Naomi's Secret To Quickly Losing The Baby Weight


On Monday Naomi Watts had already regained her pre-baby figure, as evidenced at the New York premiere of her partner Liev Schreiber’s film Defiance. Naomi welcomed son Samuel on December 16th!

How is this possible?!

“I’m breast feeding,” Naomi, 40, told People magazine about her routine with Samuel Kai Schreiber. “And he’s sucking it all out of me, it seems. And when the baby comes out, it’s a lot of weight right there.”

Naomi, 40, and Liev, 41, also have another son, Alexander Pete Schreiber, born in July 2007.

“They’re very different,” Naomi said of her two boys. “[Sammy]’s more fragile, in a way. But I don’t know, maybe I’ve forgotten how small they are. [Alexander] is only 18 months old.

“And I’ve also got this big baby right here,” she said, pointing to Liev at her side on the red carpet.

“We had Sasha when we were shooting this movie in Lithuania. So it’s kind of a treat for the movie to be out … and now we’ve got Sammy,” said Liev.

“We have a great nanny,” explained Liev when asked who was watching their two young sons.

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  1. says

    It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.

  2. Dnice says

    Naomi looks awesome. I think different strokes for different folks all of our bodies are different and react differently. People lose weight quickly for different reasons. If you work out during your pregnancy, there is a good chance you could lose the weight quickly. But diet and genetics play a role as well. Not to mention being able to hire a nanny and personal trainer to be at your disposal.

  3. susie says

    Naomi is beautiful, great actress, she’s small so bound to loose baby weight fast, just same as Nicole.

  4. Lauren says

    I really don’t understand what the rush is to lose the baby weight. Sure, they want to look good but what happened to just bonding with your child instead of focusing to lose the weight?

  5. Kate says

    Emer, sweetie, Sasha is a nickname for Alexander in Ukraine (where Liev has heritage). Therefore, they call him Sasha because of his heritage. And, it’s just a nickname!

  6. Emer says

    Why the hell do they always call their kid Sasha if his name is Alexander???? Why not just call him Sasha? Even tho Sasha is a GIRLS name

  7. joueala says

    naomi’s beatiful… i think only her stomach grew big during her pregnancy… that’s why it isn’t hard for her to get rid of her baby weight…

    she has the figure but isn’t it just an illusion shown by the big belt??

  8. Charlie says

    wow she looks terrific my sister in law said the same thing that while she breastfed with my niece she lost the weight and now shes tiny.. as naomi i say the same thing about my bf i call him my big baby : )

  9. Collette uk says

    Num 10 BG I put alot with first +she was 5wk prem 6ib 2ib heavier than average 35wk +2nd preganancy gained 20ib daughter 2wk prem 7ib +i lost 2st 6ib by time she was week old she 2 now +lost just under 4st

  10. Collette uk says

    I did loose 2st 6ib by time my second child week old+didnt bf her did with my first+i ended up gaining 2stone+that im stil tryin loose eventhough ive lost just under 4st +my daughter 6+2

  11. Just me says

    I thnk she looks great … slim but healthy!!
    But, mark my words, she will lose more weight until her cheeks look guant.

  12. BG says

    If you only gain the recommended weight during your pregnancy, I am not sure what the big deal is. Celebrities, being in the public eye, probably take better care of themselves during pregnancy than most and therefore bounce back the way you should.

    I have two kids and was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes almost right away (wore pre-pregnancy jeans home from the hospital with my second). No fad diets or crazy exercise but I ate healthy during the pregnancies and gained 20-25 pounds as my doctor recommended. Being pregnanct is not a license to pack on the pounds like so many women do then wonder why they have a hard time taking it off.

  13. Kim says

    She looks great.

    But I have to say…I am so tired of h-wood types who say “oh the b-feeding made me lose all my weight in a months!”….or my personal favorite…”I stay in shape by running after my toddler”.

    WHAT? I did/do that and didnt’ shed weight THAT quickly. they may as well just say – it’s my genes and the fact that I work out a lot and watch like a hawk what I eat.

  14. Jenn says

    8 days after I had my first daughter, my stomach was flat. But I only weighed 105 when I got pregnant and was 125 full-term! I wish I was still that way, now it’s a year after my 6th child and I haven’t lost one pound! so while it *is* possible, it’s rare and the more kids you have, the harder it gets to lose it!

  15. Eli says

    Naomi looks great! When you are in the entertainment industry it does not matter how you get your body back (spanx, mommy tuck) as long as you get it back as soon as possible after giving birth!

  16. AM says

    The visual imagery of Naomi’s comment “sucking it right out of me” is crass. I also don’t believe that breastfeeding helps ALL women lose the pregnancy weight. There are many woman that breastfeed and they are by no means as thin as Naomi. Each woman’s body and their weight loss potential has a lot to do with genetics and metabolism, so if you are pre-disposed to being chubby or fat, then no matter how much that kid “sucks it outta you” you will not be as thin as a Hollywood star. It takes exercise and lots of it!

  17. boo says

    Some women are just Lucky!! 🙂
    I gave birth to my 3rd child 7 weeks ago, am breastfeeding exclusively and I am still struggling to lose the baby weight..
    I’m sure it will come off eventually, but I’m in no rush….it took me 9 mos to put the weight on, so I’m giving myself at least that much time to get it back off again 😛 ~*

  18. curlyk says

    IDK – I dropped 43 pounds by the time I had my 6 week check-up (for a c-section). Every woman is different.

    She looks very nice in this picture.

  19. jamie says

    This is Hollywood anything is possible. Who cares what she is wearing or doing to look that great. Breast feeding does help a lot. Anyway congrats on your expanding family.

  20. theresa says

    is her baby sucking it out – – or are her SPANX sucking it in?

    she can’t be back to normal / pre-pregnancy already – no way!

    wish she were honest… can’t say i believe her bs.

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