that bens momma came to help with the new baby so jen and ben could have alt least some alone time with vi

  19. NSGirl says

    His Mom must have only brough one skirt! It’s the same one she was wearing in the photo on the site from a few days ago! Nice to see Moms of celebs wearing clothes more than once!

  20. colle says

    I am SO TIRED of these SAME BORING, BORING pictures over and over again of these people at this school!!! Show other celebrities and kids ALREADY!!!

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