Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Name Their Second Daughter Seraphina!



Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have named their second daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck, a source confirmed to Us magazine.

Serafina was born on January 6th in Los Angeles.

Jennifer and Ben, also parents to daughter Violet, 3, did not reveal the meaning behind the baby’s name.

“Seraphina is an elaborately feminine kind of name that’s really come into style over the past few years, like [Affleck’s friend Matt Damon’s daughter] Isabella,” Baby Name Bible author Pamela Redmond Satran, told Us magazine.

“Seraphim is one of the highest orders of angels,” added Satran. “It kind of follows from Angelina, which has gotten super popular because of Angelina Jolie, as a a spiritual, heavenly name.

“The ‘ph’ spelling of Seraphina is more Hebrew in origin. It means ‘ardent,’ which is passionate,” she said. 

“Ben and Jen really put Violet on the map,” Satran said of the couple’s knack for naming. “They transformed it from what people saw as a dowdy, old lady name to a really cute, modern choice.” 

Wow! What do you think of Seraphina?



  1. Kerstin says

    I like the name Seraphina.
    But I wonder why it is seen as such uncommon; in Germany for example it´s a common old name. I know a few old ladies with this name. You even could use the male name “Seraphin” for a boy, but this is really seldom to find.
    But the name is too long for a little girl so I assume her friends will call her Sera or Fina (In Germany you say “Finchen”)

  2. MissBeck says

    I noticed that if they had put Elizabeth before Rose as the middle names her initials would be S.E.R.A-Seraphina Elizabeth Rose Afflek or the first 4 letters of her first name…

  3. Cindy says

    It’s a pretty name. I am sure they will shorten it and call her Sera most of the time…unless she is in trouble and then that will be a mouth full to spit out! lol

  4. Lauren says

    I like the name. It’s very pretty and perfect for them. Not something way out there like Zuma!

  5. QTPIE81 says

    Why do children’s names have to “go together”? I named my daughter’s completely different types of names – I consider them to be perfect for each of them, as they are individuals and not a unit. That being said, I like the name, I just think that 3 names is too much. I’ve never been much for two middle names.I like Saraphina Elizabeth without the Rose.

  6. says

    One of my co-workers named his daughter Seraphina last year so I’ve heard it often and I like it…sounds distinguished. I am, however not a fan of having two middle names, I like simple, but that’s me. I’m sure she is just as cute as Violet!

  7. Niloofar-1993 says

    #47- yeah, only time will tell you: how NICE name it is.


    a beautiful unique name 🙂

    BRAVO! JEN & BEN 🙂
    before, I wasn’t a fan of this couple, but now I’m a BIG FAN of them just because of this fabulous name:)

  8. yolibaby says

    seraphina? uh i hate that ben and jen really let me down i thought that they were one of those sensible smart normal people in holly wood with the naming of the daughter violet but the y didnt do me justice at all .I EXPECTED BETTER!!!

  9. alp81 says

    Yesterday I hated this name. Today I still don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. Maybe it will grow on me.

  10. Angel says

    Not sure about the name, maybe i thought they would call her something ordinary like Violet, it doesn’t seem to go to well with violet, but never mind, its their choice.

  11. KELLY says

    love the name violet and thought they would pick i really nice name but i really don’t like it but thats just me.

  12. Emmaj says

    I agree with #2 Collette U.K. Me and my two young daughters watch Barbie The Prince and the Pauper all the time and one of the cats is named Seraphina. I could not wait to get home from work yesterday to tell them. I think Seraphina is a lovely girl name and wish I’d thought of it myself. Jennifer Garner is one of the most beautiful actresses out there and her family is lovely. Can’t wait to see little Seraphina.

  13. 2teens says

    The name is just ok, IMO. It seems too fancy for the Affleck’s. Jen is so down to earth all the time in jeans and getting right into the dirt with Violet. Now the name Violet is pretty & sweet, perfect for them. Seraphina just seems too pretentious a name.

  14. Aliciasweets85 says

    #36…that is just about OUTSIDE of enough from you…you took up half the page…c’mon now.
    The point of the matter is, the name is strange, no matter what the Biblical meaning, and no matter how “cool” or “down to earth” you think Ben Affleck and Jen Garner are.
    You dont see people walking around named “Deuteronomy” do you?
    The child is probably hideous.
    End of story.

  15. lena says

    Aw, it’s particular , but still sweet 🙂 What a strange choice from Jen&Ben knowing their taste….I love Violet as well 🙂

  16. Bliss says

    Way, way TMI, #36! LOL
    I didn’t like the name at first, but after reading through the posts, it is already growing on me. I do think it’s a bit clumsy with their last name, however. First name ends with a vowel, last name begins with one. It doesn’t flow smoothly. “Seraphina Affleck” Violet Affleck is much better phonetically.

  17. DMITZ says

    I’m really surprised… I didn’t expect something so “out there” from them and I don’t think that name goes with a baby. Now when she grows up and if she follows in her parents footsteps then Seraphina is a beautiful actress’ name but for a baby or young child? Not my 1st choice. But this is one of my fav families so congrats to them…

  18. Carol says

    Agree with #4 but then again its not my kid. I don’t think Ben and Jen care what my oopinion is. LOL

  19. joueala says

    i really love violet’s name.. VIOLET ANNE is a lovely name… Seraphina Rose Elizabeth is good together.. but i hate “Seraphina”…

  20. accalia says

    I love this name. I didn’t choose everyday, common names for my four children. I love unique names. Truth is I prefer this name so much more than Megan Hope ( Alison Sweeny’s new baby). I couldn’t agree more with number 28! The weirdest celebrity baby names I have ever heard are Pilot Inpector, Audio Science, Bronx Mogli, Zuma Nesta, Fifi Trixibelle,Kal-El,Sage Moonblood,Moon Unit ,Diva Thin Muffin,Moxie Crimefighter ,Jermajesty,Tu Morrow!!! Jennifer and Ben sure proved that unique can still be beautiful and not downright weird!

  21. Pippa says

    Don’t really like it, in all honesty … I think they should have stick with just Rose Elizabeth – it would have gone really nicely with her sister’s name, Violet Anne.

  22. L.Lodhi says

    To elaborate for me but doesnt sound stupid like alot of celeb baby names. At the end of the day each to their own.

  23. Niloofar-1993IRI says

    I L O V E this name 🙂

    some information about “SERAPHINA”:

    Seraph or Seraphim, is one of the angels that protect the seat God,according to the Bible, and Seraphic means extremely beautiful or pure, like an angel.

    Although this is the sole occurrence of the word “seraphim” in the canonic Hebrew Bible, seraphim appear more than once in the Book of Enoch[1] where they are designated as drakones (δράκονες “serpents”), and are mentioned, in conjunction with the cherubim, as the heavenly creatures standing nearest to the throne of God.

    Seraph literally means “burning ones” in the Hebrew (Sarap, ‘to burn’). A word of the same spelling is used of snakes (e.g. Isaiah 30v6), misleading some to think them serpent-guardians. The word ‘seraphim’ Isaiah uses has no definite article; it is a description not a title. Note also how their ministry to Isaiah involves ‘burning’. Seraphim occupy the fifth rank of ten ranks of angels in Maimonides’ exposition of the Jewish angelic hierarchy.

    Seraphim are part of the angelarchy of Orthodox Judaism, and Isaiah’s vision is repeated several times in daily Jewish services, including at Kedushah prayer added as part of the repetition of the Amidah and in several other prayers as well.

    Conservative Judaism retains the traditional belief in angels, including references in the liturgy, although a literal belief in angels is by no means universal among Conservative Jews.

    Reform Judaism and Reconstructionist Judaism generally do not believe in angels, although they may retain references for metaphorical purposes.

    The Seraphim make their first Christian appearance in the Book of Revelation iv. 6-8, where they are forever in God’s presence and praising Him constantly: “Day and night they never stop saying: ‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.'”

    The Seraphim and the Cherubim are, in Christian theology, two separate types of angels. The descriptions of the Seraphim, Cherubim and Ophanim are often similar, but still distinguishable.

    St. Francis’ vision of a seraph (fresco attributed to Giotto)
    Six winged Seraphim (after Pushkin’s poem “Prophet”), 1905. By Mikhail Vrubel.In medieval Christian neo-Platonic theology, the Seraphim belong to the highest order, or angelic choir, of the hierarchy of angels. They are said to be the caretakers of God’s throne, continuously singing Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, i. e. “holy, holy, holy”—cf. “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts, the whole earth is full of His Glory” (Isaiah 6:3). This chanting is referred to as the Trisagion.

    The Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite in his Celestial Hierarchy (vii), helped fix the fiery nature of seraphim in the medieval imagination. It is here that the Seraphim are described as being concerned with keeping Divinity in perfect order, and not limited to chanting the trisagion. Taking his cue from writings in the Rabbinic tradition, the author gave an etymology for the Seraphim as “those who kindle or make hot”:

    “The name seraphim clearly indicates their ceaseless and eternal revolution about Divine Principles, their heat and keenness, the exuberance of their intense, perpetual, tireless activity, and their elevative and energetic assimilation of those below, kindling them and firing them to their own heat, and wholly purifying them by a burning and all-consuming flame; and by the unhidden, unquenchable, changeless, radiant and enlightening power, dispelling and destroying the shadows of darkness”[3]
    St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologiae offers a description of the nature of the Seraphim:

    “The name ‘Seraphim’ does not come from charity only, but from the excess of charity, expressed by the word ardor or fire. Hence Dionysius (Coel. Hier. vii) expounds the name ‘Seraphim’ according to the properties of fire, containing an excess of heat. Now in fire we may consider three things.
    “First, the movement which is upwards and continuous. This signifies that they are borne inflexibly towards God.
    “Secondly, the active force which is ‘heat,’ which is not found in fire simply, but exists with a certain sharpness, as being of most penetrating action, and reaching even to the smallest things, and as it were, with superabundant fervor; whereby is signified the action of these angels, exercised powerfully upon those who are subject to them, rousing them to a like fervor, and cleansing them wholly by their heat.
    “Thirdly we consider in fire the quality of clarity, or brightness; which signifies that these angels have in themselves an inextinguishable light, and that they also perfectly enlighten others.”
    With the revival of neo-Platonism in the academy formed around Lorenzo de’ Medici, the seraphim took on a mystic role in Pico della Mirandola’s Oration on the Dignity of Man (1487), the epitome of Renaissance humanism. Pico took the fiery Seraphim—”they burn with the fire of charity”—as the highest models of human aspiration: “impatient of any second place, let us emulate dignity and glory. And, if we will it, we shall be inferior to them in nothing”, the young Pico announced, in the first flush of optimistic confidence in the human capacity that is the coinage of the Renaissance. “In the light of intelligence, meditating upon the Creator in His work, and the work in its Creator, we shall be resplendent with the light of the Cherubim. If we burn with love for the Creator only, his consuming fire will quickly transform us into the flaming likeness of the Seraphim.” [1]

    St. Bonaventure, a Franciscan theologian who was a contemporary of St. Thomas Aquinas, uses the six wings of the seraph as an important analogical construct in his mystical work The Journey of the Mind to God.

    As they were developed in Christian theology, seraphim are beings of pure light and have direct communication with God. They resonate with the fire symbolically attached to both purification and love. The etymology of “seraphim” itself comes from the word saraph. Saraph in all its forms is used to connote a burning, fiery state. Seraphim, as classically depicted, can be identified by their having six wings radiating from the angel’s face at the center.

    I heared it in a song:
    Seraph is referred to in the song “The Flame The Guides Us Home” by the band Demon Hunter from their album “Triptych:

    “Sing on Seraph. Find the calm within your soul.
    Bring us closer to the flame that guides us home.”
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. Grandma of 4 says

    I like it…very pretty and “girlie”!

    Wonder what they will actually call her? I am thinking it will be “Sera” or even Rose. She will never be called by her entire first name……I would bet they are already calling her by the shortened version!

    I named my 38 year old daughter Holly and figured there was no way to shorten it. I was wrong…her pals often call her “Hol”! And, she named her daughter Lucy…you got it, she is called “Lu”! 🙂

  25. yayaya says

    Ohhh…. thanks Good, at last I found a family that choose a cool name for their kid, Jen & Ben are just one family that I ever seen in Holly wood that they are mature!!!
    any way seraphina is a cute name=)

  26. Alisa says

    I dont like it. lol. I mean, its pretty and all, but why couldnt they have named her, “Elizabeth Seraphina Rose” or something? What is with these celebrities and these weird names? It is beautiful..i just think its a bit much for a toddler to learn when they’re so little..ya know? But..thats for them to decide not any of us 😉 Anyways..CONGRATS!

  27. ice says

    I agree, a unique name does not have to be weird, as Ben and Jen showed. Finally, a celeb baby name that is not crap like Harlow, Bronx and Zuma

  28. mommy-of-two-girls says

    i like the name, but it is a bit too long for my taste.

    i agree with many others on here, that it is a nice and unique name without it being ridicioulisly out there.

    overall, good job on the name ben and jen.

  29. Wow! says

    Ha ha ha! I agree #29!

    Serafina and Serafin (for boys) is a very old name in spanish. I’m sure my grandma would know somebody with that name 🙂 And actually kind of from the farm. But many old names are once more in use. Seraphina is nice (not great for my taste) and I agree that at least is a real name! Congrats to the family!

  30. Gbaby says

    They have good taste in name choosing a very exotic classy pretty girl name seraphina.
    unlike apple, bronx mowgli, zuma, pilot inspektor, or audio science. some of them names remind me of an alien invasion “hello i come in peace i am audio science” dam people at least pick a name for a human!

  31. Analise says

    They probably took it from The Golden Compass series of books. BTW, WM, Alison Sweeney had her daughter. Name is Megan Hope. 🙂

  32. LadyOne says

    C’mon people!! This name sucks!!!! She will be soo embarrassed with that name because she will have the huge dumbo ears like her mom and sister and now will be laden down with that hideous name!!!! WTF is wrong with Jane or Betty???????

  33. Lurker says

    Well I don’t especially like it..It could be worse, yes, but it’s still a little weird for my taste.
    But, they could always call her “Sara”, which works nicely.

    But as I always try to remind myself with these celeb’s their kid, not mine.

  34. says

    i agree with the name of the girl’s


    and if they a son someday this will be a nice name


  35. accalia says

    Both of their daughters names are very lovely, feminine and old-fashioned. Almost romantic. Rose Elizabeth sounds very beautiful with it. This is the best celebrity baby name I have heard in a while. It doesn’t have to be weird to be different. Violet Anne and Seraphina .. Love them!

  36. Alice in Chains says

    I totally agree with #10. It’s doesn’t have to be a weird name to be unique. Not what I expected and it’s out of the ordinary but I like it. The best thing about it – it’s a NAME not something stupid that’s made up or just ridiculous.

  37. Stacia says

    i was thinking after naming their 1st violet, the 2nd baby would have a relatively common name…i dont like this one.

  38. Sarah says

    It’s beautiful. It’s exotic but fully usable. Jen & Ben prove that a unique name doesn’t need to be a weird name.

  39. Kate says

    I think it is a really lovely choice! Like Violet, it is underused but still very elegant and sophisticated without sounding dated. Seraphina Rose Elizabeth flows very well and I would assume has some family origins just like Violet Anne. Congrats to Ben, Jennifer, and Violet on the birth of little Seraphina. God Bless!

  40. Collette uk says

    Gorg name in barbie princess+pauper the cat call seraphina i LOVE IT wounder what weight she was

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